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HI i|ii mill— II I iiiiii'iiw 



Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


'91 Obiter Staff 

Christopher B. Lower 


Susan M. Dilts 

Assistant Editor 

Andra L. Card 

Layout Editor 

Jennifer Sarceno 


Table Of Contents 

Features 16 

Academics 48 

Campus 64 

Sports 80 

Greeks 126 

Organizations 150 

Seniors 166 

Table of Contents 3 

There is something 
for everyone here at 
Bloomsburg. Varsity 
athletics are a big 
part of college life at 
B.U. from football to 
tennis with intramu- 
ral sports being a 
main interest to stu- 
dents. Quest offers 
many outdoor ad- 
venture excursions 
for the active stu- 
dents at B.U. 

4 Opening 



jjik^,^r i 




BBBB^K^^r. -- r ^J^^Sb ^ihv 




^^^Ef'^i^^HK j^^Er 


ja 1 





Opening 5 

6 Opening 

There are numer- 
ous campus organi- 
zations which range 
from the Philosophy 
Club to the Ski Club, 
from the Young Re- 
publicans to the 
Yearbook staff. 
Greek organizations 
include professional, 
honor and service 
fraternities as well 
as social fraternities 
and sororities. The 
students at Bloom- 
sburg are sure to 
find something they 

like and most all the 
students get in- 
volved in some activ- 
ity on campus. 

Opening 7 


Do you remember ries that you will 
missing class be- take with you after 
cause you were out spending four years 
late the night be- of your life here in 
fore? Can you re- Bloom, 
member staying up 
all night studying for 
your Chemistry test 
and still bombing it? 
Or how about the 
outdoor parties at 
Sesame Street with 
the kegs on the lawn 
and everyone stand- 
ing around talking? 
These are just some 
of the many memo- 

8 Opening 

Opening 9 

10 Opening 


Whether the cam- 
pus is snow covered 
like a white blanket 
or basking in the 
warmth of a clear 
spring day, year af- 
ter year, Bloomsburg 
University serves as 
a second home for 
many people. Every 
year over 7,000 stu- 
dents migrate to 
Bloomsburg, PA to 
share a town, a Uni- 
versity and many ex- 
periences. No matter 
how much the cam- 

pus changes with 
new freshmen com- 
ing in and seniors 
leaving, the memo- 
ries and love shared 
by all continuous go- 
ing on. 

Opening 1 1 

Bloomsburg Uni- 
versity is a unique 
university in the 
State System of 
Higher Education 
and students value 
the education and 
experiences that 
come from living at 
college. Many aca- 
demic buildings line 
the 112 acre campus 
that boasts a low 
student to professor 
ratio. And do not for- 
get the building that 
has withstood the 

test of time and has 
been here since the 
start of this univer- 
sity-Carver Hall, that 
still today holds 
classes in the build- 
ing and is the sym- 
bol of Bloomsburg 

1 2 opening 

i jjS^ 

Opening 1 3 



14 Opening 


Bloomsburg Uni- 
versity has had a 
long tradition of 
quality education for 
the last 75 years. Be- 
ginning with name 
Bloomsburg Acade- 
my, the process be- 
gan to build a uni- 
versity that would 
teach students to 
succeed in life. After 
growing, the Com- 
monwealth of Penn- 
sylvania took over 
and called the insti- 
tution The Bloom- 

sburg State Normal 
School. Soon after- 
wards, due to grow- 
ing enrollment, the 
University changed 
to a state teachers 
college. Today 
Bloomsburg has wid- 
ened it's horizon into 
many different pro- 
fessions to meet the 
ever increasing de- 
mands of future stu- 

Opening 15 


What happens when you come 
to Bloomsburg your freshman 
year? In two words., a lot!! 

Starting the minute you leave your 
house to come to Bloom, you are 
aready taking part of a ritual of col- 
lege life.. Fall Move-In. This is a big 
occasion every fall for the incoming 
freshman because of all the new fac- 
es and meeting that new roommate. 

Later on in the fall semester the 
Bloomsburg Fair comes along to 
keep you entertained and tempt you 
to skip your classes. Coinciding with 
fair week Is Parent's Weekend where 
Mom and Dad are shown that "hey - 
I can live on my own!!" And who can 
forget one of the biggest weekends of 
the year - Homecoming. 

Winter passes but soon finals are 
upon us and frenzied studying hap- 
pens in many places across campus, 
whether in the dorm, library, union, 
or back home- people cram to get the 

In Spring Renaissance and Sib- 
ling's Weekend show off the town 
and university. The downtown is 
closed for one day of fun, food, and 
all around madness. And then 
comes the day all of us wait for.. 
GRADUATION - the time to say good- 
bye to friends, loved ones, and to the 

1 6 Features 



o t 

m i 51 

Features 1 7 

Fall Move In 

As Summer Slips Away 

We thought it was the end of life as we knew it. Well, it 
was. There were no more proms, no more hanging out by 
your locker in the hall. We were moving on, on to a new 
life, one that was totally unfamiliar to us. The carefree 
days of summer were over, now we were on our own. 

Remember when Mom "helped" you unpack? Remem- 
ber the hours it took you to find out where she put 
everything. So began the ritual of moving in. 

That was the day you learned about college. The lines 
were everj^where, registration, the elevators, the book- 
store, and worst of all the Commons. There were so 
many people- your parents, everyone's parents and your 
new roommate. That was the day the friendships and a 
new part of our lives began. 

We were all in it together. Having someone to share it 
with helped the transition. The prospect of sharing your 
room with someone you didn't know scared us all. Luck- 
ily, for the most part, it worked out. That's when the 
questions began-right after Mom and Dad left. That's 
when we realized that we were on our own. Cooking? 
Cleaning? Laundry? No one ever said college was going 
to be easy. 

Even before classes began, we started learning. Where 
do we get change for the phone? Where can 1 get a good 
pizza? What's a good radio station? And most important- 
where are the good parties? 

Once classes began, we thought it would never end. 
Three chapters to be read by next week? Welcome to 
college. There was so much to do- clubs to join, friends to 
meet, wing meetings, dances to go to, and oh yeah, 
studying to do. 

Dorm life proved to be challenging. Remember being 
up until midnight, or 1 a.m. or even 2 a.m. talking to 
friends or studying and then trying to get up for a 9 a.m. 
Psychology class. We proved we could survive anything 
then-fire drills, bomb scares the whole lot. 

But remember how your parents cringed when you 
first slipped and called Bloomsburg home? Remember 
when it finally felt like home? That was the college 

>^^, "- 


1 8 Move-in 

"The art of life lies in a con- 
stant re-ajustment to our sur- 
roundings." Kakuyo Okakura 

"You must shift your sail with 
the wind" Italian proverb 

"The way I see it, if you want 
the rainbow, you gotta put up 
with the rain." Dolly Parton 

Move-in 19 

Bloomsburg Fair 

Food, Fun, & Spirits 

This year's Bloomsburg Fair provided something for 
everyone. There were exhibits, shows, games, and food, 
plenty of food. 

Keeping with the spirit of the small town fair the 
Bloomsburg Fair provided us with a little bit of the 
country. The exhibits ranged from dairy cows to pet 
rabbits, from homemade quilts to homemade clothes. 
There was something that each of us found of interest, 
whether it was all the games that you played for a 
quarter, or the exhibits where you petted the animals. 

Entertainment was provided for everyone of all ages 
from the 50's Reveiw to Air Supply to Randy Travis, 
most tastes for music were quenched. The shows 
brought people from miles around and that was one 
special quality about the fair-meeting people from all 
over and sharing ideas. 

As we look back over our years at Bloomsburg it may 
seem like yesterday but, come fall of our four years at 
Bloom we always looked forward to the fair. 

20 Fair 


A Timeless Tradition 

Every fall there is one weekend that almost all of us 
know that Mom & Dad will see how our room looks, how 
we are (or aren't) eating and how our studies are coming 
along-Parents' Weekend. 

Although the 20th annual Parents' Weekend got off to 
a soggy start, that didn't keep parents and students from 
flocking to Redman Stadium to cheer on the football 
team and to see President and Mrs. Ausprich pick the 
winners of Mom and Dad of Bloomsburg University. 

If football wasn't in your taste, there were more than 
enough other achivities to attend. Movies, plays, soccer 
games, student concert-there was tons to choose from- 
don't forget the mall and that all important trip to the 
grocery store to stock up on what the Commons can't 

No matter how hard it is to admit, most all of us look 
forward to and enjoy Parents' Weekend. It's fun to have 
your parents meet your friends, show off your home 
decor and Just spend time with family. Don't worry Mom 
and Dad I had to great time as you did. 

Parents' Weekend 21 


Music Makes the World go Around 

Homecoming. . . A time of reun- 
ion, celebration and an opportunity 
to add good memories to your time 
spent here at Bloomsburg Univer- 
sity. A time for alumni to return 
and collaborate with cherished 
friends to share their "Remember 
Whens" over good food, good drink 
and a good football game. 

This annual tradition lives on as 
strong as it did when it first began 
33 years ago. A planned sequence 
of festivities, from dances to pa- 
rades, gets the whole campus in- 
volved in expressing their school 

The beaming rays of sunshine 
and B.U. spirit led the many bands, 
floats and smiling faces up Main 
Street and carried Husky fans up to 
Redman Stadium. The action be- 
gan with the klckoff as the Huskies 
and the Mounties battled their way 
through a game of excitement and 
anticipation. With a score of 16-14 
and only 2 minutes 45 seconds left 
In the game, Bloomsburg fumbled 
giving Mansfield control of the ball 
and a chance to pull ahead. In the 
last 10 seconds Jim McCarroll 

blocked Mansfield's attempt at a 
field goal and the Huskies were vic- 

During halftime ceremonies Kelly 
Bracken was crowned 1990 Home- 
coming queen and the applause con- 
tinued to roar as various trophies 
were given to participating organi- 
zations including Beta Sigma Delta, 
Delta Pi, Phi lota Chi, and Phi Sigma 
Sigma, Phi Sigma Xi, and Chi Sigma 
Rho. Delta Epillson Beta, Tau Kappa 
Epilison and Phi Delta received 
awards for first, second, and third 
places in the float competition re- 
spectively. They represented their 
interpretation of this year's theme, 
'Music Makes the World Go Around'. 

With a few bars of our Alma Mater 
echoing in our minds we keep these 
memories alive until we can return 
next year to relive each one and 
make new ones to carry us into the 

22 Homecoming 

Homecoming 23 

24 Homecoming 

Makes the 
World Go 

Homecoming '90 

Homecoming Court 

This year we attempted to give you the 
reader a taste of what it is like to attend a 
Bloomsburg Homecoming. 

This year was no exception to the thrill 
of crowning the new queen pictured here 
with her court for 1990-91. 

Homecoming 25 

Remembering . • . 


Remembering the past 75 years at Blooms- 
burg University from the beginning of the year- 
book to now, 1991, has special significance. In 
the past many students dedicated their school 
years to producing the yearbook at Bloomsburg 
University. Their goal was to preserve our 

When the first yearbook was published at 
Bloomsburg University it had a different name. 
In 1916a bunch of students gathered and de- 
cided to change the name to The Obiter, which 
translated means a slang expression or re- 
mark. Though that definition no longer fits the 
book today, we are very proud to acknowledge 
all the people over the years who have kept the 
tradition alive. So take a trip with us back in 
time to 1916 and see the people who started 
the tradition that we today still carry on with 
this the 75th edition of The Obiter. 

k&^. y^iii^ 

26 75th Anniversary 

75th Anniversary 27 

U Ranked Among Nation's Elite 

Places 30th in the Nation in Money Magazine's 
Best College Edition. 

1 Ne» College-U. of S. norida 

2 State U. of N.r.-Geneseo 

3 State U. of N.r.-Bingtiamton 

4 Trenton State 

5 State U. of N.Y.-AJbany 

6 UnlversHy of Virginia 

7 University of Florida 

8 U. of N. Carolina-Cliapel Hill 

9 Jersey City State 

10 University of Hawaii-Manoa 

11 Texas A&M 

12 Montclair State 

13 University of Mississippi 

14 State U. of N.V.-Stony Brook 

15 Frostburg State 

16 U. of ili.-Urbana-Ciiampalgn 

Smart Savings aiid Investing cloves to Make No\^' 
Whether Your Child Is a Tbddler or a Tfeen 

1 7 Universrty of South Dakota 

18 Shepherd 

19 University of Washington 

20 State U. of N.Y.-Buffalo 

21 University of Texas-Austin 

22 Indiana U. of PennsyKanla 

23 Auburn 

24 Rutgers College 

25 Ohio University 

26 Florida State 

27 City College of City U. of N.Y. 

28 Mary Washington 

29 ShippenshurgU. of Pa. 

30 Bloomsburg University of Pa. 

31 Salisbury State 

32 State U. of N.Y.-Potsdam 

33 Radford 

34 Douglass College-Rutgers 

35 University of Callfomia-LA. 

36 University of South Florida 

37 U. of California-Riverside 

38 Kansas State University 

39 Unhrersltyof HentucKy 

40 University of West norida 

41 Georgia Inst, of Technology 

42 Miliersviiie U. of Pennsylvania 

43 North Carolina State 

44 New Mexico Inst, of Mining 

45 Clarion U. of Pennsylvania 

46 Purdue 

47 University of Kansas 

48 U. of Missouri-Columbia 

49 U. of Minnesota-Duluth 

50 U. of California-Berlteley 

51 lames Madison 

52 University of California-Davis 

53 West Virginia University 

54 State U. of N.Y.-Oswego 

55 Lock Haven University of Pa. 

56 State U. of N.Y.-Oneonta 

57 State U. of N.Y.-Fredonia 

58 University of Georgia 

59 U. of Wisconsin-Madison 

60 State U. of N.Y.-Plattsburgh 

61 William and Mary 

62 U. of MInnesota-Morrts 

63 Virginia Polytechnic 

64 towa State Science & Tech. 

65 Castleton State 

66 University of Missouri-Roiia 

67 Michigan Technologicai 

68 Western Michigan 

69 Clemson 

70 University of Iowa 

71 Washington State 

72 U. of Minnesota-Twin Cities 

73 Eastern Illinois 

74 Unhrerslty of Arizona 

75 University of Connecticut 

76 U. of Caiifornia-San Diego 

77 University of Ahron 

78 Bowling Green State 

79 Livingston College-Rutgers 

80 University of South Carolina 

81 Michigan State 

82 Colorado State 

83 Indiana U. -Bloom ington 

84 Keene State 

85 Cook College-Rutgers 

86 U. of Calif.-Santa Barbara 

87 U. of Maryland-College Park 

88 University of Lowell 

89 University of Maine 

90 Plymouth State 

91 University of Delaware 

92 Ohio State 

93 University of Pittsburgh 

94 University of Rhode Island 

95 Calif. Poly.-San Luis Obispo 

96 U. ofCaiifomia-SantaCruz 

97 Unhrersltyof Caiifomia-lrvine 

98 U. of Colorado-Boulder 

99 Penn State 
100 VMI 

4Qij?et Ikuaicial Aid • The Best Wm^ to 

28 Best College 

Ij loomsburg University and five other Pennsylvania State Sys- 
tem of Higher Education universities were ranked among the 
top 1 00 public-supported institutions in the nation following a sur- 
vey that examines "America's Best College Buys" recently con- 
ducted in "Money" Magazine's fall 1990 issue. 

In an article written by Jersey Gilbert for the "Money Guide" Issue, 
BU received a ranking of 30th for "its quality relative to price" in 
comparison to other public institutions throughout the country. The 
ranking places BU in the top 10 percent of America's public colleges 
and universities. 

According to Gilbert's article, "Money" developed a system to 
examine all public higher educational institutions and identified 
those that deliver the "best education for the buck." The magazine 
used statistical analysis to determine the expected cost of each 
school, based on 17 measures of academic performance, and com- 
pared that figure to the school's actual cost. 

"Schools that charged less than their 'expected' cost scored high- 
ly," wrote Gilbert. "Those that charged more fell in the rankings. We 
eliminated schools whose performance scores Indicated that they 
provide a below-average education." 

In the article, Gilbert wrote that "Money" used performance data 
which could be "compared fairly from school to school," and said 
that the magazine solicited the help of educational experts and 
consultants to conduct its survey. 

"To create the most consistent system for cost comparison, we 
decided to use the school's full official price, and to use out-of-state 
charges in the case of public schools," Gilbert wrote. "We did not 
consider two-year colleges and those that attract mainly adult stu- 
dents, and we eliminated narrowly specialized and sectarian col- 



Bethany (Kans.) 
Bethany (W.Va.) 


70 913-367-5340 




Footnotes are on page 1 05 

Best College 29 

Renaissance & Sibling's 

The Renaissance Jamboree 
brought together about 8,000 people 
including, students, townspeople, 
and siblings. This festive weekend 
was held on April 27th and incor- 
porated various activities ranging 
from singing. Juggling, dancing, 
twirling, gymnastics, and an obsta- 
cle course. There were over 280 arts 
and crafts exhibits and over 80 non- 
profit organizations displaying food, 
and games. This is one of the week- 
ends during the school year that 
townspeople and students at B.U. 
come together to share fun, food and 
great entertainment. 

The university provides various 
fun-filled events to entertain the sib- 
lings of the college students. The 

weekend kicked off with an open 
swim at Nelson Fieldhouse while 
featuring the movie The Little Mer- 
maid. Saturday there were many 
choices such as the Renaissance 
Jamboree Bingo, a magic show, and 
a Hawaiian Luau on Schuylkill lawn, 
with grass skirts, palm trees and 
tropical non-alcoholic beverages. On 
Sunday, also occuring on Schuyl- 
kill's lawn the siblings were able to 
tye-dye t-shirts while being enter- 
tained by Pete Lieback and Todd 
Cummings singing their classic rock 

This weekend unoffically marks 
the end of school which makes the 
weekend even more enjoyable, until 
finals come. 

30 Renaissance 

Renaissance 3 1 

32 Renaissance 

Renaissance 33 

34 Renaissance 

Renaissance 35 

studying at BU 

Working hard or hardly working? 

study? Do college students study? With all the par- 
ties and activities that go on one would think that we 
hardly have the time or the energy to study for that 
Chemistry test or Finance test let alone the presen- 
tation that Is due tomorrow in Marketing! 

But in the end we seem to find the time, whether it is 
keeping company with the creatures of the night or 
skipping your favorite sporting event. Finding a place 
to study is almost harder than the studying itself. The 
library is too noisy and too many friends are there to get 
any real work done, the union had the same problems. 
Study in your room . . . forget it! 

Somehow we have all managed to get our studying 
done. We all found that perfect place to get those last 
few chapters read or those pesky calculus problems 
completed. That little table in the basement of the 
library, the President's Lounge, or even in your own 
room, we completed the work that has brought us to 
today, graduation. 

opi urn 'W» 

am mf^ qpi «»» 

iWB m» '-IP ■■*• ^^ 


,fm mm ^■*»- «*• ,^^M 


iswif mm ^ ^^ fl^^l 




^^^^BIBBpl^Se ^ j^^^^SF ^h 




^in r»i| «t<WI>K i >» W r 

36 Studying 

studying 37 

Nightlife At 

The Weekend Begins . . . 

One of the first questions we asked as freshman was, 
"What is there to do in Bloomsburg?" After all, wasn't 
this the "party school" that everyone had talked 

As with everything else at B.U., there was something 
for everyone. R.A.'s had mixers for us, there were 
dances sponsored by the Program Board, movies, and 
hanging out with friends. That was on campus. The 
nightlife that we all had heard about lurked off campus. 
There were the fraternities, Glenn Ave, Warhurst, and 
all those colorful houses. As we aged here at B.U., the 
selections seemed to dwindle, the small, private parties 
became more common. Of course, those were the days 
that "Beta" and "riot" seemed to go together. 

Finally, sometime during our junior and senior years 
our nightly journeys took us in yet another direction. A 
passport or visa at Russell's, Pete & Todd at Harry's, 
mug night at Good Old Days, Classic Rock Night at 
Lemon's, and every night at Hess's. 

This was also the time many alternative night spots 
opened up. There was Cheers! in the Hideaway, Theta 
Chi at the Olde Schoolhouse, and Pi Kapp dance parties. 
These gave the younger crowd a place to dance and 
socialize without the presence of alcohol. 

The nightlife at Bloom. . . it made these the times to 

38 Night Life 

Night Life 39 

Gulf Crisis Touches 

Adrian Stokes. 20 • Kenneth Gentry. 32 • J. 
Scott Llndsey. 27 • Hal Relchle. 27 • Robert 
Godfrey. 32 • Edwin Kutz. 26 • James Wal- 
dron, 25 • David Spellacy. 28 • Robert: Dwy- 
er. 32 * William Costen. 27 • Rolando De- 
lagneau. 30 * Corey Winkle. 21 * Michael 
Mills. 23 • Duane HoUen Jr., 24 • Marty 
Davis. 1 9 • Mark Connelly. 34 • Frank Walls. 
20 • Paul R. Eichenlaub, 29 • Adrienne 
Mitchell. 20 • Jonathan Kamm. 25 * An- 
thony Kldd. 21 • William Palmer. 23 • Rich- 
ard Wolverton. 24 • Steven Farnen. 22 • 
Robert Wade. 31 • David Mark Wieczrek. 21 

• Troy Wedgwood. 22 * David Kramer. 20 • 
Phillip Jones. 20 • Beverly Clark. 23 * Thom- 
as Jenkins. 20 • John Wesley Hutto. 19 * 
Jimmy Dewayne Haws. 28 ♦ Stanley Bar- 
tusiak. 34 • Kenneth Perry. 23 * Scott 
Schroeder. 20 • Roger Brilinski. 24 • David 
Snyder. 21 • Cheryl LaBeau-O'Brien. 24 • 
Stephen Bentzlln. 23 • Dion Stephenson, 22 

• Andrew Moller. 23 • Gary Streeter. 40 • 
Christian Porter. 20 • Harold Witzke III. 28 • 
A. Bradley Cooper. 23 • Philip Garvey. 39 • 
Stephen Siko. 25 • Dodge Powell, 28 * George 
Swartzendruber. 25 ♦ Manuel Davila. 22 * 
Jonathan Williams. 23 * James Tatum. 21 • 
Mario Fajardo. 29 • Michael Harris Jr.. 26 • 
Michael Daniels. 20 • Jason Carr. 24 • Tim- 
othy Shaw. 21 • Brian Scott. 20 • Phillip 
Mobley. 26 * James Miller. 20 • William 
Strehlow. 27 * James Hawthorne. 24 * Frank 
Allen. 22 • Alan Graver. 32 • Cindy 
Beaudoin. 19 • Patrick Olson. 26 * Jerry 
King. 20 • Aaron Howard. 20 • David Plasch. 
23 • Roger Valentine. 19 • Candelario 
Montalvo. 25 * James Worthy. 22 • William 
Butts. 30 • David Douthlt. 24 • John Boliver. 
27 * James McCoy. 29 ♦ Joseph Lumpkins. 
22 • Michael Dailey Jr.. 19 * Donaldson Tll- 
lar. 25 • Luis Delgado. 30 • Daniel Walker, 20 

♦ Brian Simpson, 22 * Michael Linderman 
Jr.. 19 • Melford Collins. 34 • Aaron Pack. 22 

• Anthony Madison. 27 • Tommy Butler. 22 

* Terry Plunk. 25 • Joseph Bongiorni 111. 20 • 
Christine Mayes. 22 • David Crumby Jr.. 26 • 
Ronald Rennison. 21 • Robert Talley. 18 • 
Clarence Allen Cash. 22 • Ismael Cotto. 27 * 
Roy Damian Jr., 2 1 • Lee Belas, 22 • Douglas 
Bradt, 29 • Russell Smith, 44 • Steven Ath- 
erton, 25 * Christopher Stephens, 27 * Tony 
Applegate, 28 • Andy Alanlz, 20 • Ronald 
Randazzo, 24 * Troy Gregory, 21 * Thomas 
Zeugner, 36 • Young Dillon, 27 • Michael 
Fltz, 18 • Douglas Fielder, 22 • John T. 
Boxler. 44 * James Murry Jr.. 20 * Frank 
Keogh. 22 • Reginald Underwood. 33 • James 
Wilboum. 28 • Eliseo Felix. 1 9 • Garett Mon- 
grella. 25 • Brian Lane. 20 • Timothy Hill, 23 

* John Morgan, 28 * Glen Jones, 21 * 
Patbouvler GrUz, 27 • Steven Mason, 23 • 
Thomas Stone, 20 

Ofl&ll the world events to happen over the past four years, the one 
that Is freshest in our minds and hearts is the Persian Gulf crisis. 

For us, it started with the deployment of U.S. troops in August, 1990. 
right befor^jur senior year began. As the first few months went by, the 
feeling tharakp might start to hit close to home became stronger. Many 
of our fellowsu^dents l^^^g.seeure atmosphere of Bloomsburg for the 
war-torn battlentelds in S'Smt Arabia. #* 

The troops sent to the<Julf area comprised the largest invasionary 
force since Normandy. The nam^i^fiiraeS to the right are the men and 
women who made the ultimate s^irlfice"^for freedom — their lives. The 
1991 Obiter lists their names h^reso we will never forget that war is 
indeed hell. #* ^ f -^MSf" 

Listed below are the n^ities of our fello\O^Siti*d<!^ii^ that were called to 
serve their country. * „ '*' ! v J 

Finally, we must renSember, as this year draws to aj Close and we 
leave Bloomsburg University, there are those we leave behind. . . Just as 
those who are sl!ffi In 5i8*»#T-S'rabia, Kuwait, and Iraq preserving our 
dream of peace. i 

Charles Baylor 

Thomas Beechay 

Daniel B»|edict 

, ^ N ' Thomas BMBaj'an 

^ . \ Klichael DKon 

V James Gallgher 

Michiael Hoban J~ 
SjW Ay^^ Johnson'*^ 
lltennejf T ~ 
ifhaWaltJ j 


^ Mich! 


, Mark Rabirtifi r 

Michael Heffeor - 

Kimberly Sanders 

Bryan Sdlteffer 

Brett Snmh 

Gregory Vlbla 

Alexander Wagi^er 

Steven Young 


40 Persian Gulf 

"We wish that the last object to the sight of 
him who leaves his native shore, and the first 
to gladden his who revisits it. may be some- 
thing which shall remind him of the liberty 
and the glory of his country." -Daniel Webster 

"Older men declare war. But it is the youth 
that must fight and die. And it is the youth 
who must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow, 
and the triumphs that are the aftermath of 
war." -Herbert C. Hoover 

Persian Gulf 41 

News from around the World 

President George Bush and President Mikhail 
Gorbachev of the Soviet Union met several times 
during 1991 on economic, nuclear, and possible 
war in the Persian Gulf. The Cold War between the 
two super powers has ended and an era of co- 
operation has begun. The Soviet Union is in a crit- 
ical economic condition and the Communist Party 
and the government agree that reform is needed, 
but they disagree on how to achieve it. 

After months of debate and years of struggle. East 
Germany and West Germany became the Federal 
Rebublic of Germany on Oct. 3. The new country 
will have a total population of nearly 78 million 
people and will occupy 137,743 square miles, or 
about half the size of Texas. 

In the early morning hours of August 2, following 
negotiations and promises by Iraq's dictator, Sad- 
dam Hussein, not to use force, a powerful Iraqi 
army invaded Kuwait. Within three days, 120,000 
Iraqi troops with 850 tanks had poured into Ku- 
wait. The United States wasted no time in answer- 
ing the aggression. Hours after the invasion, Arabs 
throughout the world took to the streets in anti-Iraq 
demonstrations. The United States reacted imme- 
diately to the invasion, building up a U.S. force of 
well over 100,000 troops in neighboring Saudi Ara- 
bia. Other nations also sent troops and financial 
support. And the United Nations voted for an eco- 
nomic embargo against Iraq. 

42 Current Events 

i, u 

Jim Henson was a puppeteer with an enormous fol- 
lowing. On May 1 6 at the age of 53 he died from a severe 
case of pneumonia. During his career, he created an 
endearing menagerie of creatures and characters of 
timeless appeal. In 1969 Henson's creations, Kermit, Big 
Bird and Cookie Monster first appeared on public TV's 
Sesame Street. In 1976 the Muppet Show was born. 

When your hot, your hot and the golden girl Madonna 
has been hot for a long time. The actress, singer and 
Material Girl has had hit after hit on the charts. As the 
1990-91 school year began. Madonna's latest album, 
Immaculate Collection was high on the list with the 
controversial song Justify My Love which was banned 
from MTV. 

Paula Abdul is a big hit in 1991. The dancer- 
choreographer turned vocalist hasn't left the top 40 pop 
charts for a year. Not bad at all for a former LA. Laker 
cheerleader. She is one of the hottest female singers at 
the moment with her songs making the pop charts, the 
black charts, and the dance music charts and it's not 
over yet. Her latest album is Spellbound. 

2-Live Crew is a group that made hit songs and big 
headlines this year. Many people considered their al- 
bum, "Nasty As You Wanna Be" to be obscene, and 
record stores were forbidden to sell it. 

Current Events 43 

Bloomsburg Hosts Welcome Home j 


Town gathers to honor Desert Storm Vets 

J>On/itcl> -ho Pocu^^ 
^ rftmtLy FUA/J>f 

44 Parade 

emembering those long since forgotten 

Parade 45 

46 Parade 

Parade 47 


Bloomsburg University is an out- 
standing Baccalaureate and gradu- 
ate degree granting institution that 
offers multitudinous opportunities to 
a distinct and able student body. 
Bloomsburg University provides 
many challenges that leads to op- 
timum growth and learning to its 
students. B.U. has three colleges 
which constitute over 50% of the 
areas of study. Bloomsburg Univer- 
sity grants on average of over 1000 
degrees per year to highly qualified 
graduates. Included within the three 
colleges are many areas of special- 
ized study such as: pre-physical 
therapy. Bloomsburg has widely ex- 
panded its academic horizons over 
the past several years which is 
something to be proud of. B.U., with 
its superior academic reputation, en- 
ables each student to fullfill their 
ambitions and goals and to help 
them become a more independent, 
mature and well-rounded individual. 

48 Academics 

Academics 49 

President g 
Harry Ausprich | 

The President of any university has a unique 
position of being in charge of the whole 
university community and everything that 
goes on in and around that community. President 
Harry Ausprich is such a person here at Bloom- 
sburg University. 

Dr. Ausprich came to Bloomsburg in 1 985 from 
Kent State University in Ohio where he was Dean 
of the College of Fine Arts and Professional Arts 
for 7 years. 

Among his many duties at Bloom he oversees 
the school's budget, administration and the over- 
all running of the unlversty. President and Mrs. 
Ausprich can also be seen speaking at the many 
Homecoming and Parents' Weekend celebrations 
that take place during the school year. 

One of President Ausprich's goals is being able 
to hear the concerns of the students at Bloom- 
sburg. With this in mind any student can meet 
with him one day per week to discuss any matter 
of concern. You can also see President Ausprich 
walking around campus talking to students and 
getting to know you; something some university 
Presidents do not do. 

After spending four years at Bloom you will 
surely run across our President around campus 
so don't be afraid to talk to him. 

■>0 President Ausprich 


Vice Presidents 

The four Vice Presidents of our university exemplify the diversity 
that is felt on campus. Their education and previous work ex- 
perience is as varied as their responsibilities to the university. 

Betty D. AUamong is Provost and Vice President for Academic 
Affairs. Dr. AllamonB earned her degrees in biology. Before coming 
to Bloomsburg. she filled several niches at Ball State University in 
Muncle, Indiana. She served as an assistant professor, then 
tenured professor of biology. She then worked as an intern in the 
Provost office. That lead to Dr. AUamong's appointment as As- 
sistant Dean of Science and Humanities. She then advanced to 
Acting Dean of Science and Humanities. 

As Provost at Bloomsburg. Dr. Allamong is second only to Pres- 
ident Ausprlch. When President Ausprich Is away. Dr. Allamong 
assumes the role of Acting President. As Vice President for Ac- 
ademic Affairs, she oversees the academic responsibilities of the 
university. The Deans of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences. Busi- 
ness, and Profesional Studies report to her. She also hears from the 
Dean of Library Services. Asst. Vice President for Graduate Studies 
and Research, and her Assistant Vice Presidents of Academic Af- 

Jerrold A. Griffis serves as Vice President of Student Life. Dr. 
Griffis brings many years of residence life experience to his po- 
sition. He served as a resident advisor during his undergraduate 
years at West Chester University, where he earned a bachelor's 
degree in Health and Physical Education. After earning his mas- 
ter's degree at Ohio University in Guidance and Human Relations. 
Dr. Griffis went to Penn State to work on his doctoral degree in 
Counseling and Psycholog>'. He previously served as Assistant De- 
an of Men at Bucknell. and Area Coordinator in the Dean of Men's 
office at Penn State. He also served as Dean of Men. then Dean of 
Student Development at Ohio University. 

The position of Dean of Student Life at Bloomsburg was created in 
1971 when Dr. Griffis came to our campus. As Vice President. Dr. 
Griffis oversees the non-academic life of the students. Areas under 
the Vice President of Student Life's eye Include the Greek System, 
the Campus Child Center, Kehr Union, Residence Life, and the 
Commons. Dr Griffis also oversees the Counseling Center. Student 
Development. Financial Aid, Career Development, and Athletics 

John L. Walker carries the title of Vice President of University 
Advancement. Mr. Walker earned his bachelor's degree in Business 
Administration and his master's degree in Education, both from 
Westminster College. Mr. Walker, before coming to Bloomsburg 
University in 1965, served as Assistant Director of Admissions at 
the Univeristy of Pittsburgh. In 1965. Mr. Walker took over the 
position of Director of Admissions at Bloomsburg. He went on to 
serve as Associate Dean of Students, Assistant Vice President ol 
Student Life, Executive Assistant to the President before his ap- 
pointment as Vice President of University Advancement in 1983. 

As our Vice President of University Advancement. Mr. Walker 
deals with the external relationships of the university. He rep- 
resents the University In town matters that affect the University. 
Mr. Walker also oversees The Bloomsburg University Foundation. 
Alumni Relations. University Relations. Long range planning and 
institutional research. He also works with the Affirmative Action 

Robert Parrish Is the Vice President for Administration and 
Treasurer. Dr. Parrish holds a bachelors degree in Commerce from 
Ohio University, a Masters in Public Administration and Ph. D. in 
Education, the latter two from Florida Atlantic University. Dr. 
Parrish brings a wealth of experience to his position. At Florida 
Atlantic University he served as Controller, worked in the budget 
office, and was Assistant Vice President for Administration Affairs. 
He also served as Director of Accounting for the State of West 

As Vice President of Administration. Dr. Parrish oversees the 
universities Investments and the university's budget. He is In 
charge of the overall Management of Accounts Receivable and 
Accounts Payable, the operation of the Maintenance center, and 
university construction. "The various departments that report to Dr. 
Parrish are University Police. Personnel, Accounting, and Com- 
puter Services. 

The uniqueness and individuality that accompanies each of these 
people helps to contribute to the atmosphere at Bloomsburg. Each 
of the Vice Presidents are Interested in the students and share our 
appreciation of Bloomsburg University. 



Robert P. 


Robert P. Casey was elected 
governor of Pennsylvania 
on November 4, 1986 and 
was re-elected on November 6, 
1990 by over a million votes, the 
largest gubernatlorial winning 
margin In Pennsylvania history. 

Since being elected. Governor 
Casey has made dramatic reforms 
to improve the quality of Penn- 
sylvania's schools. This includes 
an increase of a school perfor- 
mance incentive program which 
rewards improved student 
achievement: the first increase in 
minimum teacher salaries in 25 
years and a college loan forgive- 
ness program for teachers in un- 
der-served areas. 

To expand access to higher ed- 
ucation. Governor Casey has in- 
creased funding for student schol- 
arships and challenged the state's 
public universities to limit their 
annual tuition increases. Last 
year, tuition increases were the 
lowest in 14 years. 

Governor Casey has also taken 
on the crisis of drug abuse starting 
a program known as PENNFREE. 
In nearly quadrupling the state's 
commitment to fighting drugs 
PENNFREE provides historic sup- 
port for tougher state and local 
law enforcement, expanding drug 
treatment services and increased 
funding for drug and alcohol ed- 

He has also taken unprecedent- 
ed steps to clean up and protect 
the environment. When he took 
office, Pennsylvania had no re- 
cycling law, no toxic waste clean- 
up law, no clean water law and no 
tough enforcement policy against 

Since taking office. Governor 
Casey has proven himself as a 
force that changed Pennsylvania. 



College of Arts & 

The College of Arts and Sciences at Bloomsburg Uni- 
versity offers 31 programs leading to the Bachelor of 
Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees. Each degree pro- 
gram provides you with an opportunity for a broad lib- 
eral arts education complimented by an in depth un- 
derstanding of a specific arts and sciences discipline. 
When you graduate from these programs, you can either 
enter the competitive job market or further your studies 
at a professional or graduate school. 

In addition to the regular programs of study, the Col- 
lege of Arts and Sciences offers superior students the 
opportunity to participate in a scholars program for 
freshmen and sophomores and an honors program for 
Juniors and seniors. 


f f 


56 Academics 

Academics 57 

College of 

The College of Business at Bloomsburg University Is 
designed to equip students with the skills and expe- 
riences necessary to succeed In the highly competitive 
business world. Graduates generally enter directly into 
the Job market In business. Industry, or government, 
though many have found that these programs also pro- 
vide excellent preparation for further study at profes- 
sional or graduate schools. 

The college is made up of five departments: account- 
ing, computer and Information systems, finance and 
business law, marketing and management, and busi- 
ness education and office administration. The faculty 
members in each of these departments bring a wide 
range of academic backgrounds and professional ex- 
periences, ranging from doctoral degrees from some of 
the world's most respected universities to job experi- 
ences at some of the nation's top corporations. 


58 Academics 

Academics 59 

College of 



The College of Professional Studies offers a variety of 
professionally oriented degree programs through the 
School of Education and the School of Health Sciences. 
Graduates usually enter directly into their careers, but 
the academic training provided in the various majors 
also gives students the necessary background for entry 
into graduate school or other advanced professional 

Each degree program In the School of Education be- 
gins with a broad base of coursework in the humanities, 
the natural sciences, the social sciences, and math- 
ematics. Students then undertake concentrated training 
in the theory and practice of teaching and in selected 
areas of specialization. 

In Allied Health Sciences and Nursing under the 
School of Health Sciences, students also Begin with a 
broad general education foundation, then concentrate 
on natural sciences, mathematics courses, and special- 
ized courses appropriate for their specific major. Degrees 
are offered in nursing, dental hygiene, health services, 
and radiologic technology. 

60 Academics 

Academics 61 

W J^. 

62 Academics 

^«sioM Office* 

"""Auditorium 4 

Andniss Ubrwy * 

Speech & Hearing 4 

Columbia Hall 4 

Reading Qinic 4 



Home Away from Home 

What is it like to live, learn, study, and 
play here at Bloomsburg University? 
It's the games room at Kehr Union, 
Homecoming at Redman Stadium on a crisp 
October afternoon. Donuts and hot chocolate 
at Winter Fest. 

It's cleaning your room for Parents' Week- 
end, pizza and soda with your fellow dorm- 
mates. Sharing interests with your new friends 
and trying some you've never thought of be- 

Campus life is not only an academic edu- 
cation but an experience that will bring a 
knowledge you will never soon forget. 

'"2Z T.'.'.'j ^(^"'"■~- ■ 

'.\ ■*.• Kr.-' < 

^••^ .. .-•■•*■■ 

Opposite Page: Top- Study session Ingredients: 
stressed people, an empty room. Pepsi, and Dorltos! 

Middle- Escaping from a cramped dorm room Is 

Bottom- Jen & Kate advertise their taste In 

64 Campus Living 


Campus Living 65 


Fighting for carts and elevators, the excitement builds 
you settle in and greet your new rommate and/or 

66 Campus Living 

Campus Living 67 

68 Campus Living 

1^ mrau, ir I 












Campus Living 69 


70 Campus Living 

: "t 


Men of many talents; Cutting hair, doing wash, 
watching T.V., climbing walls & posing as in- 

Campus Living 7 1 



72 Campus Living 


Campus Living 73 


74 Campus Living 

The entertainment complex: Football Games, music, cards, 
Nintendo, happy smiles and food! The essentials. 

Campus Living 75 

LIVING . . . 

Living on our own. 





AM ')AM 



,'AM /PM 


*m.i,..-.' ^-r....-.-^.^-^^;f*.T'=^MKtldt»J>^ 



Athletics are a significant part of 
campus life at Bloomsburg Univer- 
sity. In the fall, the Robert Redman 
Stadium Is filled to capacity for 
Husky football games, while In the 
winter months the men's and wom- 
en's basketball teams tear up the 
court In Nelson Fleldhouse. The ten- 
nis courts are the action packed 
spots during the fall and spring sea- 

Besides the sports mentioned 
above, Bloomsburg is the home of 
thirteen other intercollegiate pro- 
grams, including the recently recog- 
nized women's soccer team. 

It is exciting to watch Bloom- 
sburg's teams compete, but the glory 
of the sport does not come easy to the 
athletes. They have trained long and 
hard to get where they are today. 
Training requires some to rise early 
in the morning, while others sacri- 
fice winter breaks with family to 
spend it with coaches. 

Whatever the case may be, each 
and every athlete is valuable to the 
strength and success of the Husky 
athletic program. On the following 
pages, the teams and their season 
accomplishments are recognized as 
are the players and coaches that 
make it all happen here at B.U.! 





80 Sports 

.Jli.r-rr'j • ■ ■.•a*iea:> 


Sports 81 


2nd Losing Season; Huskies 
Look Toward Future 

Beginning the season with four loses, coach 
Pete Adrian and the team knew they had to make 
a quick turn around and they did Just that ending 
up with a 4-7 record overall. The Huskies went 
on to play for the Eastern Division title for the 
3rd time since 1980 at Millersville and went 
ahead 28-7 in the first half, but ended up losing 
with a final score of 40-35. 

Many of the team members deserve recognition 
for their outstanding accomplishments. Tackle 
Eric Jonassen earned All American honors. Sen- 
ior Steph Kern tied the school record for 2 1 ca- 
reer touchdown catches. He was also named to 
Pennsylvania Conference, Eastern Division, co- 
player of the year. The Huskies will be losing only 
four seniors; Rob Grow, Steph Kern, Nelson Barr 
and Brian Cosuthmeal which will allow for much 
experience for next year's season. 

Front Row stel Kern. Si ott Walton. Jeff Haflelt. Mike Gonzalez. Brian Crouthamel. Nelson Barr. Trent Dennis. Jerome Wilson. VInnle Mennella. Rob Grow. Jerry Marks. 

Row 2 Krtd Mansfield. Larry Beills. John Wetzel, Bryan Melllnger. Tim Ronan, Dion Kraus. Chris Jones, Tom Pajlc, Todd Vasvari, Tony MIckley, Tom Bryant, Ed Forman. 

Row 3 Rod Becker. Alan Eck, Matt Helnly, Kerry Pugl, Chalmc Casher, Tim Llmbrlzzl. Mark Weiss, Dave Lewis, Wayne Dletrick, Brad Klnsey, Erick Estrade, Seth Klzel, Scott llosman. 

Row 4 Todd Newhard, Dave Smith, Dominic DePlano, Mike Conway, Brian Pmanlak. Kevin Lotsis, Troy Price, Mike Melscr. Geoff Hakel, Scott Gluck. Zeno Browh. Jay Marshall, Brian Martin. Scott Garland 

Row 5 Jeff Zoranskl. Brad Barnett, Joe Headen, Joe RIgano, Eric Jonassen, Tom Slrianl. Sal Brown. Kevin Rokuskle. Brian Kelley. Chris Esser, Ernie Rlttner, Jim McCarroll, Ralph Bricker. Adam 

Poplelarcheck. Scott Galanaugh, 

Row 6 Ellis Neal. Aaron Wright. Jeff Hableman. Steve Bllock, Kevin Fee, Corey Thomas. Jody Shober. Gary WIelgus. Keith DIttas, Jeff Foye, Tom Yeager, Jason Green, Nate McLeod, Dave Johnson, Mike 

Becker, Kevin Laub, Jim Armlngton, Mark Edwards. 

Row 8 Bridget Gates. Jen LIndberger. Paula Neff. Kevin Galllck. Paul Marclnkowskl. Amy Stelly. Jen Roth. Kathy Magulrie, Joe Hazzard. 

Row 9 Coaches: Frank Wllhams. Brian Striver. Lou MIngrone. Bob Rohm, Tony lanlero. VIn Slnagra. Pete Adrian. Dave Fortunate. Joe Bressl. Keith Jemlgan. Marshall Sills, Ron Morgan, i 



Their Score 


Youngstown State 






Lock Haven 









Central Connecticut 















W. Chester 


Overall Record 4-7 

:■', ■''iJs^^'ff-^ 

Football 83 

84 Football 

Football 85 

Men*s Soccer 

Kicking the Competition 

The men's soccer team went to the Pennsyl- 
vania Conference playoffs for the first time in 1 5 
years. Although they lost to Millersville 2-0 in the 
semi-finals there are great expectations from 
both the coaching staff and the players who 
know they can repeat their showing next year. 
The team, coached by Steve Goodwin, ended the 
season with a record of 7-9-3. 

Senior Kurt Schmidt led the team in scoring 
with eight goals and one assist. Two players re- 
ceived All Conference, Kevin Kenjarski and Keith 
Cincotta. Cincotta along with John Marshall 
were named to the Pennsylvania All-Regional 
Selection. Athough their season was not out- 
standing, the men's soccer team was intense and 
deserving. We will hear a lot about them next 
year and for years to come. 

Front L-R Kd Tomko. Kevin Kenjarski. Mike Larro. John Marshall. Keith Cincotta. John Andronis. Mark Hattersley. Quay Hanna, Luis Santana. Brett Piai 
Tom Clayton, Chuck Chamberlain. 

BackL-R Mike Volpe (Asst Coach), Steve Goodwin (Head Coach), Brian McDonald, Tim Herb, Mustafa Arslan, Tom Jermaz, Kurt Schmidt, Kevin Herman. K 
McAdams, Tim Hall, Jim Amon, Adll Chbani, Joel Mott, Tom Slmonet, Drew DeCarlo, Nate Bott, Steve Donald, Rob Samtman (Asst. Coach), 



Their Score 


W. Chester 



King's (Pa.) 









Indiana (Pa.) 


Lock Haven 













District of Columbia 


Pennsylvania Conference Championships 


St. Joseph's (Pa.) 
Overall Record 7-9-3 



Men's Soccer 87 

Women's Soccer 

First Varsity Season; Ladies Run Over Competition 

Women's soccer had it's first 
season as a member of the var- 
sity program, which was a suc- 
cessful one with a record of 7-7- 

The team is under the direc- 
tion of coach Chuck 
Laudermilch and due to the 
granting of varsity status he 
said the team will begin their 
transition to a more serious ap- 
proach in some areas. The 
young team consisted of many 
tEilented performers with soph- 
omore Tiffany Burrier as top 
scorer with 9 goals. 

The Huskies had a demand- 
ing schedule with 1 1 out of 1 5 
games which included 4 games 
against nationally ranked 
teams. The team has a lot of 
young players and the future 
looks bright to their continuing 

Row 1 L-R Amy Franklin. Gall Sees, Jenny Cooley. Melissa Kane. 

Row 2 L-R Sue Kalman. Melissa McKay, Erlka Sager, Natalie Way. Tiffany Burrier, Laura Jones. Lorl 

Thomas, Beth Davis, Erin Farr. Kim Konczk. 

Row 3 L-R Chuck Laudermilch (Head Coach). Cindy Trolano. Shannon Buffler, Alison Brokenshlre, Dina 

German, Donna Longhead, Kim McCoUigan, Kim Renter. Melissa Brown. Karlyn Swarts, Lorl Benninger, 

Anne Elonis, Dean Koskl (Asst. Coach), Lew Hendricks (Asst. Coach). 

88 Women's Soccer 


*m^ 3 


Their Score 








W. Virginia Wesleyan 

Charleston fW.Va.) 















Overall Record 7-7-1 






Women's Soccer 89 

Field Hockey 

Huskies make it to Nationals 
once again 

Led by coach Jan Hutchinson for the 13th 
season, the Highly spirited and talented field 
hockey team ended the season with an overall 
record of 23-1 and a title, Pennsylvania Con- 
ference Champs. The team went up against 
Trenton State to compete in the National Cham- 
pionship game which was their only loss this 

The team possess much individual talent. 
Three members were named all Americans; 
Kathy Frick, Criseala Smith and Trudy Horst. 
Frock also set a new record for goals in a season 
racking up 26. 

The team was rated number one in the nation 
in the NCAA Division III rankings. This marks 
the Huskies field hocky teams' 15th winning 
season in a row which certainly shows the ded- 
ication of the players and the outstanding coach- 
ing ability of Jan Hutchinson. 

Front Gisela Smith. Kristen Moyer. Blth Fritz, Kelly Adams, 
Kathy Frick. Trudy Horst. 

Back Deb Mllgrim, Jen Sandherr, Taryn Pastier, Denlse Mill- 
er. Lisa Markle, Beth Bowman, Andrea Cann, Nicole 
Schiavello, Konna Abbott. Anita Stum. 

90 Field Hockey 






Opponent Their Score 


Lebanon Valley 
Lock Haven 




Slippery Rock 

Indiana (Pa) 


William Smith 



St. Lawrence 









Franklin & Marshall 


Johns Hopkins 







Pa. Conference Championships 


Lock Haven 





NCAA Regional 

E. Stroudsburg 



NCAA Championship Round 
Lock Haven 


Trenton State 
OveraU Record 23-1 


Field Hockey 91 

Cross Country 

Running Toward Success 

The 1990 women's cross country season 
proved to be a successful one. With the hard 
work and dedication of its 1 5 member squad, the 
Lady Huskies ranked 5th at the PSAC meet, and 
11th at the Regional meet. The team's top 7 
runners Included Pam Miller, Loren Miller, Brid- 
get Hedman, Alison Jenkins, Ronnie Yingst, Erin 
O'Donnell, and Jennifer Randis. 

Several runners have been acknowledged for 
succeeding in the sport. Among these women are 
Loreen Miller and Pam Mitchell. Loreen had an 
"unbelievable year" as stated by coach Tom 
Martucci, and Pam was the team's top scorer and 
a 3 time All Conference performer. 

Since the team has such a young group do not 
count the Huskies out for next year. 

I /%. ^*^ fi%/^i V^^^^i^ 

L-R V.ciidj Gaydos, Jennifer Randis, Christine McSplrlt, Jennifer Blum, Alison Jenkins. Loreen Miller, Ronnie Yingst. Pam Mitchell. Sue Adams. Bri f' 
Hedman, Tracey Garvey, Lorle Eberly, Alleen Para. 

92 Cross Country 



I*— • 


Cross Country 

Opponent Their Score 

Millersville Invit. 

Kutztown Invit. 


E. Stroudsburg 



Lock Haven 

Bloomsburg Invit. 

Lehigh Invit. 


Pa. Conference Champ. 


NCAA Regional 


7 -~ - -■^' 

^ ^ li^ B 

V M IP ^ '»*^ 



Bp^ . ■■•"■' -^ 

- ''^'^H^HB' 

. i 

L-R Matt Plack, Scott Hotham, Tim Markel, Matt 
Shockey, Rick Hontz. Joe Fisher, Steve Mohl, 
Jeff Warren, Ed Andrewlevltch, Chris Miller, Bill 
Reyonalds, Mark Jobes, Chas Bartholomew, Joe 
Angelo, Mike Roslca. Don Elathoven. 

Cross Country 93 

Women^s Tennis 

Huskies swinging to success 

Front Tiffany Marino, Leslie Troglione, Chris Labosky, Lisa Scala 
Back Kris Kometa, Nicole Dreyer. Mike Herbert (Head Coach), Michelle Strutt, Clnd 


Swinging to success was the 
case for the Huskies women's 
tennis team, capturing a 3rd 
place spot in the Pennsylvania 
Conference Championship. The 
team ended the season with a 8- 
3 record led by Mike Herbert 
which marked his 10th win- 
ning season in 13 years of 
coaching the lady Huskies. 

Junior Michelle Strout and 
freshman Nicole Dreyer regis- 
tered the top individual scores 
at 9-4 and 10-4 respectively. 
Strout and Dreyer both built 
their scores at number 3 and 5 
and were Pennsylvania Confer- 
ence finalist and semifinalist 

With a winning season be- 
hind them, the women's tennis 
team has promising young play- 
ers returning next year which 
holds a brillant outlook for fu- 
ture seasons. 

94 Women's Tennis 



Their Score 













Penn State 



Lock Haven 













Pa. Conference Champ. 3rd 

Overall Record 8-3 

Women's Tennis 95 


-'^rfy/ -'".5 


Sports Candids 97 

Men's Basketball 

First Pennsylvania Conference 
Eastern Division Title win. 

The Men's Basketball team 
had another sussessful 
year after many people 
thought the season would be a 
rebuilding one due to the 7 new 
freshman on the roster. 

The team captured 
many titles, ranking 
second in the country in 
Divison II and winning 
the Pennsylvania Con- 
ference Eastern Title 

which is the first out- 
right title the men have 
won. This also marked 
the Huskies 13th post- 
season tournament ap- 
perance under the direc- 
tion of coach Charlie 

Some individual hon- 
ors included Bob Copoli- 
no who made All Con- 
ference 1st team and 

Craig Phillips who ma^ 
All Conference 2r 
team. Phillips ended h 
career on the all-tir 
scoring list at Blooi 
sburg racking up 11 
points. He is one of fot 
teen players in Blooi 
sburg history to sec 
more than 1000 point 

FrontlL to R): Chris Palmer. Jerry Jones. Bob Coppolino, Craig Phillips, Kevin Reynolds. Karl Zachman. Shawn Godown. Jai Hill. Back (L to(|: 
Brian McKenna, AUard van der Heijden. Chris Parker. Mark Kassteen. R;i\il Martinez 

98 Men's Basketball 


Their Score 

















1 10 











Asker Basketball Club 78 

Indianapolis 81 

Davis & Elkins 56 

Shippensburg 66 

Indiana (PA.) 99 

New York Tech. 72 

District of Columbia 70 

Mercy 60 

Lock Haven 75 

Queen's 64 

Philadelphia Textile 83 (ot) 

Mansfield 71 

MillersvlUe 67 

East Stroudsburg 87 

Cheyney 71 

West Chester 82 

Concordia (N.Y.) 91 

Kutztown 81 

Pitt-Johnstown 88 

Mansfield 67 

Millersville 71 

East Stroudsburg 80 

Cheyney 70 

West Chester 70 

Kutztown 74 

•Millersville 65 

•Shippensburg 69 

"Pennsylvania Conference Championships 

Overall Record 19-2 

Men's Basketball 99 

100 Men's Basketball 


Men ' s Basketball 1 1 

Women's Basketball 

2ncl Consective Undefeated Season; 

PA. Conference Eastern Division 

Winner 6th year in a row. 

The Bloomsburg women's basketball team returned to its 
tradition of excellence that has characterized the team 
over the years. The Lady Huskies had their second un- 
defeated regular season in three years. This dynamic team 
won the Pennsylvania Conference Eastern Division Title for 
the 6th year in a row. The team also appeared in the National 
playoffs for the 3rd consecutive season. 

Barb Hall was named All American Honorable Mention and 
she was the 1st woman in Bloomsburg' s history to have over 
1000 points and rebounds. She racked up 1357 points, 2nd on 
the all time scoring list, and 1032 rebounds. Becky Deaka, 
senior point guard, had 575 assists which is the school record 
and the second highest total in conference history. Overall, the 
women's basketball team finished with a remarkable record of 
26 and 2. 


102 Women's Basketball 


Their Score 

85 Mercy 60 

57 Kutztown 47 

82 New York Tech. 33 

69 Philadelphia Textile 40 
73 Queens 45 
81 LeMoyne 50 

78 C.W. Post 47 

83 Dowling 42 
7 1 Indiana (PA.) 54 
7 1 Southampton 34 
66 Shlppensburg 54 
66 Adelphi 44 
80 Indiana (PA.) 54 

60 Kutztown 52 

61 Mansfield 47 
59 Millersvllle 40 
57 Cheyney 49 
66 West Chester 52 
66 Kutztown 30 

79 Mansfield 53 
90 Millersvllle 60 
79 East Stroudsburg 64 

70 East Stroudsburg 54 

7 1 Cheyney 5 1 
77 West Chester 5 1 
63 'Kutztown 43 
59 'Clarion 70 
76 "Clarion 80 

•Pennsylvania Conference Championships 

"NCAA Division II Championships 

Overall Record 26-2 

■ont Matt Haney (asst. coach), Tamra Cash (asst. coach), Tamlka Howard, Carol Wysocki, Becky Pigga, Brenda Ryan, Careen Bulka, Jim 
■ttendorf (mgr.), Joe Bressl (head coach). Back Joe Hazzard (head trainer), Melissa Mlnakowskl, Michelle Simons, Vlckl Bell, Kelly 
ierbacher, Wendy Kriebel (asst. coach). Barb Hall, Chris Sims, Kathy Maguire, Lesley Seltzlnger, Amy Kremser. 

Women's Basketball 103 

104 Women's Baskeball 

Women's Basketball 105 


Place 4th in Eastern League 

The wrestling team complet- 
ed its season by placing 
fourth in the Eastern Wres- 
tling League Championships. 

The Huskies had seven wres- 
tlers go to the NCAA champion- 

ships which ties our highest 
number ever to go to Nation- 
als. The team ended the tour- 
nament seeded 21st in the 
Senior Scott Brown, won 

the 1 771b. Eastern League title. Also winning 
a title was Tim Casey in the 1261b. weight 
class at the PAC's. Tom Kuntzleman accu- 
mulated the GTE Academic All American Title 
which is an honorable award. The team ended 
the season with a 15-2-1 record. 

Row 1 (L to R): Randy Reldle 

1 Bowser. Kurt Davldheis 

.»„_ i,n„.., .>„..„. .,^.„.^. -^. , Darrtn Simons. Tom Kuntzleman. Scott Brown. Tim Casey, KoMatsul, Pete Rlnella. Brad Rozanskl. Row 2 (I, 

Shawn Remlsh Brian Undert. Andy Fltzp'atrlck. Harry Shepherd. Tom Socker. Mike graves. Cory Anderson. Tom Roeder. Row 3 (L to R): Steve Shlppos. Steve Lllley. H 
Hable Eric Moser John McColean. Scott Shaw. Jasom Kobrynlch. Perry Lederman. Row 4 (L to R): Frank Towey. Brian Wllloughby. Matt Krelder. Tyrone Howard. Mark \ ,i 
Chris knazlk. Eric Zoschg. Dave White. Row 5 (L to R): Dennis Murri. Eric Pawlak. Jeff McCall. Tony DeMeno. Coaches and Staff (L to R): Roger Sanders, BUI Pasuklnls. 
Hazzard. Tom Martuccl. Ron Morgan. Zeke Jones. 

106 Wrestling 











Opponent Their Score 

Blooomsburg Invitational 1st 

East Stroudsburg 3 

James Madison Invitational 1st 

Shippensburg 1 1 

Edinboro 14 

Wagner 14 

William & Mary 9 

Rutgers 6 

Franklin & Marshall 6 

Millersvllle 9 

Clarion 20 

Penna. Conf. Champs. 3d. 

West Virgina 32 

Pittsburgh 15 

Lock Haven 24 

Cleveland State 8 

Army 14 

Slippery Rock 12 

California (Pa.) 13 

Penn State 15 

Wilkes 1 1 

EWL Championships 4th 

NCAA Championships 29th 

Wrestling 107 


Swimmers Stroke to States 

The Women's Swimming team finished in style this season 
with a 6-1 record. This comprised the teams 15th winning 
season in a row. The lady Huskies handed Clarion their first 
dual meet loss in 18 years. This tough and talented team 
ranked second In the Pennsylvania Conference Champion- 
ships which has become a tradition for the past 1 1 years that 
Bloomsburg swimmers are present. 

Tracey Price was the top individual point winner and Kim 
Nelson was third in the Pennsylvania Conference Champi- 
onship. Price won the 200 individual medley, 200 freestyle and 
100 and 200 butterfly. At the NCAA Championship the team 
placed 9th overall with diver Kim Miller placing 9th on the Im 
diving board and on the 5m diving board. 

The Men's Swimming team finished 7th in the Pennsylvania 
Conference Championship and ended the season with a 3-5 
record. Jeff Jones took 6th place in the 1650yd. freestlyle. The 
men's team will be losing seniors Dave Danner, Chris Miller, 
and Gentry Brownie however, optimism of a return to suc- 
cessful years to come is prevalent 

108 Swimming 

Women's Swimming & Diving 


Opponent Their Score 

Bloomsburg Relays lst(6) 


Na\y 178 


Shippensburg 92 


Ithaca 106 


Army 134 


Indiana '(Pa.) 113 


Clarion 120 


Westchester 102 

Penna. Conf. Champ. 2nd 

VCAA Championships 9th 


's Swimming & Diving 


Opponent Their Score 

Bloomsburg Relays 4thl6) 


King's (Pa.) 65 

118.5 Trenton State 117.5 | 


Shippensburg 144 


Ithaca 147 


Indiana (Pa.) 158 


Clarion 153 


Westchester 149 

Penna. Conf. Champ. 7th 

Swimming 109 



%j» :< >j ►-♦.«'-• -w '• -' 





*^ . , 

Bs ^j' -. 

no Sport Candlds 

Sport Candlds 1 1 1 


Men swing to second 
place in Conference 

A third-straight, second place finish In the Penn- 
sylvania Conference Eastern Division propelled the 
baseball team Into the conference tournament for 
the second year In a row. First year head coach 
Matt Haney shared the conference's "Coach of the 
Year" honors after directing his club to an 18-12 
overall mark. The Huskies were 14-6 In the division 
and upset eventual conference champion Slippery 
Rock In the first round of the double-elimination 
conference event before suffering two losses to 
close the season. 

Junior Mike Bruno was the one performer to gain 
all conference honors, however, several individuals 
had fine years. Burno hit .310 while senior Jeff 
Gyurlna led the Huskies with a fine .418 average. 
Gyurnia was also one of the team's top performers 
on the mound with a record of 5-2 and an earned 
run average of 2.61. 

A trio of first year performers made an Immediate 
Impact with their contribution in the starting line- 
up. Twins Dave and Derek Little, along with Jason 
Vavra, gave a bright outlook to the future of the 
team as the Littles hit .348 and .341, respectively, 
and Vavra had an average of .289. From the num- 
bers these three freshmen paint a picture of bright- 
ness for the baseball team for the future. 


#^ JUtff 

Front Bob Groshek, Mike Bruno, J. P. Thomas 

HiddleChad Holdren. Rob Roth, Rob Shoemaker. Jason Vavra, John Dunn. Jeff Gyurina. Dan Eroh, Dave Little, Derek Lettle, Joe DeLucca. 

Back Dale Thomas (asst. coach), Dave Robinson (asst. coach), Joe Carracappa, Steve Storz, Tyson Brennan, Brent Miller, Eric Harris. Brent Swartz, Guy H 

Geoff Dreyer, Jeff Landls, Carl Albertson, Todd Hitz. Chrla Fagotto, Matt Haney (head coach), Brian Smith (asst. coach). 

112 Baseball 



Our Score 


Their Score 


York (PA) 



Newport News 



Christopher Newport 



East Stroudsburg 















East Stroudsburg 















Lebanon Valley 





Penna. Conference Championships 



Slippery Rock 



Indiana (PA) 


3 Slippery Rock 


Baseball 113 


Women Look to Avenge Title 

For the first time in nine seasons, the softball 
team did not win the Pennsylvania Conference 
championship, but came as close to capturing the 
NCAA Division II title as any team in school history. 
The Huskies finished with a record of 43-7 after 
dropping a hard fought 3-2, 10 inning decision to 
Augustana (S.D.) in the national championship 
game. Bloomsburg had dropped a 3-1 contest to the 
same team in the tournament's opening round but 
battled back through the bracket to get another 
shot at the Vikings. During the season, the Huskies 
had Just seven losses, four to Augustana. 

Several individuals had outstanding seasons, 
topped by Junior shortstop Janelle Breneman and 
Junior pitcher Heather Young. The whole group, as 
well as senior third baseman Sandy Herr and soph- 
omore rightfielder Denise Miller, were named to the 
All Pennsylvania Conference team. 

Laudato was named to the All American team for 
the second consecutive season after leading the 
team in hitting with an average of .453. She scored 
40 runs and knocked in 41 others and among her 
hits were 13 doubles, three triples, and seven home 
runs. Buckheit scored 42 runs and had 27 runs 
batted in, while Shelly had 33 runs scored and 48 
rbis and had 19 doubles and eight home runs. 

Breneman hit .272 and scored 27 runs with an 
equal number of rbis and Young was the top per- 
former on the mound with a record of 21-5 and an 
earned run average of .78. Herr had an average of 
.289 and Miller hit .351. 

The solid record marked the third year in a row 
that the team surpassed the 40 victory plateau and 
Huskies' 1 2th consecutive appearance in a national 

Front Sue Palo, Janelle Breneman. Julie Wolfe, Diane Tafel, Lorl Shelly, Jean Busklrk. Susan Scruggs. 
Back Susan Kocher (asst. coach). Jan Hutchinson (head coach), Rachel Kolvek. Denise Miller, Marty Laudato. Sandy Herr, Kim Magulre, Cathy Yanchunas'. 
Markle. Heather Young, Pattl Camper, Cindy Slocum (asst. coach). 

114 Softball 

Our Score 


Their Score 


Augustana (SD.) 





St Xavler 











Youngstown State 
Florida Southern 




Slippery Rock 



Augustana (S-D.) 





Mount Mercy 






Indiana |PA ) 






Lock Haven 



West Chester 








East Stroudsburg 



New York Tech 









Mt. St. Marys 



At Penna, Conf. Chmps. 



Lock Haven 




Lock Haven 






At NCAA MIdAtlantIc Regional Chmps. 


Sacred Heart 







At NCAA Championship Finals 


Augustana IS.D) 



Southeast Missouri State 



Portland State 



Augustana (S.D.| 



Softball 115 

Men's Tennis 

Roly Lamy named All American for 2nd straight 


Injuries made for a 
rough going In the na- 
tional playoffs for the 
men's tennis team, but 
the club finished with a 
15-8 record against a 
grueling schedule and 
added another All Amer- 
ican to an already im- 
pressive list. Bloom- 
sburg, which finished 
the season ranked sixth 
In the country, dropped 
all three of Its matches 
In the national team 
tournament but was 
forced to use a make 
shift lineup throughout 
most of the event. As a 
result of the Injuries, 
four of the five entries In 
the national Individual 
tourney were forced to 

The Huskies won the 
Pennsylvania Confer- 

ence title for the fifth 
consecutive season and 
their 10th overall title. 
The club won all nine 
flights becoming only 
the fourth team In his- 
tory to accomplish the 
feat and the third time 
by a Bloomsburg unit. 

Senior Roly Lamy 
reached the national 
quaterfinals to gain All 
American status for the 
second year in a row and 
was named as the NCAA 
East Region's top senior 
performer. He conclud- 
ed his career with a rec- 
ord of 134-42, easily 
surpassing the old 
school mark for victo- 
ries (119) and was 37-7 
this season. 

Junior Mike Peterson 
was the only other per- 
former In the lineup that 

was not a freshman and 
also enjoyed a fine year 
finishing 24-1 1 and 
winning a pair of con- 
ference titles. Kyle Bar- 
ton was the top first 
year performer and was 
named as the NCAA 
Dlvlson 11 "Rookie of the 
Year". He won a confer- 
ence title in singles and 
doubles and posted a 
30-7 record in his first 
season. All three players 
held high national rank- 
ings throughout the sea- 
son. Other conference 
champions in singles In- 
cluded Brian Billone, 
James Mason, and Den- 
nis Lommen, while Ma- 
son added a doubles title 
along with Jeremy Eby 
and Joe Zapf. 



^^^^^^^^^^^r ^m *'-^ 




^^--— — — 3BII 

Front Joe Zapf, Jason Schaffer, Dennis Lommen. James Mason, Kyle Barton, Jeremy Eby. 

Back Steve Augustine (asst. coach), Brian Billone. Sean Ryan, Burt Reese (head coach), Roly Lamy, Mike 

Peterson, Eric Meyer. 



116 Men's Tennis 


Our Score 


Their Score 








George Mason 



Old Dominion 



Christopher Newport 


William & Mary 












Boston University 









West Chester 
Bloomsburg Duals 










Penna. Conf. Chmps. 1st Place 


NCAA Championships 






Southwest Baptist 



Ferris State 


i V » i i 


i i i I 

i 1 t i i i 

Men's Tennis 117 

Women *s Lacrosse 

^ ^ 9 

118 Lacrosse 


r ''■ 









Our Score 


Their Score 


Lock Haven 



East Stroudsburg 



William Smith 






Slippery Rock 















Franklin & Marshall 



Cortland State 
Penna. Conference Championships 






Lock Haven 
ECAC Division II Championship 



West Chester 



Lacrosse 119 

120 Sports Candlds 

Sports Candlds 121 

122 Sports Candlds 

.- ^ > 

Sports Candlds 123 

124 Sports Candlds 

Sports Candids 125 




The Greek system, although 
older than many of Its mem- 
bers, is relatively young. In 
1964, a group of men met to estab- 
lish a fraternity on the Bloomsburg 
campus. That group, called the So- 
cial Improvement Organization, 
paved the road for the foundation of 
a Greek system. After two years of 
work with the university, the Social 
Improvement Organization became 
SIO and the Greek system was born. 
Although today it consists of 19 
unique organizations, the goals of 
the Greek system are fairly univer- 
sal. Each was built upon the ideals of 
friendship and leadership along with 
scholarship and service to others. 
The ways to acheive each of their 
goals is the uniqueness of each fra- 
ternity and sorority. Each has an ex- 
tensive social calendar filled with 
mixers with other Greeks, date par- 
ties, alumni get- togethers, and ban- 
quets. Participation in Homecoming 
competitions and Greek Week are 
also standard fare. Working together 
as a Greek organization, the broth- 
ers and sisters have contributed to 
our community through various ser- 
vice projects. 

Opposite Page: Top- "Bum to Bum. Bump. Bump. Bump!" 
Middle- .\rr warm up to President and Mrs. Ausprlch. 
Bottom-IFC All-President's Talk 


126 Greeks 

A T^r .^.^^^"^-^ 

w -J 

Greeks 127 

^#^- « 

This Page: Above- 1990 X0n Sweetheat Candidate, Mlchele Kremltske 
Below- Theta Taus Lisa. Elleen.and Tracy 

Right Top- Plxle sisters welcome prospective pledges at Pre-Rush 
Right Middle- AST models the latest In Greek formal 
Right Hottom- When the going gets tough, the tough 

Opposite Paige: Left Top: iJS relaxes at Rush- 
Left Middle- A*E takes a breather at Quest. 

Left Bottom-Cher and Tina Turner, a/k/a X2P's Nicole and Christine, entertain at Home- 

Right Top- Time out from the hectic Greek life for some studying. 

Right Middle- TKEs Tom. Bill. Scott, and PecWee pose with any blg-wlg available Just for 
free meal. 
Right Bottom- These Plxle pledges take part In the annual Homecoming parade. 

128 Greeks 

Greeks 129 



Alpha Sigma Alpha 


Al^iui ^iama AUtlui 

ttSliuiiiiiiliiiin llitiiirrriitii 



COLORS: Crimson and Pearl White 
FLOWERS: Narcissus and Aster 
MOTTO: "Aspire, Seek, Attain" 

January 26, 1979, marked the be- 
ginning of a new bond of sisterhood 
at B.U., when 46 founding sisters 
began pledging as the Delta Chi col- 
ony of Alpha Sigma Alpha. The aims 
of Alpha Sigma Alpha, a national 

social and service sorority, are to es- 
tablish a sisterhood that shall have 
for its four-fold objectives the phys- 
ical, intellectual, social, and spirit- 
ual development of its members fol- 
lowing our motto, "Aspire, Seek, 
Attain." The Delta Chi colony was 
installed as a chapter on September 
8, 1979. There are many service 
projects that are carried on through- 
out the year; Alpha Sigma Alpha's 

Graduating Seniors 

Cindy Abell 

Jayme Arlow 

Tammy Bonawltz 

Eileen Connolly 

Melissa Cooper 

Heidi Creasy 

Mary Ann Cremard 

Lisa Cuvo 

Cathy DlGiandomenico 

Debbie Dix 

Stephanie Edinger 

Darlene Flick 
Donna Griesbach 

Tina Higgins 

Terri Hollenbaugh 

Chris Kaup 

Dawn Klitsch 

Donna Kulp 

Amy Lanni 

Kim Pivoramik 

Alicia Rice 

Cindy Roberts 

Naomi Sato 

Lane Schrum 

Hellen Sims 

Michelle Stabler 

Jenn Tanner 

Camille Wells 

Lauri Yaroma 

national philanthropic project is i 
aid the mentally retarded. Our soc] 
events include date parties, ban- 
quets, and mixers. Alpha Sigma i*- 
pha participates in annual ever* 
such as Homecoming and Gre; 
week. Alpha Sigma Alpha hasi 
strong bond of sisterhood and t- 
tends the invitation to share it wii 

Julie and Allison fundraising at Wlnterfest. 

'Together" at Rush. 

130 Greeks 

Alpha Sigma Tau 

iiUUI g-n liliU] 

^^ <^^ ^^ \^ 'T.lm.mst.ui'.i ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ 





: LORS: Emerald Green and Gold 

fOWER: Yellow Rose 

«)TTO: "Active, Self-Relient, 


1 1899, the founding sisters of 
i^jha Sigma Tau began a group 
35ed on friendship and memories of 

loyalty and devotion. In 1979, the 
local sorority Tau Sigma Pi became 
the Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Sigma 
Tau at B.U. Alpha Sigma Tau was 
formed with many goals in mind: 
forming meaningful and rewarding 
relationships through sisterhood 
and by fostering relationships be- 
tween Greeks and independents. 

Graduating Seniors 

Donna Adgle 
Tracy Banick 
Beth Bowers 
Rachel Boyer 
Karen Franceschelli 
Monica Gresh 
Joann Hess 
Krlstle Hock 
Kelly Keenan 
Wendy Lawhorn 

Heather Leslie 

Molly Maguiness 

Katie Mulligan 

Heather Noble 

Susan Plaseckl 

Laura Reynolds 

Kim Riss 

Katie Sinnott 

Suzy Stutchell 

Laura Tewell 

Kathy WoUam 

Becky Young 

The aim of Alpha Sigma Tau was to 
make each sister a better person by 
encouraging high standards and 
ideals In all aspects of life- Intellec- 
tual, moral, spiritual, and cultural. 
Alpha Sigma Tau give their full sup- 
port to all college activities believing 
that sororities and fraternities are 
an important aspect of college life. 

K ;ten 

I poses with her little- Tracy (1) and little-Iittle- 

Rush, Rush, Rush! 

Greeks 131 




Beta Sigma Delta 

T^flYI i; 







COLORS: Green and White 
MOTTO: "Brotherhood is deeper 
than friendship" 

Beta Sigma Delta was founded 
March 9, 1966. Our letters stand 
Brotherhood for Social Development. 
Our motto is brotherhood is deeper 

than friendship. We have always 
maintained closeness and unity 
within our organization and have al- 
ways tried to keep in good relations 
with the university. Beta's strenth is 
mostly contributable to the fact that 
our size will never exceed 40 active 
members, to prevent cliques. 

Beta prepares Itself for a mixer. 



Dan Delflne 

Damian Dlnan 

Bob Fersch 


Andrew Goldflne 

Bill Kaufell 

Bob Kerns 

Rob Kolmansburger 

Kevin Murphy 

^ ^^ 

B2A provided us with live entertainment on the '^^ 
<I>IX. An Homecoming float. 

132 Greeks 

Gamma Epsilon Omicron 




[iLORS: Blood Red and Midnight 


iamma Epsilon Omicron was 
funded in December of 1986 by 
!r;nty-two men from Luzerne Res- 
Icnce Hall. In the past five years, 
l:Te have been nine pledge classes, 
a current brotherhood of 85 men, 
al 31 active brothers. 

The brothers are involved in many 
service projects, most notably, vis- 
iting Danville State Hospital and 
skating with mentally handicapped 
children. Gamma Epsilon Omicron 
takes pride in being a member of the 
Inter-Fraternity Council and a rec- 
ognized organization at Bloomsburg 
University. In the past. Gamma Ep- 
silon Omicron has had five brothers 


Chip Acri 

Cliff Aulisio 

Stephen Barry 

Kris Bautsch 

Jeff Brownell 

Jim Callan 

Dave Katz 

Ed Miller 

Mark Roland 

Ed Rogers 
Fred Salzman 
Brian Stone 
Stan Szpindor 
Craig Wozniak 
Bruce Zboray 

serve as officers on IFC Executive 
Council, including two presidential 
terms, and six brothers serve the 
university as class officers on CGA, 
five of those being president. 

Gamma Epsilon Omicron knows 
that future pledge classes will con- 
tinue the trends of success that their 
brothers have set and continue the 
traditions at Bloomsburg University. 

1 ilumni and a dropout — not your ordinary banquet 


rEO celebrates outside of their new house. 

Greeks 133 

Delta Epsilon Beta 


luiia H' ■•■iuuiii 

iillminislMir.i lliiii 


COLORS: Violet and White 

FLOWER: Violet 

MOTTO: Friendship and Love through 


In October 1966. the 21 founding sis- 
ters of Delta Epsilon Beta established the 
first social sorority at B.U. They set up 
guidelines- "ideals" — that have helped 
the sisters find the true meaning of sis- 
terhood. Each year Delta Epsilon Bets 

holds two banquets, at least two date 
parties, a spring picnic, and mixers with 
fraternities and sororties. In the summer 
Delta Epsilon Beta holds a summer re- 
union at B.U. for the opportunity to visit 
with their active alumnae sisters. They 
are great fun for all and provide many 
happy memories for the sisterhood. Del- 
ta Epsilon Beta also works on improving 
the town-university relations by con- 
ducting a service project each semester. 

Graduating Seniors 

Donna Bainger 
Diane Bixler 
Klmberly Black 
Meredith Buch 
Jennifer Carey 
Kimberly David 
Christine Dock 
Ruth Doyle 
Angela Feifer 
Tara Gable 
Karen Gensiejewski 
Tara Gosling 
Lynnette Gulden 
Kimberly Groff 
Danielle Hess 
Lisa Krill 
Judith Lee 
Kimberly Lieberman 
Tracy McLaughlin 
Jennifer Meyer 
Diana Rose 
Kathleen Rupertus 
Jane Salak 
Cathy Samples 
Kathleen Scalea 
Gretchen Snyder 
Kelly Stanton 

Some other activities include fundra 
ers, a Parent's Weekend party, buildl 
floats for Homecoming, competing lij 
Greek Week events, and a party in bono 
of their Senior sisters. The most impoil 
tant part of the sisterhood of DEB is thj 
bond of frienship developed and the uii| 
derstanding and love shared among th 
sisters. Knowing you are cared about a| 
an individual is one aspect cherised b| 

Lynnette and Tara show Greek Week spirit! 

AEB sporting tiieir house letters. 

134 Greeks 

Delta Pi 

^m mux ?.ii Fa A^ 

iiliuimr.hmii llniiirriutii 





;KNAME: Delta PI 
LORS: Blue and Silver 

;elta PI is a very well-rounded fra- 
ilty- they do not fit into some cat- 
ry. Together the brothers all make 
reat fraternity where every person 
Is to the whole. 

lelta Pi lives in one of the biggest 
ises in Bloomsburg. But more im- 
tantly, the brotherhood owns it. 

They are their own landlords and 
make their own rules. Another benefit 
of the house is that it is inexpensive to 
live in; the rent is low and all inclusive. 
Plus, with 30 or so roomates, there is 
always something to do or someone to 
party with. Along with having one of 
the cheapest dues on campus, being a 
brother of Delta Pi allows brothers to 
get so much more out than they put in. 
Delta Pi has a killer banquet every 

Graduating Seniors 

John Belaski 
Matt Dunlap 
Jim Flechslg 

Brad Jaffe 
Chris Jarman 
Paul Lltwln 
Greg Olander 
Keith Relmert 
Marc Sanchez 
Mark Swartwood 

semester, a picnic every spring, and 
mixers every week. As many students 
know. Delta Pi also has great parties 

Most importantly. Delta Pi is re- 
spected on campus. They get along 
well with the fraternities and the 
sororites love to mix with them. And 
unlike many other fraternities. Delta 
Pi does not have a reputation- every 
brother is proud to wear his letters. 

Bloomsburg's answer to "Animal House" 

Dan. John, and Marc caught, actually studying! 

Greeks 135 

Delta Phi Epsilon 



COLORS: Royal Purple and Pure Gold 
FLOWER: Purple Iris 
MOTTO: Esse Quam Videri- To be rather 
than to seem to be 

In the Spring of 1989, a group of wom- 
en came together with the common goal 
of forming a new social sorority at 
Bloomsburg University. This group of di- 
verse individuals was brought together 
with the aspiration of becoming an or- 
ganization based upon social, service, 

scholarship, sorority and sisterhood. 
They sought a national sorority backing 
from a sorority that shared their goals 
and ideals. That was found in the In- 
ternational sorority of Delta Phi Epsilon. 
The group decided to establish as the 
local sorority of Alpha Delta Chi in Au- 
gust of 1990. As Alpha Delta Chi, the 
new probationary sorority completed all 
the necessary requirements to become a 
recognized sorority with full privileges at 
Bloomsburg. On November 19, 1990, Al- 

Graduatlng Seniors 

Kris Bahr 

Kathleen McGonigle 

Heather Shearer 

Wendy Stachel 

Renee Walsh 

Chloe Williams 

Chrlsta Zose 

pha Delta Chi gained full status asl 
recognized sorority. On December! 
1990, the local sorority colonized as i 
Alpha Chi Colony of Delta Phi Epsilon! 
D Phi E, these women have the purpij 
of promoting good fellowship among fi 
rority women, to help in aquiring knojl 
edge, appreciation, discriminatingjudp 
ments, and a true feeling of sisterly lo: 
through Interaction, one upon anothj 
and friendship. I 


Getting psyched lor another Quest adventure. 

Up, Up, and Away! 

136 Greeks 

Theta Tau Omega 


!CKNAME: Theta Tau 

;)LORS: Navy Blue and Dark Blue 

[OWER: Blue Carnation 

OTTO: "Truth Through Open- 


■^ht founding sisters organized in 
iptember of 1968, bonded together 
: form a friendship that they felt 
;uld be a productive force. Together 
lese girls, under the early advisor- 

ship of Ms. Constance Ward, became 
functional members of Bloomsburg's 
Inter-Sorority Council. Theta Tau 
Omega received probationary status 
on May 13, 1969, and was granted 
permanent status on October 15, 
1970. Today, more than 17 years 
later, the common bond that brought 
together the founding sisters of The- 
ta Tau stills holds, and is a produc- 
tive force on the Bloomsburg Uni- 


Kellie Bankos 

Tracy Bedal 

Christy Burke 

Dorinda Danz 

Kim Detone 

Lisa Gavio 

Lisa Hallowell 

Roxane Kresge 

Kathy Leffler 

Natalie Liott 

Kellle McCIary 

Natalee Moss 

Shannon Newman 

Bridget Occhipinti 

Shelly Pintande 

Michelle Rossi 

Trieste Shafer 
Karen Sheehan 
Amy Suchan 
Julie Wolfe 
Diane Wojnar 

Dlna Yale 
Diane Zadlo 

versify campus. We perform 
numerous service projects for the 
campus and community and hold 
fundraisers to enjoy activities such 
as bi-annual banquets, mixers, and 
date parties. Yet, Theta Tau's friend- 
ship moves beyond anything as tan- 
gible as these activities and projects. 
Theta Tau's real bond lies in a feel- 
ing that only one of her sisters can 

Theta Tau — the girls with it all! 

The happiness of 0Tfl is carried on to Rush. 

Greeks 137 


Theta Chi 


p n m r- n n r ^ ^^ 

4^ 1^ ^^ liA LiA LfiA iiA 

NICKNAME: Theta Chi 
COLORS: Military Red and White 

Brotherhood at Theta Chi is a lifelong 
bond. Theta Chi. founded in 1856. is one 
of the oldest fraternities in the nation. 

Theta Chi. Theta Lambda chapter, 
Bloomsburg University was founded on 
October 28. 1987 and since then their 
brotherhood has grown to 52 active 

To date Theta Chi has won the Out- 

standing Fraternity Award given by the 
Bloomsburg Board of Trustees since the 
award's establishment two years ago. 
Theta Chi has also won Greek Week the 
past two years and finished second in 
the 1991 IFC Sports Cup. 

Theta Chi is proud to participate in 
and sponsor many social activities. Their 
well rounded social calendar includes 
various theme mixers with sororities, 
formal banquets, date parties, hay rides. 


John Babinchak 
Paul Bottigiellier 
Michael Can- 
Dave Cipar 
Tom DeMelfi 
Scott Dunsmuir 
Jeff Erni 
Dan Flood 
Ed Hicks 
Seth Jackson 
Scott Kramer 
John Littlewood 
Jerry Marley 
Marc Miller 
Bob Naples 
Brian Shopf 
Del Stafford 
Tony Summa 
Karl Wianecki 
Jim Wolk 

and 0X Dance Parties. 

Theta Chi social life is not limited 
only partying, the brothers also take i\ 
active part in the community by volui 
teering at service projects such as tl' 
Red Cross Bloodmobile and Speci 

Theta Chi would like to wish tht 
brothers and the Class of 1991 the 1 
come to support their social habits wi 
into the future. 

Craig. Skip, and Ed take a "study break. 

0X and ASA combine for a great float at Homecomir 

138 Greeks 

Pi Kappa Phi 

21 1 11 11 III '.. li II r n 11 n i 11 r r n i t ji 



[iLORS: Gold and White 

'i Kappa Phi is a national frater- 
ny founded at The College of 
[arleston, South Carolina in 1904. 
1 ere are currently 1 25 active chap- 
ts. The Zeta Upsilon chapter of 
Eiomsburg University was admit- 
bl to the Interfraternity Council on 

December 3, 1989 and was 
chartered on April 28, 1990. The 
Zeta Upsilon chapter has 57 current 
active members. The brothers as- 
sume an active role in IFC sports, 
service projects that include 
P.U.S.H.- People Understanding Se- 
verely Handicapped, and a wide va- 
riety of social funictions. Pi Kappa 
Phi strives ro retain strong ties with 

the Greek system, the university, 
and the community. 

/ - 

Graduating Seniors 

Jim Bronico 

• \--.;;i,idiiL, :, 

Steve Casazza 


Scott Davis 


Todd E. 




Ron Humphrey 


Dave Jones 


Brian Kutsmeda 


Rich McCann 

Rick Przywara 

Scott Rutkoslti 

nK* gathers for Uielr banquet. 

IlK* celebrates intramural sucess. 

Greeks 139 


Sigma Iota Omega 

Ji. ^v.,. 1^ ^^ ^ f^v^ h ^^ I 


luau -pji^ laan 

lihumutlniru lliiiiun-iitii 

- 'f% 


COLORS: Burgundy and white 
MOTTO: "A single soul in friends" 

In 1964, several men met in what 
was then North Hall for the purpose 
of establishing a social fraternity at 
Bloomsburg State College. Strenu- 
ous efforts, however, led first to the 
creation of a club as there would 

"never be social fraternities at 
Bloomsburg." The men selected the 
name "Social Improvement Organ- 
ization" (SIO) and continued to press 
for recognition as a fraternity. Two 
years of hard work led finally to the 
recognition of SIO — Sigma Iota 
Omega — by the Board of Trustees 
as Bloomsburg' s first social frater- 
nity. From this early beginning there 






Eddie Price 





Johnny Mac 









has evolved the "Greek System" i 
campus as it is known today. E 
Robert D. Warren has been the on 
advisor of SIO and was, early o 
dubbed The Father of the Greek Sy 
tem at Bloomsburg. 

The IFC Cup resides at the S 
house after being won three years 
a row. And will reside there for mai 
years to come. 

sin brothers, Zlggy and Bill, square dancing? 

The SIfi March 

1 40 Greeks 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 

S'lUUKl 5'IllllKl S'UtllKl 

amm.- ^^ ms^^^ 


OLORS: Royal Purple and White 

LOWER: Violet 

DTTO: "To Share, To Love, To 


National, Tri Sigma was founded 
c April 20, 1898, at Longwood Col- 
l;e in Farmville, VA. Locally, the 
Ilta Zeta chapter was installed on 
t; Bloomsburg campus on Novem- 

ber 5, 1971. Tri Sigma is an un- 
ending chain of sisterhood which 
provides each sister with the ideals 
which build stability and intelli- 

fjence which builds women. Each 
all and spring, Tri Sigma holds a 
pledge banquet in honor of their new 
sisters. Other social events include 
date parties, picnics, a hayride, and 
mixers throughout the year. Open 
houses are held at Homecoming, 


Kerry Behler 

Carolyn Butcher 

Aimee Edwards 

Lorl Emerlch 

Carolyn Fryberger 

Lara Halenda 

Melissa Hay 

Cynthia Larlvlere 

Lisa Paul 

Aimee Sapp 

Tina Singer 

Kimberly Smith 

Roni Snow 

Beth Strebin 

Adrlenne Williams 


Tri Slg celebrates their "Greek" heritage. 

Parent's Weekend, and Sibling's 
Weekend. Every summer a reunion 
weekend is held at the house. Tri 
Sigma's national service project is 
the Robbie Page Memorial Fund to 
raise money for play therapy for hos- 
pitalized children. One yearly fund- 
raiser is the sale of mums for Par- 
ent's Weekend. Tri Sigma is also an 
active participant in Greek Week 
and Homecoming. 

House Sisters Unite! 

Greeks 141 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 

•TH"T!P n f)j a n P p P f->l ffl^ 


p ft rp Pp' 

flU.uiniMiiini HiuiutmIm 

COLORS: Cherry and grey 

Tau Kappa Epsilon International Social 
Fraternity was founded on January 10, 1899 
at Illinois Weslyan University in Bloomington, 
Illinois. Since that cold night in January. TKE 
has grown to over 320 active chapters and 
181.000 initiates. TKE is the fastest growing 
fraternity on the continent and has pioneered 
more new fraternity systems than any other 

Pennsylyanla has more fraternity chapters 
than any other state and Is the largest TKE 
state. Included in this is the Pi Beta chapter of 
TKE at Bloomsburg University. Pi Beta chap- 
ter was founded on April 1. 1978. TKE spon- 
sers a full range of social, service, and phil- 
anthropic endeavors. IWost recently. TKE has 
helped usher the Celebrity Artist Series, 
worked with the group S.H.A.R.E.. and with 
their international philanthropy. Special 

TKE has also been Involved In Greek corn- 



petitions. TKE won the Homecoming 
competition in 1 989 and placed third in 
Their Homecoming sweetheart candidate wl 
elected as Homecoming Sweetheart in 199(i 
Currently Pi Beta chapter of TKE has | 
brothers and over 300 alumni. Their house 
fraternally owned and conveniently locat 
on Fourth Street. 

Jim Boyd 
Rob Bentzel 
Steve Clmlno 

Jim Fisher 
Greg Fulmer 
Sean Gimeno 

Dan Hebert 

Joe Jackson 

Bob Paslowsky 

Chris Roth 

Sean Ryan 
Walt Scheel 
Chris Smiley 

Al Warnick 
Mark Zavacky 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 's food for thought. 

TKE stiows llial llicir aLhlclic ability is not just a 

142 Greeks 

Chi Theta Pi 

iCIii alu'ta V\ 

HI ail 

iillmMnslMinl llnuinsilu 

131223 2 



CKNAME: Chi Theta Pi 

FOWER: Pink Rose 

DTTO: "Communication and 

list through Love, Friendship, and 


n December, 1986, sixteen very 
;;husiastic and determined women 
sablished the local sorority Chi 
lata Pi. The women, who already 
P5sessed the strong bond of sister- 

FALL <50' , 

hood took in sixteen charter sisters 
who helped them to develop and 
achieve future goals for the sorority. 
Since then these goals have been at- 
tained and the sisters of Chi Theta Pi 
continue to follow these goals which 
contribute to their success. Each se- 
mester the sisters of Chi Theta Pi 
contribute countless hours to serv- 
ing the community as well as the 
university. They are proud to be part 


Nancy Beglln 

Becky Bollinger 

Julie Boyer 

Sue Dillmuth 

Jill Firmstone 

Kathy Gallagher 

Jackie Kelly 

Tracy Leighton 

Sheila McBride 

Karen Mergel 

Christine Morrison 

Jodi Rathgeber 

Nancy Turley 

Lorl Vanoostendorp 

of, and work together with, other or- 
ganizations in the greek system to 
better community relations. Many 
social activities also occur during the 
semester. These include banquets, 
date parties, hay rides, picnics, and 
mixers with other fraternities and 
sororities. All of these aspects com- 
bined provide an enjoyable and ever- 
lasting college experience. 


Wssa, Dawn, and Sheila welcome parents on Par- 
™s Weekend. 

X0n sisters anxiously await their float at Homecoming. 

Greeks 143 



Chi Sigma Rho 

;^4S0COS3 2^, 

n * (^ o 

\^ w S^ >^ 

din ^iyma illliu 


# ^ 

>• w \^ 

Oft a ^ 

>^ S^ V^ 

W >^ >^ ^^ lUmimiUntr^imufriulii "^^ 

COLORS: Yellow and Grey 
FLOWER: Yellow Carnation 
MOTTO: "Unity Through Individuality" 

On October 22, 1967, six women met 
informally to discuss the idea of a new 
social sorority at BSC. Following many 
meetings with ISC and the Sub- 
Committee on Student Organizations, 
Chi Sigma Rho was approved to be a 
permanent sorority on May 19, 1969. 

- i -fc'S l^iSi I'iKSbararii 

Their motto "Unity Through Individu- 
ality", is the basis of the sorority. Chi 
Sigma Rho Is made of many individuals 
who have a common bond of sisterhood. 
Each semester Chi Sig participates in 
many social events such as mixers with 
other sororities and fraternities, date 
parties, banquets, and much more. 
These serve to bring the sisters closer to 
each other and to other students here at 
Bloomsburg. Homecoming and Greek 


Cindy Bideau 
Kathy Black 
Christi Bobb 

Wendy Campbell 

Linda Mann 

Barb Smith 

Lori Stanislaw 

Shawn Sullivan 

Week are two more activities that Ch 5i 
enjoys being a part of each year. A n 
nae are very important to the sis r: 
This is shown each year at Homecoi n 
and get togethers at the house wit: a 
the new and alumnea sisters each 5 n 
mer. Each year brings growth n 
change, working to improve the si e 
hood all the time. Each sister's ind It 
uality is something stressed by Chi ii( 
ma Rho. 

It i 

Clil Sig waits to meet tiieir new pledges. 

Ciil Sig celebrates sisterhood at Pre-Rush. 

1 44 Greeks 

Phi Delta 


i:ihi Helta 

iiihuimi.Iuiru lIuiiirnHtii 



I^KNAME: Phi Delt 

'LORS: Navy Blue, Kelly Green,& 


^OWER: Rose 

i»TTO: "Believing in what you're 

ing, is half the battle won." 

('hi Delta was formed in the Fall of 
?3. Fifty-one women with similar 

ideals were the beginning of Phi Del- 
ta. Phi Delta's main objective is that 
one can maintain their individuality 
while belonging to a Greek organ- 
ization. Although the special bonds 
of sisterhood can only be felt within 
the sorority, other friendships are 
important. As a social sorority. Phi 
Delta participates actively in Greek 


Stephanie Birster 

Michelle Braucher 

Tara Connolly 

Dana Domkoski 

Carolyn Harlng 

Wendy Hower 

Kris Jani 

Kathleen Kelly 

Valerie Martin 

Melissa Minakowskl 

Kris Plenskl 

Kathie Reagan 

Julie Robus 

Deborah Rosenella 

Nan Sacco 

Ann Schermick 

Week, hay rides, mixers, banquets, 
and date parties. Many Phi Delta sis- 
ters have been recognized by the 
university due to their outstanding 
achievements scholastically, athlet- 
ically, and extra-curricularly. 

Stephanie. June, and Debbie at Pinning Night 

Missy and Karen — caught at a football game. 

Greeks 145 

Phi Iota Chi 





COLORS: Mint Green and Forest 


FLOWER: Daisy 

MOTTO: "Friendship, Individuality, 

and Courage" 

The fifteen founding sisters, all of 
whom were freshmen, nad many goals 
In mind. Phi Iota Chi began to strive for 
lasting and meaningful friendship 
with each sister being herself, an in- 

dividual. Their name was chosen for 
that reason. Phi Iota Chi, Friendship, 
Individuality, and Courage. Phi Iota 
Chi was proposed as a social sorority of 
BU on March 19, 1974, and was ap- 
proved on November 5, 1974, by ISC, 
thus being accepted as a permanent 
sorority. Phi Iota Chi, like other so- 
rorities, participates in the annual 
events such as Homecoming and 
Greek Week. They do service projects 


Becky Bonafair 

Jen Bruns 

Tracey Craig 

Stacey Cropf 

Margaret Hamel 

Laura Hudson 

Julie Gibbonl 

Karen Kimmey 

Michelle Klobosits 

Patrice Nevice 

Tanya Nowak 

Sandy Stempel 

Sue Sundermler 

Lisa Walter 
Brenda Watchilla 

Lisa Wasson 

Michelle Webster 

Angle Wetzel 

Andrea Zimmerman 

each year to help out some organlzf 
tlons in the area. Annual social evert 
consist of banquets, date parties, ha! 
rides, picnics, and mixers with frate' 
nltles and sororities. These alwa'; 
turn out to be a great time. With t 
first few years of^their existence, t 
value of being a sister has grown ai i 
meant more each day, and futu'! 
years promise to be even more rewai^ 

Thie Pixies ham It up for the camera. 

Tracey at work at the Travel Office. 

146 Greeks 

Phi Sigma Sigma 

li a f r '"" *"-":■' *"■""" ft ti f ft 

W ^ WW ^^ w & t^ W 


I CKNAME: Phi Sig Sig 
DLORS: King Blue, Gold 
I /OWER: American Beauty Rose 
lOTTO: "Aim High" 

Ten women of different religious 
tickgrounds bonded together in 
ptember, 1913, in New York, to 
irm the Alpha chapter of Phi Sigma 

Sigma. 34 women at Bloomsburg 
Univeristy gathered and formed the 
Epsilon Zeta chapter in April, 1988, 
and has it grown considerably since 
that time. Throughout their devel- 
opment into a strong part of Bloom- 
sburg' s great Greek system. Phi Sig- 
ma Sigma have been involved in 
many philanthropic endeavors 

which include helping at the Bloom 
Nursing Home and the National Kid- 
ney Foundation. Socially, Phi Sigma 
Sigma strengthens their ties through 
mixers with other fraternities and 
sororities. Spring Banquets, hay- 
rides, and date parties. Phi Sigma 
Sigma is proud of their outstanding 
scholastic achievements. 


Rebecca Aten 


Kelin Buck 


Janet Buckheit 


Any Jo Dentith 


Alisha Fink 

^ ^JHH 

Mlndy Group 

^l^fllPHp'^ '^W/^ 


Daphne Grove 
Lisa Hreshko 

^^^^^Hp'-^ fv'Vjk '' tm^ 


Mario Klasser 

^.^^^E r^ > 

Debbie Leinhauser 

iJL^ .>'^ 


Michelle Leonetti 

Theresa Lionetti 

Wendy Maio 


Kelly McCormick 
Angela Paul 


Dawn Petriello 

Elizabeth Savlnski 

Kami Silk 

Christine Sims 

Terry Updyke 

Lisa Zamit 

'ph. Amy Jo. Dawn, and Sims smile for the camera 

Casino Night. 

Once a Phi Sig Sig. always a Phi Sig Sig. 

Greeks 147 










Greek Week is as traditional as Rush and pledging. 
This week of games and friendly competition serves to 
bring the Greek System together. This year's Greek 
Week was well organized with much of the credit going 
to <I>IX's Denise Splitt. Many fraternities and sororities 
that, in previous years did not compete as whole heart- 
edly as others, took to this year's Greek Week a new 
enthusiasm. A good time was had by all with one TKE 
brother remembering the week as, "just a blur." 

And the winner is . . . 

Chariot Race 
Tug O' War 
Games Night 
Olympic Day 
Volleyball Night 

Overall Winner 0X 






148 Greeks 



Greeks 149 




Program Board on Monday, 
Fencing on Tuesday, Hall 
Council on Wednesday, 
American Marketing Association on 
Thursday. Bloomsburg University 
has over 150 clubs and organiza- 
tions for students to fill their 
calendars with. 

There is an organization for every- 
one. College Republicans share their 
ideas on how to run the country 
while the Community Government 
Association actually runs our little 
nation. There are groups for reli- 
gious fellowship, organizations for 
your major, a group for your favorite 
sport, even an organization that 
plans fun and frivolity for the cam- 

Every fall the campus gets a 
chance to see these organizations in 
the Activites Fair sponsored by the 
Program Board. Many of the campus 
organizations take time to show off 
their group and gain new members. 
These organizations helped to 
pave the way into college life for 
many. Our high school FBLA was 
continued in *BA, and Key Club be- 
came Circle K. The friendships and 
ideas fostered in these organizations 
will be carried for a lifetime. 

Opposite Page: Top- CGA President, Joel Tolbert and Vice 
President. Sharon Slegrist, pose atop their ride at Home- 

Middle- 1 •2-3-Dlp. A*n's Barry and Meg demonstrate their 
dancing skills. 

Bottom- TBS tries to keep warm at Keystone Park. 

l.S*.v V-v ^,. 

1 50 Organizations 

Organizations 151 

Phi Omega 

Front Row: (L — R| F. Cernovsky. L. McCarty. R. Traen- 
kle. S. Mack. A. Rogers. E. Alsvan 

Row 2: L, Peterlln. J. Kelner. J. Fritch. S. Botfeld. S. 
Lewis. C, Thomas. K. Painter. A. Oberlfn. T. Kaseman. A. 

Row 3: S. Edwards, B. Simmons. C, Cyms. S. Russell. A. 
Anderson. L. Klchllne. S. McDonald. J. Ruddy. A. Wilson. 
C. Welbly. T. Talarlco. T- Mallon 

Row 4: K, Brooks. M. SelU. M. Nangle. M. Baum. A. 
Heffron. D- Rouse, S. Earl. H. Frelrelch. E, Smyth L. 
Walker, J. Orzo, A. Haden 

Row 5: K, Hindsman. J. Shutack, C. Zlkor. C. Traenkle. 
T. Dotzel, K, Rouse, R. Wallace, C. Wert, M. Baker. L. 
Rutkowskl. J, Brader. M, Hoose, C- McGarvey, C- Camp- 
bell, H White, M. Brass, S. Malyas, B. Ryan 
Row 5A: M. Carson, A. Cunningham, S. States, A. 
Vanlm, T Nltchman. T. Loftus, K. Short. H- Lee 
Row 6: R. Wagner, K. Redcay. D. Korey. C, KolodzleJ. B, 
Wolek. K. Over, T, Mauer, K. Fetterolf, D- Cole, K. Short, 
K. Dreas, B. Burkhart, B. Eichner, A- Hernandez 
Back Row: C. Rapp, S. Cannon, J. Snyder, G. LIsella. D. 
Scott. S. Rogers. K, Feeney, S, Dlerks 

Psi Omega 

Front Row: (L -^ R) Bruce Canllsh, Todd 
Miller. Charlotte Mears-Davls, Mike Col- 

Row 2: Laurie Churba. Dan Schievert, 
Dave O'Brien. Fran Bebenek. C.G. Kiess 
Back Row: Mlchele Rine. Dave Waterman, 
Lynda Haas, Jim Ceccatti, Glsele' Feijo 

1 52 Organizations 

Chemical Society 

Front Row: (L -^ R) Karl Rosengrant, Phil 
Behm. Michelle Bieber, Brendan Donegan 
Back Row: Carl Edwards, Shelly Griffiths, 
Ann Labashoushy, Carolyn Cyms 




Front Row: (L -^ R) Susan Piaseckl, 
Danielle Moyer, Diane Zadlo 
Back Row: Nancy CuriUa, David Jones, 
Bruce Braughton, John Peck, Beth BU- 
Ihime, Karen LaGreca 

Organizations 1 53 


Front Row: (L -^ R) Todd Florla, Gisele' 

Feijo, Lynda Haas, Jeff Hoppe 

Row 2: Heather Morrel. Vanessa Starr, 

Fran Bebenek, Julie Snyder, Kathleen 

Blckhart. Chris Munley 

Row 3: Todd Miller, Dan Shievert, CM. 

SpuUck, Carrie Grubb, Michele Rlne, Mike 

Collins, Lissa Stuart 

Back Row: Dave Waterman, Jon, Laurie 

Churba, Dave Ruggeri, Dave O'Brien, C.G. 

Keiss, Bruce Candllsh, Sarah Rienhard, 

Jim Ceccatti 

Child Center 

Front Row: (L -» R) Laura, Bryce, Quln. 

Logan, Joshua 

Row 2: Brittany, Matthew, Katie, Peter, 

Adam. Mattie 

Back Row: Thomas, Jennifer, Sean, Kat- 

lyn, Dciniel, Nicole 

154 Organizations 


Front Row: (L -^ R] Lori Hovatler, Stacy 

Row 2: Heidi Page. Juliana Shank, Missy 

Back Row: Jackie Christ, Brad, Susan Ev- 
ans, Christina Pelletier, Matt, Michelle, 
Robin Raver, Aimee Leeds 


Front Row: (L — R) David Horvath, Steve 
Heflin, Kenji Kioshita, Wnedy Taylor 
Back Row: David Creason, Neil Strine, 
"Duck", Jim Tomlinson (advisor), Carl 

Organizations 1 55 

Hall Council 

Front Row: (L -^ R) Tara Hartzel. Mlchele 
Rowland. Clorlnda O'Leary, Missy Cassel, 
Michelle Dalley 

Back Row: Colleen Brady, Amy Holn, 
Vlrgina Beck, Trina Haas. Stacey Miller. 
Kim Aponik 


Front Row: (L -^ R) Lou Brooks. Beth Bow- 

Row 2: Eric Andrews, Alan Mason. C. 
Hurst, John Hernandez, Keith Wilier 
Back Row: Eric Alexy, Joy Sheesley, Mike 
Albanese, Dan Soceanu. Adam Donkus. 
Chris Miller 

1 56 Organizations 

Hall Council 

Seated: Lisa Citrone. Jennifer Brooks 
Standing: Heather Keane 


Organizations 157 


Help Our Planet 


Front Row: (L — . R) Peter Downs, Jeanne 

Cortez, Michelle Geczy, Rebecca Rdesm- 

skl, Scott Walton, Andrew Baker, Mr. 


Row 2: Matt Leibert, Lisa Markel. Debi 

Acri. Pam Jacobs, Andrea Ozark, Chris 

Walton, Dr. Blackburn, Wendy Warfield, 

Coleen Houck 

Back Row: Shannon Farr, Jen Davis, Mike 

Albanese. Lincoln Russell, Dan Foster, 

Ken Wolff 

Missing From Picture: Dave Ashby, 

Sushma Chockshl, Jill Hammrlck, Randy 



Left Row: (Back — Front) Bob Naples. Amy 
Kravetz, Kyle Fetterolf, Sharon Slegrlst. 
Jannette Delmonlco, Carolyn Butcher, 
Robin Traenkle, Shannon Strasbaugh 
Right Row: Stewart McAlener, Brian 
Ralph, Patrick Bryan, Jody Hackman, Tim 
Brooks, Ken Wolfe, Sheron Johnson 

1 58 Organizations 

Hall Council 

Standing:(L ^ R) Amy Lowe. Jennifer La- 


Sitting: Danlne Schnell 


Maroon & Gold 
Marching Band 

standing: Melissa Locke, Cindy Bates 
Front Row: Sue Hanna, Perry Swelgart. Ian Has- 
tings. Tim Hershey, Jim Pomicter. Patty Sander- 
son. Todd Mengel. Lynn Miiier. Scott Beaver. 
Matt Leibert. Joann Russo. Juiie Snyder. Jody 

Second Row: Andrea Bauman. Julie Snyder. 
Elizabeth Genoese, Julie Suloff. Connie Pfeiffer. 
Erin Thomas. Laura Kichllne. Donna Brodoskl. 
Dawn Madzarac. Kim McKlnnell. Cindy Kraje. 
Katie Younker. Janice Tyciak. Karen Vovchan- 

Third Row: Kery Bender. Mary Ann McDonald. 
Amy Vineyard. Martha Mark. Jeff Hoppe. Lisa 
Kilcoyne. Jeff Ulanowski, Patty Lloyd, Christine 
Collins, Stacy McConnell, Tammy Scott. Darla 
Glrton. Maureen Link. Kerry Behler. Stephanie 

Fourtli Row: Tracy Lyn Knauf. Jenny 
Rinehimer. Jennifer Redell. Andrew Fitch. Greg 
Hughey. Neal Strine. Jim Wanser, Greg Fulmer, 
David McKee, Shawn Godack, Michelle Cohoon, 
Tara Goldman, Jessica Serie 
Fifth Row: Bonnie Worthington, Michelle 
Henne, Tammy Ludwig, Matt Steinruck, Nancy 
Rankin, Keith Dawe, Shorn Purnell, Dave Ren- 
ninger, Stephanie Liken. Amy Jo Reece 
Sixth Row: Michelle Mittnacht. Pam Fleeger, 
Tim Mordaunt, Matt Splcher. Fred Oakes. Eric 
Frost. Jacki Lipovsky. Chris Rush. Michelle 
Newman. Gabrielle Stander 
Seventh Row: Christine Rogers. Lorl 
BIydenburgh. Amy Wltmer. Michelle Hile. Heidi 
Boyer. Leanne Haggerty. Stacy Bardonnex. Lynn 
Fremlin. Mindy DeFacls. Teresa Loftus. Lynn 

Eighth Row: Robin Zebo, Kate Brady, Claudine 
Hanincik, Allison McPherson 

Organizations 1 59 

Hall Council 

Seated: (L — . R) Jay Donegan. Bill Brooks 
Standing: Chris Gaines 

Hall Council 

Front Row: (L — * R) John Kasarda, Randall 
Hess. Robert Shambaugh, Tony Gerilllmo, 
William Daniels 

Back Row: Christopher Beadling, John 
Kelly. Jeff Foye, Eric Maul. Stephen Do- 

160 Organizations 

Beta Lambda 

Front Row: (L — R) Chlorinda O'Leary, 

Darla Girton. Susan Crane 

Row 2: Dawn. Tonya Morgan. Candice 

Kessler. Pam Girton. Tina Smith 

Row 3: Kelly Lobus. Laura May. Brian 

Blickenderfer. Drew Flyn. Missy Cassel, 

Tom Peters. Michelle Dally 

Back Row: Chloe Williams. Jill SIM. Kelly 

Burkholder. Wendy Stachel, Kim Milder, 

Brian Green 

Kappa Delta 

Front Row: (L -^ R) Missy Imes, Tracey 
Rinehart. Shelly Anderson. Vikey Magde- 

Back Row: Steve Moser, Nell Strine, Sue 
Koons. Phil Hosfllch. Jody Atherholt. Prof. 
Harry Strine- '"Coach" 

OrgEinizations 161 


Front Row: |L _ R) Jeff. Eric Walker. 
Stephanie Getz. Alice Dee 
Row 2: Laura May. Monica Leo. Dawn 
Oliverl, Amy Strzeleckl, Jennifer Glynn. 
Aurora Johansen 

Row 3: Kate Bush. Amy Wilks, Jaqueline. 
Karen Matthews. David Hein, Heather 
Haskins. Mike Kaiser. Susan Walker. 
Cathy Lex. Jody Heckman. Caren Drexler 
Back Row: Kate King. Kathleen Stettner. 
Angel Hernandez. Jennifer. Bob Waring.. 
Jay Kellett, Katie Yarrington. Albert 
Calderon. Laurie Cook. Carlene Berger. 
Randy Wagner 


Front Row: (L _ R) Charles Dominic, 
Sharon Siecrlst. Renee Donmoyer. Becky 

Row 2: Cindy Bates. Jennette Delmonico. 
Kathy Dawes. Amy Lanni, Gloria Young. 
Lis Capabianco. MIchele Opp. Kelly Lucas 
Back Row: Michael Gaynor (advisor). Tara 
Wolfgang. Karen Leonovlch. Jody Price. 
Heide Werner. Kelly Orban. Michele Web- 

Very Front: Spike the Wonder Dog 

162 Organizations 


Front Row: (L — R) Jay Kellet, Suzi Scott, 
Cindy Bates. Jeannette Delmonico, Deb- 
bie, Jeanne Gaffney, Terry Vosesski 
Back Row: Michelle Wangle. Angel HEr- 
nandez, Jeff Schmidt, Melissa Hertrich, 
Stephanie Frank, Judy Jemiola 

Hall Council 

Front Row: (L _ R) Jen Ruddy. Chris 

Bokalo. Tracy Baines. Janet Hill 

Row 2: Amy Kokinda. Megan 9'-''n'3n, 

Tracy Meyers, Janette Weigand, Roxann 


Back Row: Patricia Fox, Tara Higgins, Jon 

Potts. Kris Lowther, Michelle Kochenash, 

Steve Koorle. Debbie Higgins 

Organizations 1 63 

Social Welfare 

Front Row: (L -^ R) Natalie Puzio, Cliff 
Aullsto. Rebecca Bonafair. Steve Getz 
Row 2: Mr Sultzbaugh (advisor). Melissa 
Wagner, Dawn Olivera, Genny Buck 
Back Row: Laura Kichline, Kim Shukwlt 

Beta Sigma 

Front Row: (L — < R) Lynne Fremlln. Jes- 
sica Serie, Stacey Baronnex, Leanne Hag- 
gerty. Heidi Boyer 

Row 2: Eileen Blozen, Stacey McConnell, 
Tracy Lyn Knauf, Stephanie Molchan. Pat- 
ty Lloyd 

Row 3: Karen Vovchansky, Leanne 
Shamp, Christine Collins, Tammy Ludwig, 
Joann Russo, Lynne Palmer, Katie Brady. 
Andrea Bauman, Claudine, Hanincik 
Back Row: Shelly Cohoon. Andy Slater. 
Timothy Mordaunt. Schorn Purnell. Steve 
Getz, Alison McPherson 

1 64 Organizations 


Front Row:(L — R) Christine Attlnger. El- 
lie J. Kile. Kruk, Bryan Fought. Gabrielle 

Row 2: Philip Dalo. Scott Aukamp. Deena 
Cuda. Kate King. Jen Brooks 
Back Row: Drew Flynn. Tom Charles. 
Jaime Gallagher. Mr. Malttlen-Harris 


Front Row: (L — R| Wendy Pristash. Jen- 
nifer Foulke 

Back Row: Sandra Dahl. GiGi Zitkus. 
Michelle Snyder 

Organizations 1 65 


**This is the Time" 

by Billy Joel 

This is the time to remem- 

Cause it will not last for- 

These are the days 
To hold onto 
Cause we won't 
Although we want to 

This is the time 
But time is gonna change 
I know we've got to move 
But I don't want to lose 
you now 

Sometimes its so easy 

To let a day 

Slip on by 

Without even seeing each 

other at all 

But this is the time you'll 

turn back to and so will I 

And those will be days 

you can never recall. 


T^h- '^ 

1 66 Seniors 

Seniors 167 

Cynthia L. Abell Charles R. Acri Susan G. Adams Donna M. Adgie Michael Alan Albanese Eric M. Alezy 

Nursing Speech Secondary Education Early Childhood/El Ed Health Physics Biology 


Stacey Lynn Altland Cindy Joy Ambrose William J. Amerine John A. Amici Jayme Lynn Arlow Edward D. Amoldl 

Accounting Management Economics Political Science Psychology Marketing I 

Donna M. Bainger Bjn'on J. Balavage III Tracy L. Banich 

Speech Pathology Accounting Speech Patholog' 

168 Seniors 

David J. Baradgle Barbara Ann Barnes Lisa Marie Barnes Mary E. Barnes 

Adult Health Speech Accounting Elementary Education 


i ■ \ 

Carla M. Baumunk 

Early Childhood Ed. 

Tracy Lynn Bedel Stephanie J. Bedosky Nancy E. Beglin 

Speech Early Childhood/El Ed Business Economics 


Kerry Ann Behler Ptiilip E. Behm 

Chemistry Chemistry 

Betsy Bell Carol Ann Bentlage Robert J. Bentzel 

Communication Elementary Education Biology 


Kelli L. Berger 

Elementary Education 

Seniors 169 

Gregory A. Bitler Susan Elaine Blttner Diane L. Blzler Kattalene Jo Black Kim Marie Black Elaine Blauer 

Nursing Criminal Justice Secondary Education Economics Nursing Elementary Educatloi 

Brian BUckensderfer Susan Bloom 

Accounting Accounting 

Eileen Anne Blozen Leigh Ann Boardman Heather E. Bodine Lisa M. Boebmer 

Accounting Genera] Science History Accounting 

170 Seniors 

Christine M. Bogush Timothy S. Bolden Becky J. Bollinger Tammy L. Bonawitz Jill Blaine Boonijy Stephen John Bosnian 

Special Education Accounting Psychology Elementary Ed./ EHI Mass Communications CIS 

Matthew T. Bossert Paul Bottiglieri, Jr. Heather L. Bowers Russell W. Bowersoz Heidi E. Boyer Julie M. Boyer 

Biology Finance Medical Technology CIS Elementary Education Elementary Education 

Michael R. Boyer Rachel Ann Boyer Wesley David Boyer Joelene Brader 

Management Management Physics/ Math Elementary Education 

lohn Kevin Bradley Margaret Louise Brass J. Michelle Braucher Bruce D. Braughton 

Criminal Justice Elementary Education Elementary Education Marketing 

Seniors 171 

AmyBeth Brayford Conine Brett Jodl Rae Brewer 

Mass Communications Office Administration Accounting 

Judl Lynn Bright 


James Vincent 

Criminal Justice 

David S. Brown 


Jacqueline A. Brown Scott A. Brown Susan A. Brown Jeffery S. Brownell Linda S. Brush 

Special Education Speech Communication Marketing Marlteting Math/Secondary Ed. 

Kelin S. Buck Cliristlna L. 

Elementary Education Bullwlnkle 

Office Administration 

Carol Ann Burkart 

Elementary Educatioi 

Christy A. Burke Meredith Ann Burke Kelly S. Burkholder Connie D. Busfleld 

Elementary Education Mathematics Business Education Elementary Educatlo 

172 Seniors 

AW -Jf^ 

mdra Marie Bushnell Tracy A. Bussom Carolyn A. Butcher Albert P. Calderon 

Elementary Education Office Administration Psychology Business 


aines Patrick Callan Wendy Lyn Campell Patti Michele Camper Rafael Jose Canizares 

History Elementary Education Special Education Art Studio 

Carla Marie Cara Andra Lea Card Linnea C. Cardone Jennifer B. Carey Brian S. Carllng David Jolin Carpenter 

Economics Geography Elementary Education Elementary Education Geology /Earth Science Economics 

Michael C. Can- 

Tina Marie Carson 


Nancy L. Carty Stephen J. Casazza Michele Casey Amy J. Cebrosky 

Biology Economics Elementary Education Interpreting 

Seniors 1 73 

Stephanie C. Cemy Karen D. Cenito Brenna G. Chaskln Caiyn Lynn Chronistc 

Psychology Early Chlldhood/El Ed Elementary Ed./EHI Elementary Educatior 




Stephen C. Clmino James Allan Ciottl Brenda M. CipoUini Kristin J. Clark 

Elementary Education Business/CSI CIS Nursing 

Grant Eric Clauser Kathleen J. Clawson Michelle Marie Cocca Jere G. Cocker 

English/Philosophy Accounting Special Education Marketing 

Robert Wayne 


Christine C. Collins 


William R. Condosta Kimberly K. Conner Eileen P. Connolly Tara Jane Connolly Renee L. Conrad Kelly A. Conway 

Accounting Elementary Education Marketing Journalism Medical Technology Communication 


1 74 Seniors 

Stephen J. Cook 


Donna M. Cooper 


Melissa Ann Cooper 


Robert M. CoppoUno Jennifer Marie Copus Daun Lauran Corse 

Speech Elementary Education Early Childhood Ed. 


onna L. Counterman Tracey L. Craig 

jecondary Education English 

Laura Anne Crane 


Susan Ljnnne Crane 


Tammle J. Crane 


Heidi J. Creasy 


April Lee Crim Kathleen Rose Cronk Stacey Michelle Cropf Joanna Dee Crouse 

Special Education Psychology Management Nursing 

Seniors 175 

Kristen Lee 

Early Chlldhood/El Ed 

David B. Custer Matt A. Cutler Ann M. Cykosky Sandra A. Dando David J. Danner Dorinda Anna Da 

Economics Business Marketing Early Childhood/El Ed Accounting English 

1 76 Seniors 

Dena M. Delpals Thomas Michael Amy Jo Dentlth Christopher N. Denton 

Special Education DeMelfl Computer Science Criminal Justice 


Id E. DePrefontalne Candace O. Derr Nicole J. DeShong Kimberly A. DeTone 

Psychology Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Marketing 

;llyn M. Diamond 

Elementary Ed. 

Kelly S. Dick 


Cathleen Susan L. Dillmuth Susan M. Dilts Carmella A. DiPippa 

DiGiandomenico Speech Path./Audiology Speech Pathology Secondary Education 


gl(itherine E. Direso Michael J. DiStefano Christine M. Dock Kathleen A. Dolan Stephen T. Donald Brendan M. Donegan 

Elementary Ed. Economics Computer Science/ Accounting English Chemistry 


Seniors 177 

Darin Stephen Duh Richard Alan Dunbar Jamie L. Dunkelberger Matthew P. Dunlag 

Finance Chemistry Social Welfare Management 

c^ " lifc 


Alan A. Bck Heather Lyn Ekskman Philip Myron Edlnger Almee E. Edwards Jackie A. Edwards Jan T. Edwards 

Accounting Finance Management Management Mass Communications Special Education 

Cathleen M. Elchman Lorl A Emeiich 

Special Education Nursing 

Rlchelle E. Erb Jeffery Richard Emi Michael J. Estes 

Accounting History Management 

Shawn M. Ewlng 

Social Welfare 

1 78 Seniors 

Renee E. Farrell Rachel A. Faust Kevin M. Feeney Michelle V. Feeney Victoria L. Felter Jolyn Marie Ferrari 

lass Communications Early Chlldhood/El Ed Secondary Education Accounting Special Education Elementary Education 

Kyle E. Fetterolf Colleen M. Fink Tracy Lee Fink Daniel Jerome Finn Jill Malre Firmstone Sheila Kay Fisher 

Medical Technology Elementary Education Accounting Psychology Communication Marketing 


)arlene Rene Flick Daniel J. Flood 

Marketing Finance 

Harry A. Flynn Julianne B. Folmar 

Management Anthropology 

landa Marie Folmar Louise A. Fontaine Samuel David Forker Tamra Ann Fostock 

Management Anthropology CIS Elementary Education 

Seniors 1 79 

Jennifer M. Foust Karin E. Franceschelli Hara L. Freireich 

Management Political Science Special Education 

Beth Anne Fritz Beth A. Fry 

English Elementary Education 

Carolyn Noel 


Anne B. Fuhrman Tara T. Gable Kathleen M. Gallagher Kathy Anne Gallagher KathyLynn E. Sharon L. Gallaghe 

Biology /Marine Biology Secondary Education MIS Elementary Education Gallagher Nursing 




Ross Manning Gallas Rosemary C. Ganc Benjamin C. Garrison Joseph H. Geles 

History Finance CIS Economics 

Kathleen A. Ghezzi AUsa Jo Gianni Kara T. Glanonl Julie Glbboni 

Communication Radlologial Technology Secondary Education Nursing 


180 Seniors 

Todd M. Giblan Randy R. Gllgannon Sean C. Gimeno Mlchele Ljmne Glsh 

English Secondar}' Education Special Education 


Joseph J. Glombetti 

Criminal Justice 

Michael John 


Tim John Flowatski Robert G. Goffa 

Marketing Economics 

Matthew C. Graham 


lary Elizabeth Golden Lynn Marie Goldfeder Michael David Gomez Tara So-Eun Gosling Heather Lynn Graham 

Early Chlldhoo/El Ed Elementary Education Marketing Speech Special Education 

I Communications 


JoAnne Genevieve Melissa Ann Greene Gregory J. Greiner Kimberly A. Groff Lisa Ellen Gross Daphne Ann Grove 

Green Special Education Computer Science Marketing Psychology Elementary Education 

Business Economics 

Seniors 181 

Lisa A. Grow Lynnette Marie Gulden Joseph A. Gurzenda Felicia A. Gurzynsk 

Elementary Education Communication Management Speech Pathology 


Beth A. Haarmeyer LEanne K. Haggerty LeeAnn Halns Stuart L. Hall 

Marketing Accounting Nursing Criminal Justice 

Barbara A. Hall Margaret A. Hamel Patricia Laura Hand Martin J. Harris Jane Ann Hartman Jonathan Andrew 

Elementary Education Nursing Elementary Education Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Harvey 




Kelly Lynn Hay L. Melissa Hay Kelly M. Helerbacher David J. Hein Douglas A. Heln Lydia Marie Heisei 

Elementary Education Adult Health Marketing Accounting Accounting Special Education 



182 Seniors 

John C. Kerch 


Danielle C. Hess Michael Lloyd Hleber Christine L. Hlnke Christine M. Hlrkala 

Marketing Social Science Elementary Education Early Chlldhood/El Ed 

David Brian Hlslop Curtis A. Hlte 

CIS Criminal Justice 

Robin A. Hoban Kristie M. Hack Raelene M. Hoeffner Megan E. Hoff 

Finance Speech Elementary Education Mass 

Communications Communications 

Lara C. Hoffner Lee E. HoUenbach Stephen D. Honey Tressa K. Honicker 

History Social Welfare History Accounting 

^hAitm. ■ ' ' 4m k 

Craig M. Hopkins Michael J. Horengic Scott D. Hotham Trevor W. Howard 

Earth Science Computer Science CIS Business Marketing 


Seniors 183 

Nancy J. Howarth 


Amy Jean Hower 


Sherri A. Hower 


Wendy J. Hower 

Elementary Education 

Nancy W. Hrinda 


Beth Ann Huff 1 

Criminal Justice i 

Michelle Lynn Huff Jacqueline K. Huffer Suzanne E. Hutnick Kathy Lynne Ingle Jacqueline F. Jabers Bryan R. James 

Special Education/EHI Criminal Justice Psychology/Art Hist. Computer Science Management Sec Ed/Math/Physk 

Hugh E. JaramlUo Magalie Jean-Jaques Ed N. Jedrzejek Thomas L. Jerama ) 

Accounitng Management Mass Communications Management 

184 Seniors 

Susan A. Kaewell Denlse Cheree Kahnell Jennifer Lynn Kane Tracy Lynn Kaseman Christine B. Kaupp 

Psychology Business Management Management Medical Technology Management 

Norbert Joseph 


4 Kelly B. Keenan Jackelyn Jo Kelly Kathleen A. Kelly MaryEUen T. Kelly Chris Wayne Kennedy Kimberly Anne Kern 

Elementary Education Speech Pathology English Political Science Biology Speech Pathology 

Seniors 185 

Robert L. Kerns Christine M. Ketner Julie Ann Klbler Stacey L. Klfolo 

Marketing Nursing Elementary Education Marketing 

Karen A. Klmmey Lorl L. King Debra A. Klrkendal Mario M. Klassen 

Business Economics Secondary Education Business Education Special Education 

Ginger A. Kline 

Elementary Education 

Joan L. Kllng 


Mlchele R. Klobosits 

Elementary Education 

Brenda S. Klock 

Elementary Education 

Charles E. Knapp, Jr Yolanda Kobrynowlcz 

Secondary Education Early Childhood/ El Ed 

Susan E. Koehler 

Early Childhood Ed 

Karen M. Koflanovlch 

Special Education 

Diane M. Kovacs 

Adult Health 

Sandra L. Krasnitsky Rozane Leigh Kresge 

Elementary Education Marketing 

Jill C. Kressler 



186 Seniors 

Umberly R. Kressler Angela M. Kiick Susan T. Krlstoff Krlstine F. Kubilus Teresa L. Kulp Kathryn L. Kurtlck 

elementary Education Early Childhood/ El Ed Acturial Science/ Math Marketing Elementary Education Secondary Education 

Ann Marie Christine M. Labosky Karen Michele 

Labashousky Marketing LaGreca 

Chemistry Marketing 

Erica L. Lahr Rolan Paul Lamy Monica L. Landis 

Business Education Management Secondary Education 

i^ynthia J. Lariviere Donna L. Laubach Wendy A. Lawhom Nicole Layaou 

Accounting Accounting Psychology Math/ Computher Sci- 

Seniors 187 

Judith M. Lee Nicole Lee Kathy LefHer Robert S. Legutlio Kimberly A. Leibold Kelly L. Lelendeckei 

Speech Business Economics Political Science Secondary Education Office Administration Social Welfare 


Tracy L. Leighton Debbie A. Leinhauser Kristen J. Leonovlch Heather Lynn Leslie Allen J. Levy Amy G. Lewis 

Elementary Education Marketing Secondary Education Elementary Education Economics Accounting 

Gregory S. Lewis Michelle A. Lewis JoelEuie E. Llndberg 

Business Economics Elementary Education Computer Science 

Jennifer M. 


Beth A. Llndenmuth Sherry B. Lindsey Theresa Jean Lionetti John Wilson 

Speech Pathology Finance Elementary Education Llttlewood 


188 Seniors 

Carle M. Lutz 


9uen Cam Ly Kris Alan LtocIi Michael Robert Lynch John F. MacDonald Patricia Mary Mace 

Art History Elementary Education marketing Speech Pathology 

Tracy Renee Mace Sean Partlck Madden Catherine A. Mabon John T. Mahon Wendy L. Malo Tleman Sean Mallon 

Social Welfare Criminal Justice Secondary Education Elementary Education McU-ketlng Business 

Seniors 189 

Jeannine Sue Marsh Valerie Martin John Angelo Denlse K. Marycz 

Accounting Elementary Education Martuscelll Elementary Education | 

Secondary Education 

R. Jason Masakowski Amy A. Massoth John Anthony Robert W. Masterbrook Kenny M. McAdams Sheila A. McBride 

Adult Health Secondary Education Mastandrea Speech Marketing Elementary Education 

Marketing Communications 

Richard W. McCann Tracy L. McClelland Stacey C. McConnell Tisa Marie McDonald Thomas C. McElroy Kathleen Mary 

Biology Nursing Elementary Education Elementary Education Biology McGonigle 


190 Seniors 

Molly Kay McGuiness Colleen Ann McKeever David A. McKeman Molly K. Megenlty Lori Ann Mekulski Vincent P. Menichelli 

Speech Early Childhood/El Ed Finance Elementary Education Business Economics Accounting 


''elicia N. Mercadante Karen A. Mergel Rebecca S. Merkle Jennifer E. Meyer Stefanie J. Michael Kimberly A. Milder 

Social Welfare Elementary Eucatlon Communication Secondary Education Secondary Education Accounting 


listen Janine Miller Loreen M. Miller Mark C. Miller 

elementary Education Elementary Education Computer Science 

Brenda A. Miner 


Seniors 191 

Pamela C. Mitchell Pamela S. Mitchell Ellen Sue Moharsky Kristin Lynn Molluro Marilyn Monahan Marlene M. Monichelli| , 

Speech Pathology Secondary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education Finance Marketing 

Korena Monoski Michelle N. Montella Colleen Montgomery Suzanne Patricia R. Mark Moore Stephen F. Moser 

Communication Early Childhood/El Ed Mooney Computer Science Speech 

Disorders Elementary Education Communications 

Thomas Jacob Moser Natalee Moss 

Elementary Education Management 

Kristlne L. Mosser Danielle K. Moyer 

Office Administration Marketing 

Holly Sue Moyer Janet M. Moyer Kristen Dlanne Moyer Kathleen Ann 

Social Welfare Elemnetary Education Nursing Mulligan 

Adult Health 

192 Seniors 

* *' 

evin James Mulroony Klmberly A. Mumaw Dawn M. Murphy Kathleen B. Murry ^ ^ 

Histor>' Accounting Marketing Speech Pathology \ ^ pjUiSiVW 


Joseph P. Nahas, Jr. Susan M. Najda Robert D. Naples Richard J. Naradko 

Criminal Justice Management Marketing CIS 

Paul N. Nasrani William Y. Nawrocki Michele Nelson Michael Alan Nevel Shannon E. Newman William J. Nice 

Accounting Business Economics Elementary Education Accounting Elementary Education Earth Science 

'rhomasE. Nlkoden Tracy Anne Nilles Heather R. D. Noble Michael A. Norbe Timothy J. Norton Karen M. Novak 

History Speech Early Childhood/El Ed Economics Marketing Elementary Education 


Seniors 193 

Noelle Novak Tanya L. Nowak Bridget M. Occhlplntl Michael Sean O'Hara 

Early Childhood/ El Ed Accounting Marketing Computer Science 

Christina L. OHveros Kurt Christopher Olsen Denlse Ann O'Neill Denise D. Ordorff 

Early Childhood/ El Ed Finance Early Childhood/ El Ed Marketing 

KelU A. Owens Christine M. Pacltto Stephanie Paglalccettl Terri Lee Pahl Thomas A. Pajlc Janice F. Parker 

Speech Pathology Elementary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education Criminal Justice Elementary Education 

Christine R. Patanla Angela L. Paul Lisa E. Paul Maribeth Paulino David N. Pedergnana Christopher G. 

Marketing Elementary Education Elementary Education Social Welfare Secondary Education Peechatka 


194 Seniors 

Lorl A. Pellegrini Karen L. Pellicciotti Susan J. Peluso 

Marketing Office Administration Marketing 

David M. Penko 


Thomas A. Peters Dawn M. Petriello 

AccounUng Early Childhood/ El Ed 

Michael Petrulla Eric J. Pflzenmayer Michael S. Phillips Bret A. Piano 

Speech Social Science Management Mathematics 


Susan E. Plaseckl Cheryl Lynn Plltoski 

Marketing Elementary Education 

Klmberly Ann Barbara A. Pizzoli Matthew A. Plack Kristlne A. Plenski 

Pivovamik Nursing English Office Administration 

arly Childhood/ El Ed 

Eric M. Potocsky Mlchele L. Prezlosi 

business Economics Speech Pathology 

Jody Lee Price Melissa A. Pullo 

Psychology Elementary Education 

Seniors 1 95 

Anthony J. guartararo Bronwjrn Jill Queen Matthew T. Quigley Laurel A.Ransier Kerri L. Rapp 

Geography Elementary Education Social Welfare Mass Communications English 

Wayne T. Rarig 

Business Education 

Peggy Rathe Jodi Lynn Rathgeber Thomas K. Ranch Craig D. Rebuck Kathleen Ann Regan Linda Anne Regan i 

Management Elementary Education Elementary Education Accounting Criminal Justice Elementary Education/ 


Karen Reid 


Gary Alan Relgle Laura Jean Reilly Denlse L. Reinbold 

Computer Science Office Administration Elementary Edlucation 

Robert E. Reinhart, Jr. Renee R. Relsser Vicki Ann Remener Theresa Ann Reustle 

Management Management Psychology Accounting 

196 Seniors 

Linda L. Roblnette 

Uementary Education 

Julie Marie Robus 

Criminal Justice 

Colleen M. Rodgers 

Elementar>' Education 

Conine M. Rogers 


Edward M. Rogers 


Mark A. Roland 


Rosemary T. Roos 


Brian James Rose 

Criminal Justice 

Diana Michele Rose Deborah M. Rosenella 

Elementary Education Elementary Education 

Michelle M. Rossi 


Robert J. Rossi 


Seniors 197 

Chistopher P. Roth Christine E. Russell Joann L. Russo Scott P. Rutkoskl 

Accounting Economics Elementary Education Biology 

Lisa Ann Rutkowskl Anne M. Ryan 

Medical Technology Finance 

Nanette T. Sacco Jane L. Salak 

Early Childhood Elementary Education 

Catherine G. Samples Patricia Lea Sanderson Kimberly Ann Santor Aimee J. Sapp 

Adult Health Speech Pathology Office Administration Elementary Education 

Dawn H. Saxton Gary G. Saxton 

Finance Finance 

Lynn M. Scala 


Kathleen M. Scalea Walter R. Scheel Ann Marie Schermlc 

Special Education Biology Criminal Justice 


198 Seniors 

Lynda J. Schlegel 

Political Science 

Amy L. Schott Jerry E. Schucker Mellnda A. Schwarz John E. Scheizer 

Nursing Elementary Education Office Adminiatration Secondary Education 

Lisa R. Scott 

Early Childhood 

Gail A. Sees Jacqaellne L. Seip Thomas C. Selple Connie Marie Shaffer Heather Ann Shearer Karen J. Sheehan 

Speech Pathology- Elementar\' Education Adult Health Radiolog>' Environmental Mass Communications 


3'5& '.#^V, 

Wayne E. Short n Wendy S. Shoup Tara Cherie Showers Suzanne Lynn Shultz 

MIS Computer Science Office Administration Marketing 

Seniors 199 

Cheryl A. Shymansky Sharon Kay Siegrist Jane A. Sieminskl Jill E. Sieminski Kami Jo Silk 

Accounting Psychology Elementary Education Adult Health English/ Mass Comm. 

Jill A. Silvl 


Christine Elaine Sims Michael T. Sinclair Tina Anne Singer Katie M. Sinnott Karen Ann Shrineosky Andrew Slater 

Special Education Accounting Elementary Education Business Economics Economics 

Kimberly L. Sloan Stamatls B. Smeltz Chris R. Smiley Arleta L. Smith 

Political Science CIS Econ./ Criminal Justice Elementary Education 

Barb E. Smith Christian N. Smith Katherine Dalynn Kimberly Ann Smitl 

Management/ Finance Smith Elementary Educatlo 

Marketing Nursing 

200 Seniors 

Wendy Lee Smith Tolanda Denise Smith Laura B. Snelbeclcer Roni Ann Snow 

Finance Business Education Social Work Social Welfare 

Abigail A. Snyder Gretchen Snyder Donna M. Spindler Michelle Renee Stabler Wendy Lee Stachel Del T. Stafford 

Elementary Education Nursing Early Childhood/ El Ed Office Administration Economics Finance 

Krlsten T. Stagliano Lori A. Stanislaw Kathleen E. Stank Kelly Lynn Stanton Kim Tolanda Stauffer Anne L. Steinbacher 

ilementary Education Psychology Art Studio Marketing Interpreting Elementary Education 

Seniors 201 

Dawn M. Stelngall Laurie J. Stellar Brenda J. Stepanski James M. Stepanski 

Marketing Elementary Education Biology Business 


Ann M. Stepto Michael Todd Stevens Emily K. Stookey Randall J. Stradling 

Nursing Elementary Education Management Accounting 

Dale L. Strange 

Social Sciences 

Shannon N. Melissa J. Straub Beth Ann Strebln Scott D. Strockoz Tlfflany D. Suggs 

Strasbaugh Psychology Nursing Business Economics Communication 

PoUUcal Science Disorders 

Shawn M. Sullivan Anthony Robert Susan Louise 

Early Childhood/ El Ed Summa Sundermier 

Economics Soclaology 

Karen Sura Alexandra P. Suter Allse C. Szymczak 

Speech Education Elementary Education Mathematics 

202 Seniors 

Diane L. Tafel Jennifer Jean Tanner Michelle M. Tansey Richard Allan Taylor Laura Ann Tewell Julie L. Tewksbury 

Elementary EducaUon Special Education Social Welfare Economics Accouting Physics 

EUchard M. Theodore Mark A. Thomas Pamela S. Thomas Susan P. Tozer Cynthia Anne Tracy Robin 

History Accounting Nursing Secondary Education Secondary Education Early 

Teresa Traenkle 

Childhood/ El Ed 

Damon J. Troy Ronald J. Tumolo, Jr. Nancy L. Turley Melissa Marie Ulmer 

Economics Business Education Elementary Education Special Education 

John B. Updegraff Theresa Eileen Updyke Rachael L. Uscilowicz Peter J. Valll 

Art Studio Psychology Early Childhood/ El Ed Office Administration 

Seniors 203 

Lisa Marie Virus 

Office Administration 

Michael A. Vlselll 


Theresa Rose Vosefski Karen J. Vovchansky 

Psychology Biology 

Mark C. Wadas 


Dawn Marie Wagnei 

Elementary Educatioi 

Deborah Kay Wands Robert Walter Waring Joleen E. Warner Alan D. Wamlck 

Nursing Management Elementary Education Political Science 

204 Seniors 

Kimberly Ann Warren Brenda A. Watchllla Jennifer Watto Mlchele Lynne 

Medical Technology Management Elementary Education Webster 


Charlene N. Weckel Dean C. Weiss Lincoln L. Weiss Denise M. Wentz 

Accounting Art Studio Office Administration Psychology 

^ ' '-^^ 

Heidi Leigh Werner Corey A. Wert Kerri L. Westover Andrea Ann Wetzel Geanine T. Wbelan Lea A. White 

Sociology Secondary Education Elementary Education Accounting Special Education Early Childhood/ El Ed 

Cynthia Marie Widltz Klmberly Ann 

Accounting Wlghard 


Keith W. Wilier 


Adrienne Noel 


Chloe Renee Williams Linda Lee Wills 

English/ History Psychology 

Seniors 205 

Amy L. Witmer Caroljm Marie Witts Julie Linn Wolfe Gwen Marie WoUman 

Elementary Education Admin./ Management Psychology Secondary Education 

Kathy M. WooUum Sandra M. Woolslayer Craig Alan Wozniak Diane M. Wynn 

Psychology Elementary Education Marketing Special Education 

Dina Alma Tale Lynn Marie Yankow- 

Business Economics shi 

Speech Pathology 



Thomas Kevin Peter Daniel Zacliarias Diane M. Zadlo 
Turkanln Political Science Marketing 

Elementary Education 

Lisa A. Zamit 

Elementary Education 

Stacey Scott 


Thomas Michael 


206 Seniors 

Cathjr A. Zikor Andrea L. Zimmerman David Jolin 

;arly Childhood/ El Ed Elementary Education Zimmerman 


Scott S. Zimmerman Clirista M. Zose 

Elementary Education Special Education 

. J!l \M I 

Seniors 207 


Procrastination in 16 Easy Steps 

(1) Hit snooze button on alarm clock. 

(2) Hit snooze button again. 

(3) Hit it again. 

(4) Throw clock out window. 

(5) Clean up window you thought was open. 

(6) Go to class. 

(7) Receive assignment due in 1 week. 

(8) Wednesday: Why think about it? You have a whole week. 

(9) Thursday; Can't do work. Hess' is calling. 

(10) Friday: Convince yourself you need a break after a long, hard week of procrastinating. Besides Hess' is calling. 

(11) Saturday: decide that only geeks do work on Saturday. 

(12) Sunday: wonder how the weekend went by so fast. 

(13) Monday: figure it's time to call everyone you know long distance. 

(14) Tuesday: complain to all your friends about this assignment you have due tomorrow and you haven't started it yet. But then 
decide the apartment needs cleaning. 

(15) Due Date: cry to your professor that your roommate exploded and you were too busy making funeral arrangements and 
shoveling to finish the assignment. Then ask for an extension. 

(16) Repeat. 

Senior Survey: 

What is the one thing you've been dying to 
know, but were afraid to ask? 

How do they know Gravy Train gravy tastes like real 


Why do girls always go to the ladles' room in groups? 

Which resume did CDC give my interviewer? 

How do they build tunnels under water? 

How do you get a 4.0? 

Why is it called Bloomsburg? 

Why do girls only want to be my friend? 

Will I get a job? 

What's the matter with having the desire to make 

enough money to continue to live in a style to which 

I've become accustomed? 



Senior Directory 
May Graduates 

Cynthia L. Abell 

63 Fallenrock Road 
Lcvlttown. PA 1 9056 
Charles R. Acri III 
671 Maria Drive 
Harrlsburg, PA 17109 
Michael A. Albaneae 
753 Alpha Road 
Wind Gap. PA 18091 
Carl M. Albertson 
488 Shakespeare Avenue 
Milton. PA 17847 
Stacey Altland 
95 Big Rock Drive 
Dover. PA 17315 
Cindy J. Ambrose 
RD 6 Ho\ 6IM.MI1 


William J. Ameiine 

38 Highland Drive 
Yardley. PA 19067 
Reg tna Amiich 
132 Maple Street 
Mount Carmel. PA 17851 
William E. Arbegaat 
1021 E 4Vj Street 
Berwick. PA 18603 
Jayme L. Arlow 
382 Relchold Road 
Wexford. PA 15090 
Todd G. Arnold 
214 West 39th Street 
Reading. PA 19606 
Edward D. Amoldl 
17 Beaverdale 
Mount Carmel. PA 17851 
Charles E. Arrlgo 
443 Wyoming Avenue 
Wyoming. PA 18644 
Rebecca E. Aten 
541'/2 Elm Street 
Emmaus. PA 18049 
Beverly A. Aunkst 
458 West First Street 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 


Karen E. Baack 

1800 Howe Lane 
Maple Glen. PA 19002 
John A. Bablnchak 
599 California Avenue 
Shenandoah. PA 17976 
Kathleen M. Bach 
549 Chestnut Street 
Kulpmont. PA 17834 
Krlstlna Bahr 
217 Ford Avenue 
Hulmevllle. PA 19047 
Michael W. Bailor 
RD 1 Box 443 
New Columbia. PA 17856 
Donna M. Balnger 
Box 309 Top Rock Trail 
Klntnersvllle. PA 18930 
Tracy L. Banlck 
RD 2 Box 46 
Woodstown. NJ 08098 
Kellie A. Bankos 
204 First Street 
Wilkes Barre. PA 18705 
Lisa M. Barnes 
RD 3 Box 3402 
Pottsvllle. PA 17901 
Mary E. Barnes 
250 Wlllard Drive 
Ridley Park. PA 19078 
Nelson T. Barr 
1663 Potter Drive 
Pottstown. PA 19464 
Stephen J. Barry 
1046 Mlllbrook Road 
Berwyn. PA 19312 
Cynthia A. Bates 
281 West Elm Street 
Palmyra. PA 17078 
Lisa A. Bans 
721 Harrison Street 
Emmaus. PA 18049 
Kris Ronald Bantsch 
105 Woodland Road 
Reading. PA 19610 

Hazleton.PA 18201 
Tara J. Beatty 
2129 Alexander Drive 
Norrlstown, PA 19403 
Tracy L. Bedel 
2 1 2 Comrle Drive 
VUlanova. PA 19085 
Nancy E. Beglin 
120 72nd Street 
North Bergen. NJ 07047 
Kerry A. Behler 
129 Lehigh Avenue 
Palmerton. PA 18071 
Cheryl L. Behm 
RD 1 Box 367B 
Merlztown. PA 19539 
Phil E. Behm 

124 Chestnut Street 
Fleetwood. PA 19522 
John J. Belaskl 
203 BIchler Lane 
Taylor. PA 18517 
Lee C. Bender 

734 North Front Street 
Milton. PA 17847 
Robert J. Bentzel 
156 Kirch Road 
York. PA 17402 
Kelll L. Berger 
232 Cardiff Road 
Falrless Hills. PA 19030 
Helen M. Bertges 
2619 Melanle Manor 
RIngtown. PA 17967 
James C. Bettendorf 
RD 1 Box 377 
Lewlsburg. PA 17837 
Barbara A. Bettleyon 
406 South Nice Street 
Frackvllle. PA 17931 
Cynthia Barbara Bldeau 
1746 Friendship Circle 
Hatfield. PA 19440 
Mlchele L. Bieber 
65 Main Street 
Turbotvllle. PA 17772 
Gregory A. Bltler 
315 West Mahoning Street 
Danville. PA 17821 
Diane L. Blzler 
99 Spruce Street 
MlUersburg. PA 17061 
Kim M. Black 
RR 4 Box 7064 
Mlllord. PA 18337 
Mark J. Blasko 
215 Roberts Street 
Freeland. PA 18224 
Wendy A. Blass 

125 Fast Flllh Street 
Berwick. PA 18603 
Eileen A. Blozen 
43 Columbia Street 
Wharton. NJ 07885 
Christ! A. Bobb 

203 South Belmont Street 
York. PA 17403 
Heather E. Bodlne 
307 East Street Road 
Kennett Square. PA 19348 
Lisa M. Boehmer 
M.irk.i Sired 
W.-sinn. I'A IH256 
Christine M. Bogush 
1445 Scott .Street 
Kulpmont. PA 17834 
Becky J. Bollinger 
408 Cocklln Street 
Mechanlcsburg. PA 17055 
Jennifer S. Bollinger 
154 Hanover Street 
Northumberland. PA 17857 
Stephen J. Bosnian 
2832 Sandpiper Drive 
Audubon. PA 19403 
Randy W. Botts 
RR 6 Box 499 
Boyertown. PA 19512 
Heather L. Bowers 
602 Line Street 
MInersvllle. PA 17954 
James S. Boyd 
RD 5 Box 324 
Lewlstown. PA 17044 
Julie M. Boyer 
4642 Jefferson Pike 
Jefferson. MD21755 
Rachel A. Boyer 
2700 Cresmont Avenue 
Easton. PA 18042 
Wesley D. Boyer Jr. 
305 Fairmont Drive 
Watsontown. PA 17777 
Rozanne Braden 
RD 1 Box 287 
Muncy. PA 17756 
Joelene Brader 
3109 North Fifth Street 
Whitehall. PA 18052 
John K. Bradley 
244 South Vine Street 
Mount Carmel. PA 17851 
J. Michelle Braucher 
5607 Devon Drive 
Harrlsburg. PA 17112 
Bruce D. Braughton Jr. 
1767 Peach Street 
Boothwyn. PA 19061 
Amy Beth Brayford 
316 South Lehigh Avenue 
Frackvllle. PA 17931 
Pamela Marie Bressi 
630 East Clay Street 
Shamokln. PA 17872 
Jodl R. Brewer 
P O Box 369 

LIghtstreel. PA 17839 
Judi L. Bright 
7r,r, w,sl M.i|,l, street 
r.ilnur.i lA 1 7II7H 
David S. Brown 
1 1 Kerwlrk Court 
North Wales. PA 19454 
Jacquelyn A. Brown 
625 East Street Rear 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Scott A. Brown 
9 River Crest Drive 
Poquoson, VA 23662 
Gentry K. Brownie 
231 Berks Street 
Pottstown. PA 19464 
Linda S. Brush 
RD 4 Box 337 
Mountalntop. PA 18707 
Patrick J. Bryan 
8 1 6 Koscluszko Street 
Nantlcoke. PA 18634 
Meredith E. Buch 
38 Gridley Circle 
Mllford. NJ 08848 
Anne B. Bucha 
214 Prospect Avenue 
Bridgeport. PA 19405 
Kelln S. Buck 
7 Meadowlark Drive 
Stevens. PA 17578 
Janet P. Buckheit 
476 Coleman Road 
Cheshire. CT06410 
Christina L. Bullwlnkle 
19 Colton Drive 
Norrlstown. PA 19401 
Carol A. Burkart 
533 Parkview Way 
Newtown. PA 18940 
Christy A. Burke 
6 Sandalwood Drive 
Palmyra. PA 17078 
Meredith A. Burke 
145 Highland Boulevard 
Dallas. PA 18612 
Kelly S. Burkholder 
HI) 3 Bo\ Ull 
Muncy, I'A 17756 
Alison C. Burroughs 
49 Lewis Place 
Westwood. NJ 07675 
Connie D. Busfleld 
676 Boxwood Terrace 
North Wales. PA 19454 
Tracy A. Bussom 
PO Box 132 
Picture Rocks. PA 17762 
Carolyn A. Batcher 
1 14 East Walnut Street 
Plymouth. PA 18651 

Albert P. Calderon 

603 Penna Avenue 
Lewlsburg. PA 17837 
James P. Callan III 
7928 Heather Road 
Elklns Park. PA 191 17 
Wendy L. Campbell 
462 Churchill Drive 
Bcrnyn, PA 19312 
Rafael J. Canlzares 
620'h Park Street 
Allentown. PA 18102 
Christina L. Caputo 
RD2BOX 301 
Wllllamsport. PA 17701 
Caria M. Cara 
1 1 Center Street 
Kelayres. PA 18231 
Llnnea C. Cardone 
P O Box 1 1 
Stillwater. PA 17878 
Brian S. Carllng 
1036 Long RoaJ 
Easton. PA 18042 
David J. Carpenter 
125 Lafayette Avenue 
Oreland. PA 19075 
Micliael C. Carr 
532 Route 202 
Lansdale. PA 19446 
Kristen Casari 

, Rn 

19 Kl 

19K Borden Road 
MIddletown. NJ 07748 
Mlchele A. Casey 
201 West First Street Apt A4 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Karen D. Cerrito 
73 North Cedar Street 
Hazleton. PA 18201 
Brenna G. Chaskln 
176 Wilson Drive 
Hazleton. PA 18201 
Lisa K. Chemesky 
219 Drinker Street 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Caryn L. Chronlster 
1276 Pine Street 

210 Senior Di rectory 

31oomsburg. PA 17815 
Laurie A. Chu-b* 

6 1 Vine Street 

PhlUp H. Edlnger 

Berwick. PA 18603 

RD2 Box 291 

10 21 West Mountain Avenue S 

Patricia J. Davla 

Lewlsburg. PA 17837 

(Vnilamsport. PA 17701 

2429 Jericho Drive 

Stephanie S. Edlnjer 

Stephen C. Clmlno 

31 Sllverspi^ce Road 

Harnsburg. PA 17110 

443 White Birch Street 

Scott G. Davla 

E Stroudsburg. PA 18301 

^viltown. PA 19056 

RR 1 Box 44 

Almec Edwarda 

Jame* A. Ciotti 

Dlnginans Ferry. PA 18328 
Kathleen H. Dawea 

RD 4 Box 228D 

;3^ ^ jrh Third Street 

Lake Ariel. PA 18436 

vIirT<-.:lle PA 17954 

1151 Penn Street 

Jan T. Edwarda 

3rend£ M. CipoUlni 

Wllllamsport. PA 17701 

PO Box 301 

-. -, Lincoln Highway 

Cyndl L. Deeb 

126E Chapel Street 

Oxford. PA 19363 

, _ 'oe. PA 19047 

Stephanie J. EgU 

trislin J. CUxk 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

RD 1 Box 155 

• . r-h Trooper Road 

Michael F. Delaney 

Watsontown. PA 17777 

- ;wn. PA 19403 

87 Briarwood Road 

l^ri A. Emerich 

Irani E. Claiuer 

Holland. PA 18966 

36 Cedar Street 

.4- - r;eslan Road 

Daniel J. Delflne 

Cressona. PA 17929 

■ : A 17402 

824 Front Street 

Bdarla C. Engelman 

Uthlten J. CUnon 

Freeland. PA 18224 

RD 2 Box 269 A 

: - •- \ 96 BSharrer Road 

Jenette H. Delmonlco 

Mlllvllle. PA 17846 

- ■• :m\. NJ 07865 

323 Elgin Circle 

RlcheUe E. Erb 

Viiaam D.'CIOM 

Mehcanlcsburg. PA 17055 

580 Frultvllle Pike 

- - ,rpe Street 

Dena H. Delpais 

Manhelm. PA 17545 

_^ r. PA 18704 

Chestnut Street 

Jeffrey R. Emi 

(ob^rt D. Colemui 

Tuscarora. PA 17982 

1 101 Irving Road 

. iV.\ 342A 

Thomaa H. Demelfl 

Yardley. PA 19067 

■.uHKietown. PA 18058 

591 1 Devonshire Road 

Michael J. Eatea 

:hiistliie C. ColUiM 

Harrisburg. PA 17112 
Bryan E. Denlon 

537 Market Street 

i30 Union Street 

MIffllnburg. PA 1 7844 

;ar»ood. NJ 07027 

514 Washington 

Donald R. Evana 

imy L. Colonie 

<8 Green Street 

Freeland. PA 18224 

525 Washington Street 
Walnutport.PA 18080 

Todd E. Deprefontalne 

4uncv. PA 17756 

100 Briarwood Drive 

Thomaa D. Evana 

J«a L. CondeUa 

Douglassvllle, PA 19518 
Candace O. Derr 

1615 9ulncy Avenue 

:ll Grant Street 

Dunmore. PA 18512 

jlyphant. PA 18447 

135 East I 1th Street 

Shawn M. Ewing 

243 Bethel Church Road 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

.715 Plymouth Drive 

David R. Derrick 

Spring City. PA 19475 

:aston.PA 18042 

2115 Valley Road 

Umberly K. Conner 

Etters. PA 17319 


00 Gehron Parkway 

Nicole J. Deshontf 

,.,/.^V .vr 

lontoursvllle. PA 1?754 



:aeen P. Connolly 

Pennsburg. PA 18073 

7 Sharpe Street 

Klmberly A. Detone 

;ingston. PA 18704 

5 1 Capn Drive 

lenee L. Conrad 

Brtcktown. NJ 08723 


10 Feeser Road 

Samnel G. Devonahlre 


laiTisbure. PA 1 7 1 09 
kCUy A. Conway 

1151 Log College Drive 


Warminster. PA 18974 

Cook Street 

EUyn M. Diamond 

lalns. PA 18705 

2955 Sycamore Lane 

lelliaa A. Cooper 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Catllleen H. Dlgiandomenlco 

North Landon Avenue 

Jngston. PA 18704 

211 Kent Drive 

Renee E. Farrell 

Donald H. Coronlti 

Exton. PA 19341 

4646 Willow Lane 

01 North Street 

Kip E. DUUplane 

Nazareth. PA 18064 

lanon Heights. PA 17832 

1 1 00 Montgomery Street 

Margaret A. Fatchailne 


Shamokln. PA 17872 

21 Jonathan Road 

Square Coupenn 

Soaan L. IMllmath 

Sellnsgrove. PA 17870 

ntony France 98 92160 

PC Box 2 1 

Kevin M. Feeney 

racey Cral^ 

D 2 Box 292 

Beach Lake. PA 18405 

388 Maple Avenue 

Soaan U. Dllta 

Doylestown. PA 18901 

rov. PA 16947 

510 Second Street 

HicheUe V. Feeney 

iiiunle J. Crane 

Athens, PA 18810 

417 South Mill Street 

30 Miller Terrace 

Damian J. Dinan 

Saint Clair. PA 17970 

rov. PA 16947 

3525 Church Road 

Mary B. Fenicchla 

eldl J. Creaay 

Easton. PA 18042 

815 Market Street 

R 8 Box 455 

Carmella A. Diplppa 

Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
Jolyn H. Ferrari 

loomsburg. PA 17815 
Uchelle U. CreoU 

903 LaSallc Street 

Berwick. PA 18603 

6 Dickens Court 

07 Wldders Dnve 

Catherine Dlreao 

Convent Station, NJ 07961 

echanlcsburg PA 17055 

548 Spencer Lane 

Tracy L. Fink 

cborab S. Creapo 

Warminster, PA 18974 

RD2 Box 71 B 1 

919 Holiov. Road 

lUchael J. Dlatefano 

New Ringgold, PA 17960 
JollanneW. Flnkbiner 

ew Castle PA 16101 

7 Tudor Road 

prll L. Crim 

313 Linden Street 
fthlehem, PA 18018 
tacey M. Cropf 

Box 16 
Ms. PA 17721 
aanna Dee Crooae 
318 Orange Street 
frwick. P.A 18603 
riaten L. r nnnlTig ham 
399 Grant Avenue 
ucBell. PA 19422 
tncy E. Curilla 

1 Marigold Lane 
llllngboro. NJ 08046 
argaret A. Cortia 

>. White Birch Lane 
Dlland. PA 18966 
Jlda A, Coaat 
742 Alter Street 
azleton. PA 18201 
atthew A. Cutler 
1 Old .Mill Drive 
lughkeepsle. NY 12603 
on Marie Cykoaky 


crardlno Dachllle 

8 W^st Sixth Avenue 
■nshohocken. PA 19428 
ivid J, Danner 
30 Raymond Avenue 
thlehem. PA 18018 
ather U, Daubert 
1 North 19th Street 
ItsvlUe. PA 17901 
bertaL, Davia 

Freehold, NJ 07728 
Chriatine M. Dock 

265 Park Drive 

Mountalntop. PA 18707 

Katllleen A. Dolan 

501 North Wilbur Ave. 

Savre. PA 18840 

Stacy A. Doud 

508 Heatherlane 

Easton. PA 18042 

Janet L. Dove 

10 East Tenth Street 

Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

Ruth A. Doyle 

130 Tyson Avenue 

Glcnsfde, PA 19038 

Stanley J. Drake 

1348 Saint Anns Street 

Scranton, PA 18504 

Jennifer A. Dresher 

302 Washington Lane 

Ft Washington, PA, 19034 

Klmberly A. Druat 

992 RlchwlU Drive 

Y'ork, PA 17404 

Darin S. Dnh 

2922 Roosevelt Street 

Bethlehem, PA 18017 

Ricliard A. I>nnbar 

RD 1 Box 134 

Palmerton, PA 18071 

Jamie L. Dunkelberger 

P.O. Box 15 

WInfleld. PA 17889 

Matthew P. Dunlap 

RD 1 Box 524 

Cresco. PA 18326 

Scott D. Dunamuir 

3 Terrace Avenue 

Plains. PA 18705 


625 S. High "D 
Sellnsgrove. PA 17870 
JUl M. Firmatone 
P O Box 285 
Hawley, PA 18428 
Mark F. FItzpatrick 
1 1 S. Congress Street 
Newtown. PA 18940 
Darlene R. FUck 
1471 E Queen Street 
AnnvlUe. PA 17003 
Loniae A. Fontaine 
1564 Pulaski Avenue 
Shamokln, PA 17872 
Samnel D. Forker Jr. 
2290 William Penn Way 
Lancaster, PA 17601 
Tamra A. Foatock 
223 Inman Avenue 
Wilkes Barre, PA 18702 
Karin E. FranceachelU 
RD 5 Box 5093 
Moscow, PA 18444 
Hara L. Freirelch 
416 Rushmore Drive 
York, PA 17402 
Beth A. Fritz 
3 Fern Trail 
Holtwood, PA 17532 
Beth A. Fry 
1201 Tule Street 
Montoursvllle, PA 17754 
Carolyn N. Fryberger 
1 1 Dundee Mews 
Media, PA 19063 
Gregory S. Pnlmer 
237 Whittler Lane 
Lancaster. PA 1 7602 

Senior Directory 211 

T.r« Y. G«ble 

RcidliiH. PA 19606 

314 Shuev Road 

357 CoLirlland Avenue 

Barbara A. Hall Jr. 

New Cumberland. PA 17070 

Harleysvllle. PA 19438 
Katblecn M. Gillagbec 

RD 1 Box 285 

Debra K. Hurley 

WalsonlDwn. PA 17777 

804 Bloom Street 

1422 Hazelwood Lane 

Lisa F. Hallowell 

Danville. PA 17821 

Bethlehem, PA 1B018 

1 1 Kvcrlnglon Road 

Sharon L. Gallagher 

M.irll.,11, MJ (IH053 

1030 Easl Tenth Street 

Margaret A. Hamel 

Berwick. PA 18603 

Til W.i...ll.ikc Drive 

Rosemary C. Ganc 

il..]],in(l, I'A IM966 

RD 2 EJox 561 

Patricia L. Hand 


Hazlelon. PA 18201 

».,lh K 1 i..g,i Street 


Benjamin C. Garrlaon 

RD 2 6 Bethel Court 

Allriil..wn, I'A 18103 


Susan M. Hardlsh 


Sussex, NJ 07461 

5,)(, Morrlscn Circle 

Richard J. Garrity 

ll.i/lcl.iu, I'A 18201 

1227 Howard Avenue 

Carolyn A. Haring 


Pottsvllle, PA 17901 

122 M.ix W,n 

Llaa M. Gavto 

Hrilnlgsvlllc, PA 18031 

905 Alter Street 

Jane A. Hartman 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

1042 Wist Mulberry St. 

Anne Marie Ickes 

Jeff W. Gennann 

Sh.inKjkln. I'A 17872 

RD 2 Box 207 

99 Austin Drive 

Robert J. Hartman 

Orangevllle. PA 17859 

Holland. PA 18966 

1042 West Mulberry St. 

Kathy L. Ingle 

Kathleen A. GhezzI 

Shamokln. PA 17872 

3 Locust Court 

449 East Mine Street 

Kelly L. Hay 

Hollldaysburg. PA 16648 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

5907 Lehigh Lane 

Allaa J. Gianni 

Bath. PA 18014 


352 Lakeside Boulevard 

L. Melissa Hay 


Hopatcong. NJ 07843 
Jullanne Glbbonl 

426 South Norwood Ave 

Newtown. PA 18940 

^B ^K^K^K 

84 Twin Oak Drive 

Daniel P. Hebert 


Levltlown. PA 19056 

931 Fairfield Drive 

Todd M. Glblan 

Warminster. PA 18974 

407 South Avenue 

Kelly M. Helerbacher 


Media. PA 19063 

2^f> 1 llh Mr.-cl 

Sean C. Glmeno 

Nrw ( iimb.rl.ind. PA 17070 


603 Penndale Avenue 

David J. Hein 


Reading. PA 19606 

2 1 6 N Kverell Avenue 

Jr « 

Joseph J. Glombettl 

Scranlon. PA 18504 

RD 3 Old Lk Rd Box 420 

Douglas A. HeIn 

216 North Everett Ave 

Lake Ariel, PA 184,36 

Joseph R. Jackson 

Ulchele L. Glab 

Scranlon. PA 18504 

912 Race Street 

RD Box 252 

Lydla M. Helser 

Calasauqua. PA 18032 

Catawlssa, PA 1 7820 

RD 1 Box 288 

Bryan R. James 

Kara L. Oloaenger 

Brrrh (reek. PA 16822 

21 1 Stale Streel 

713 Barberry Drive 

Sandra M. Herr 

Danville. PA 17821 

CInnamlnson, NJ 08077 

RD2 Box 44 12 

Holly S. James 

Ulchael J. Glowaukl 

Jonestown. I'A 17038 

1 1 Paul Streel 

240 South Spruce St 

Jennifer M. Herron 

Hanover. PA 17331 

Mount Carmel, PA 17851 

1020 East Broad Street 

Lisa Ann James 

Tim J. Glowalakl 

Hazlelon. PA 18201 

513 K..SI Sell Slrcet 

240 South Spruce St 

John C. Hersh 

01vuli,inl, PA 18447 
VIckl A. James 

Mount Carmel. PA 17851 

1095 Debbie Lane 

Robert O. Ooffa 

Allentown, PA 18103 

P Box 65 

56 Sugarloaf 

Edward V. Hicks 

Schnecksvllle. PA 18078 

Conyngham. PA 18219 
Lynn U. Goldfeder 

701 Seventh Avenue 

501 Pine Creek Rd 

Michael G. Jamison 

Exton. PA 19341 

3 WhlppoorwIU Lane 

Joseph E. Hldvegl 

Sparta. NJ 07871 

Bethlehem. PA 18018 

1314 First Avenue 

Kriatle A. JanI 

Andrew Z. Ooldflne 

Bcrwkk, PA 18603 

1 1 10 Washington Avenue 

330 Windsor Park Lane 

Katherlne E. HUgar 

Allentown. PA 18103 

Havertown. PA 19083 

244 Jefferson St Apt 1 

Hugh E. Jaramlllo 

Michael D. Gomez 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Christine L. Hlnke 

4612 Mavapan Drive 

4700 Sunnower Drive 

La Mesa. CA 91941 

Rockvllle. MD 20853 

710 Sunhaven Circle 

Christopher Paul Jarman 

Michael E. Gonzalez 

Mci li.inl( shiirg. PA 17055 
Christine M Hlrkala 

420 Mallard Road 

235 West Walnut Street 

Hatboro. PA 19040 

Lancaster. PA 17603 

211) St h'lDJ sireet 

Gerald R. Jarrett Jr. 

Tara S. Goaling 

619 W Valley Forge Rd, I'A 17851 

219 Center Avenue 

David B. HIslop 

Plynuiulli. PA 18651 

King Prussia. PA 19406 

RR 1 l(o\ 195A 

Edward N. Jedrzejek 

Matthew C. Graham 

D.lllas, I'A IH612 

1 104 1 lii-rrv mil Road 

212 South 17th Street 

Curtis A. Hlte 

Hloomslnirg, I'A 17815 

Lewlsburg^ PA 1 7837 
Jo Anne 0. Green 

5725 Ogontz Avenue 
Philadelphia. PA 19141 

Thomas L. Jeramaz 

Box 223 

96 Wilson Drive 

Christopher A. Ho 

llopalcong, N.l 07843 
Darlene A. Johnson 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

RD2 Box 68L 

Gregory J. Grelner 

3 East Rapho Street 

Sunbury. PA 17801 

Box 212H llcinl..,k Farms 

Raelene M. Hoeffner 

Hawli'v. PA IM428 

Manhelm. PA 17545 

RD 1 Box 181 A 

PhlllippaC. Johnson 

Mark P. Grohol 

Wapwallopen. PA 18660 

3231 North 1.1th St 

202 Fourth Street 

Megan E. Hoff 

Philadelphia. PA 19140 

Oneida. PA 18242 

RD 1 Box 325 

Stephanie D. Johnson 

Thomas Grosa 

Milton. PA 17847 

1171 Terrlll Road 

106 Evergreen Polnte 
Danville. PA 17821 

Scott D. Hoffman 

Scotch Plains. NJ 07076 

359 Iron Street. Apt 2 

David M. Jones 

MIndy Group 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Lara C. HoTfner 

1 108 Bangor Road 

205 Race Street 

Nazareth. PA 18064 

Boiling Spring. PA 17007 
Daphne Grove 

1 1 Spruce Road 

Heather L. Jones 

Newtown Square. PA 19073 

RD 1 Box 71. 

30 D Gulf Stream Drive 

Tresaa K. Honlcker 

New Ringgold. PA 17960 
Linda E.^onea 

Reading. PA 19607 

42 East Green Street 

Llaa A. Grow 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

1412 F;ast Locust St 

423 West Spruce Street 

Caroline E. Honae 

Scranlon. PA 18505 

Shamokln. PA 17872 

RDSBox 461 

Lynnette Gulden 

6251 Jackson Drive 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Craig M. Hopkins 

408 Eliza SI reel 

^ jl^ 

E. Petersburg. PA 17520 

£^ Jm ^^^^ 

Joseph A. Gurzenda 

Houtzdale. PA 16651 


85 North Kennedy 
McAdoo. PA 18237 

Michael J. Horengic 



RR 2 Box 383 

M^^^^^^^^M A 


Felicia A. Gurzynskl 

Paxlnos. PA 17860 

^r^^^^^^^^B A 

1 1 Newman Street 

Teresa Ann Hosier 

^f ^^^^B^^^M^f 

Wilkes Barre. PA 18702 

5129 Bobcat Court 
Woodbrldge. VA 22193 
Scott D. Hotham 



931 Cornell Drive 

. ? ^ 

Warminster. PA 18974 


Keith J. Houser 


700 West Coal Street 
Trevorton. PA 17881 
Beth Ann Hovenstlne 

330 East Drive 

Susan A. Kaewell 

PC Box 68 

Forksvllle, PA 18616 
Jennifer L. Kane 



Sunbury. PA 17801 

91 Downing Drive 

Trevor W. Howard 

Wyomlsslng. PA 19610 


632 S. Towamenctn Ave. 

Judy R. Kasaczon 

Lansdale. PA 19446 

1033 Luke Avenue 


Nancy J. Howarth 

Scranlon. PA 18510 

501 Walnut Street 

David J. KaU 

Scott R. Haas 

Columbia. PA 17512 

39 North IHlh SIri-el 

207 Madison Avenue 

Sherri A. Hower 

Eastoii. PA 1K(I42 

Ft. Washington. PA 19034 
Leanne K. Haggerty 

2656 Hazelwood Road 

RD 1 Box 328 

Christine B. Kaupp 

Effort. PA 18330 

4131 Grerby Streel 

Wendy J. Hower 

Philadelphia. PA 19135 

Lancaster. PA 17601 

RD 2 Box 464 

Norberi J. Keane HI 

Leeann Halns 

New Freedom. PA 17349 

213 Twining Road 

417 South 16th Street 

Jacqueline K. Huffer 

Lansdale. PA 19446 


2 Senior Directory 


le Ann Keller 

Mooslc. PA 18641 

John F. HacDonald 

14 Wesl Main Strccl 

Angela M. Lafave 

109 Calder Streel 

oomsburg, PA 17815 
ickelyn J. Kelly 

RD 1 Box 88A4 

Harrlsburg, PA 17102 
Patricia Mary Mace 

Newfoundland. PA 18445 

170 Wondlawn Drive 

Karen M. Lagreca 

635 North Laurel St 

onsMUf, PA 18092 

40 Point Pleasant Koad 

Hazleton, PA 18201 

ithleen A. Kelly 

Hopatcong. NJ 07843 
Erica L. Lahr 

Nancy E. Mack 

Norlh Apple Slrecl 

54 S Franklin Street 

inmore. PA 1K512 

RD 1 Box 134 

Shamokln. PA 17872 

«ry Ellen T. Kelly 

!8 Hull hlnson Terrace 

Dalmatla. PA 17017 

Cbriattna M. Madden 

Holly A. Lambert 

447 Parkview Way 

)lmes, PA 19043 

RD 3 Box 630 

Newtown. PA 18940 

Ick Lee Kemmerer 

Milton, PA 17847 

John T. Mahon Jr. 

)2 Easl Third Slreel 

Roland Lamy 

3735 First Street 

IffllnvlUe. PA 18631 

6 Rollins Road 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Ronald T. MaletU Jr. 

Ula W. Kennedy 

Bow. NH 03301 

i Brook Drive 

Robert P. Lange 

8466 Sickle Road 

lUand. PA 18966 

433 Madison Street 

Bath. PA 18014 

Imberly Anne Kem 

Wilkes Barre. PA 18705 

Wendl L. Male 

141 Alexander Drive 

DIna L. Langia 

1435 Lane Avenue 

)rrlslown, PA 19403 

16 Btrchwyn Drive 

Bethlehem. PA 18017 

:efan T. Kern 

Elysburg. PA 1 7824 
Amy L. Lanni 

Barbara L. Malafl 

)31 Cenler Street 

P O Box 36 

•thiehem. PA 18017 

442 Blue KIdge Drive 

Dalmatla. PA 17017 

irol Ann Kester 

Nazareth. PA 18064 

Nellie A. Manarchuck 

)7 East Third Street 

Joanne L. Lapoa 

43 Williams Avenue 

oomsburg, PA 17815 
brUdne M. Ketner 

8 Avenue RD 1 

Carbondale. PA 18407 

Nesquehonlng. PA 18240 

Linda J. Mann 

D2 Hex 1 186 

Cynthia J. Larivlere 

9 Daria Drive 

■huylklU Hvn. PA 17972 

39 Espanong Road 

Pequannock. NJ 07440 

ainf H. Ktawaja 

Lake Hopalcong, NJ 07849 

Brian J. Markase 

ieiron Streel 

Wendy J. Laubach 

106 Blerv'S Bridge Rd 

oomsburg. PA 17815 
llle A. KIbler 

RD 1 Box 17 

Bethlehem, PA 18017 

Benton. PA 17K14 

Lisa A. Markel 

D 2 Box 86 K 

Melodle S, Lauer 

521 Ninth Street 

Mtesvllle. PA 19320 

RD 3 Brookslde Drive 

New Cumberland. PA 17070 

lien A. Klmmey 

Danvellle, PA 17821 

David M. M&rra 

Crawford Road 

Wendy A, Lawhom 

172 Poplar Road 

orris Plains. NJ 07950 

3029 John Street 

Lewlsburg. PA 17837 
Su2ann E. Martin 

iri L. King 

Easton, PA 18042 

J08 Division Slreel 

Nicole Layaou 

3529 Limekiln Pike 

iston. PA 18042 

578 North Gates Avenue 

Chalfont. PA 18914 

Imne W. Klrlk 

Kingston, PA 18704 
Chnatopber R. Lazur 

Valerie E. Martin 

15Boundar\ Street 

134 Penn Street 

azleton. PA 18201 

RD2 Box 187 

Kingston. PA 18704 

ebri A. Klrkendall 

Tamaqua. PA 18252 

John A. Martuacelll 

0- Box 53 

Robert S. Legutko 

654 Monges Street 

cture Rocks. PA 17762 

66 Main St New Boston 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

lurlea L. Kline Jr. 

Mahanoy City. PA 17948 
Klmberly A. Lelbold 

Amy Ann Maaaoth 

50 Church St Box 14 

61 Forest Road 

enton. PA 17814 

248 Nancy Drive 

Allendale. N J 07401 

awn M. Klltacb 

Scranton. PA 18505 

John A. Maatandrea 

Box 456 

Tracy Leighton 

ISBrm.kslde R.i.kI 

ike Harmony. PA 18624 

20 Chesterfield Drive 

Succasunna. N,l II7H7B 

Uchele R. Kloboalta 

Concord. NH 03301 

Gregory W. Brfatuczlnakl 

109 Leisenring Street 

Angela L. Leiater 

156 Northampton Street 

5 Thomas Drive RD 1 

'hltehall. PA 18052 

Coplay. PA 18037 

renda S. Klock 

Hellertown. PA 18055 

Richard P. Matnkonla 

39 Spruce Street 

Kriaten J. Leonovlcb 

RD3BOX 357A 

ulpmont. PA 17834 

RD 1 Box 280 

Cogan Station. PA 17728 

enlae M. Kotaur 

Elysburg. PA 17824 

Kenneth M. McAdama 

0, Box 487 

Heather L. Lealle 

3 Illinois Wav 

Ifninvllle. PA 18631 

421 Second Street 

Hopalcong. NJ 07843 

unea E. Koyack 

West Easton. PA 18042 

Sheila Ann McBride 

23 Water Street 

Allen Levy 

822H Manor Road 

anshaw. PA 17866 

46 Algonquin Way 
West Mllford. NJ 07480 

Elklns Park. PA 191 17 

cott D. Kramer 

Richard W. McCann Jr. 

D8 First Streel 

Amy G. Lewla 

2925 Mlddletown Road 

ine Grove. PA 17963 

2219 Bentlev Drive 

Bethlehem. PA 18017 

arl W. Kranlg II 

34 Catherine Street 

Bloomsbure. PA 17815 
Klmberly A. Lleberman 

Mlchele L. McClellan 

72 B North Iron Street 

loomsburg. PA 17815 

P.O Box 341 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Tracy L. McClelland 

aula Kratzer 

Southampton. PA 18966 

9 Jonathan Road 

Joelane E. Llndberg 

419 Haverford Road 

ellnsgrove. PA 17870 

433 East Main Street 

Wvnnewood. PA 19096 

ozane Leigh Kreage 

95 Vallev v" ew Lane 

Ephrata. PA 17522 

Stacey C. McConnell 

Beth A. LIndenmuth 

302 Melrose Avenue 

azareth. PA 18064 

2 Cambridge Court 

Middlesex. NJ 08846 

Ul C. Kreaaler 

Fleetwood. PA 19522 

Tlsa M. McDonald 

D 1 Box 292K 

Sherry B. Llndaey 

1 3 Cedar Street 

ellerlown. PA 18055 

321 Mud Lane 

Danville. PA 17821 

imberly R. Kreaaler 

Northampton. PA 18067 

Thomaa C. McElroy 

39 East Second Street 

Thereaa J. LlonettI 

613 Beechwood Road 

erwick. PA 18603 

100 Harned Road 

Willow Grove. PA 19090 

arbara H. Kreaaly 

Commack. NY 1 1725 

Tracy L. McLaughlin 

C64 Box 297 

John W. LIttlewood 

RD 1 Box 1357 

rout Run. PA 17771 

552 Midland Avenue 

Tamaqua. PA 18252 

laa A. Krill 

Bcrwyn. PA 19312 

Markelle E. Medlock 

D 1 Box 329A 

Kelly L. Lobua 

911') M. Cnlr.' Road 

ainaqua. PA 18252 
hrladne M. Krupilla 

873 Passer Road 

Hli«,iosljurg PA 17815 

Coopersburg. PA 18036 

Randy B. Meitzler 

Box 267 

Jacqueline Loch 

2130Greenleaf Street 

Ingtown. PA 17967 

8035 Mt View Drive 

Allentown. PA 18104 

jladne F. Kubllua 

Northampton. PA 18067 

Vincent P. Menichelll 

31 Cleveland Street 

Cynthia A. Lombard 

1 19 South 16th Street 

azleton. PA 18201 

1101 Easl Fifth Street 

Allentown, PA 18102 

<eA. Kubitaky 

Berwick, PA 18603 

Felicia N. Mercadante 

404 Spring Lane 

Tara D. Long 

1 22 Legion Blvd 

68 Cllffslde Trail 

. Stroudsburg. PA 18301 
Uzabetb A. Rugler 

Denvllle. NJ 07834 

Pine Grove, PA 17963 

Karen A. Mergel 

18 Anburv 

Mark E. Lukena 

1408 West Broad Street 

/lUow Grove. PA 19090 

13 Harding Road 

Bethlehem. PA 18017 

lonna J. Kulp 

Southampton, PA 18966 

Rebecca S. Merkle 

275 Stonewood Drive 

Karen R. Lunger 

100 West Park Blvd 

elhlehem. PA 18017 

810 Bloom Street 

Westmont. NJ 08108 

homaa S. KnnUleman 

Danville, PA 17821 

Stefanle Michael 

'8 East Harmony 

Ann E. Lutsky 

23 Woodcllff Drive 

■jrtng Arbor. Ml 49283 

12 KImber Street 

Dallas. PA 18612 

New Phlla. PA 17959 

Robert B. Mlkesell 

M Mm 

Caria M. LuU 

101 West First Street 

RD 1 Box 842 

Clearfield. PA 16830 

Lenhartsvllle, PA 19534 

James C. BAikovich 


Timothy K. LuU 

12021 Covert Road 

300 W Railroad Street 


Nesquehonlng. PA 18240 
Klmberiy A. Milder 


Philadelphia, PA 19154 

^ I^^^H^H^B^r 

726 N Oswego Street 


Allentown. PA 18103 

Kathleen Mllkowlch 


5528 Mohawk Drive 


Bethlehem. PA 18017 

m m 

Alexander C. Miller 


644 Penna Avenue 


South Rcnovo. PA 17764 

uin M. Labaabouaky 


Amy L. Miller 

159 South Third St 

RR 1 Box 777 

teelton. PA 17113 

Paxlnos, PA 17860 

:hriatlne M. Laboaky 


Edward A. Miller 

;D2 Belln Village 

1 135 Poplar Street 

Senior Directory 213 

Kulpmont, PA 17834 
Krltten J. Miller 
756 Goodale Drive 
Aston. PA 19014 
Loreen M. Miller 
RD 1 Box 325A 
Catawlssa. PA 17820 
Mark C. Miller 
P,0 Box 303 
Muncy, PA 17756 
Peter B. Miller 
1221 Stafore Drive 
Bethlehem. PA 18017 
Suzanne L. Miller 
East Third Street 
Red Hill. PA 18076 
Brenda A. Miner 
RD2B0X 164 
Mchoopany. PA 18629 
Kenneth S. Mitchell 
508 Buckman Drive 
Hatboro. PA 19040 
Marilyn Monahan 
342 LIdys Road 
Dupont. PA 18641 
Michelle N. Montella 
81 Iron Street Apt lA 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Ann M. Moran 
312 Kella Avenue 
Lewlsburg. PA 17837 
Chriitinc C. Morrison 
Woodland Ave Box 25 
Dallastown. PA 17313 
Stephen F. Moser 
RD 3 Box 229 
Danville. PA 17821 
Thomas J. Moser 
Main Street 
Locust Gap. PA 17840 
Natalee Moss 
101 North New Street 
Nazareth, PA 18064 
Krlstlne L. Mosser 
1 1 Farber Drive 
Chalfonl. PA 18914 
Danielle K. Moyer 
4401 HllldaleRoad 
Reading. PA 19606 
Holly Moyer 
540 E, Oreenleaf St 
Emmaus. PA 18049 
Kristen D. Moyer 
P.O Box 1 1 
Shawnee. PA 18356 
Peter P. Muller 
450 Spruce St Apt C 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Klmberly A. Mumaw 
424 Taylor Avenue 
Newtown. PA 18940 
Adam S. Mundrlck 
P.O Box 124 
Ralston. PA 17763 
Dawn M. Murphy 
316 Washington Street 
Pottsvllle. PA 17901 
Kathleen B. Murray 
2308 South Third St, 
Philadelphia, PA 19148 

Thomas W. Nurse III 

1065 Hillside Avenue 
Lansdale. PA 19446 

MM Mi 

Susan M. Najda 

313 Indiana Avenue 
Shenandoah, PA 17976 
Robert D. Naples 
118 Butternut Drive 
Parkesburg. PA 19365 
Richard J. Naradko 
315 Wilson Avenue 
Port Carbon, PA 17965 
Paul N. Nasranl 
124 West Diamond Ave 
Hazlelon. PA 18201 
Margaret M. Naughton 
248 East Street 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
William Y. Nawrockl 
604 Spring Lane 
E. Stroudsburg. PA 18301 
Klmberly L. Nelson 
33 Blscayne Blvd 
Woodbury. NJ 08096 
Hlchele Nelson 
2642 Anthony Drive 
Colmar. PA 18915 
Michael Nevel 
1410 Evergreen Drive 
Berwick. PA 18603 
WUIlam J. Nice 
133 East Maple Street 
Tresckow. PA 81254 
Edith C. Noaker 
472 Columbia Avenue 
Milton. PA 17847 
Heather R. Noble 
228 Terrace Boulevard 
Lewlstown. PA 17044 
Karen M. Novak 
8 Cedar Street 
McAdoo. PA 18237 
Tanya Nowak 
97 Harrison Brook Dr 
Basking Ridge. NJ 07920 

Bridget M. Occhlplntl 

95 Valley Road 
Butler, NJ 07405 
Michael S. O'Hara 
125 Bishop Hollow Road 
Newtown Square. PA 19073 
Gregory A. Olander 
1330 East Broad Street 
Hazleton. PA 18201 
Denlse A. Onelll 
RD I Box 1593 
Leesport. PA 19533 
Denlse D. Ordorff 
3142 Drexel Road 
Bensalem. PA 19020 
Kelll A. Owens 
109 Moonflower Road 
Hatboro. PA 19040 


Terri L. Pahl 

1 14 South Highland Dr. 
PIttston. PA 18640 
Janice F. Parker 
Rear 486 S Ml Blvd 
Mountalnlop, PA 18707 
Robert E. Paslowsky 
258 Iron Street 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
Christine ft. Patania 
736 Meadowlark Road 
Audubon, PA 19403 
Angela L. Paul 
RD 2 Box 5 
Ashland, PA 17921 
Lisa E. Paul 
1924 Ferry Street 
Easton. PA 18042 
David N. Pedergnana 
349 South Vine Street 
Mount Carmel. PA 17851 
Karen L. Pelllcclottl 
1151 Robeson Street 
Reading. PA 19604 
David M. Penko 
518 Overlook Drive 
Warminster. PA 18974 
Thomas A. Peters 
563 Fov Drive 
Furlong. PA 18925 
Craig S. Petrasic 
RD 2 Box 6 

Hummelstown. PA 17036 
Dawn H. Petriello 
43A Laurel Avenue 
Dumont. NJ 07628 
Susan E. Plaseckl 
30 RIha Street 
Brldgewaler. NJ 08807 
Cheryl L. Piltoskl 
4704 Camden Avenue 
Pennsauken. NJ081 10 
Patricia Pishock 
620 Caroline Drive 
Norrlstown. PA 19401 
Klmberly A. Plvovamlk 
317 SImrell Road 
Clarks Summit. PA 18411 
Barbara A. Plzzoll 
429 West Saylor Street 
Mount Carmel, PA 17851 
Matthew A. Plack 
700 Shield Street 
Harrlsburg, PA 17109 
Kristlne A. Plenskl 
512 Parkway Drive 
Falrless Hills, PA 19030 
Stephen J. Powlus 
131 Valley View Drive 
Miminvllle. PA 18631 
Mlchele L. PrezlosI 
46 East Main Street 
Mlllvllle. PA 17846 
Jody L. Price 
520 Jefferson Street 
Northumberland. PA 17857 
Richard A. Przywara 
423 Appleblossom Road 
Easton. PA 18042 
Melissa Ann Pullo 
44 East Columbus St. 
Roseto. PA 18013 

Anthony J. Quarta: 

495 West Main St Apt 3 
liloomsburg, PA 17815 
Bronwyn J. Queen 
2329 Welnmann Way 
Yardley. PA 19067 


Laurel A. Ransler 

Route 2 Box 77 

Broddecks. PA 17329 

Wayne T. Rarlg 

RD 2 Box 154 

New Columbia. PA 17856 

JodI L. Rathgeber 

1 1 1 Second Street 

Lock Haven. PA 17748 

Thomas K. Ranch 

RD 2 Box 448 

Northumberland, PA 17857 

Mark A. Reed 

96 East Houston Avenue 

Montgomery, PA 17752 

Kathleen A. Regan 

420 Prospect Avenue 

Bethlehem, PA 18018 

Karen Reld 

460 Saint Lukes Road 

Lllllestown, PA 17340 

Gary A. Relgle 

100 North Fourth St. 

Lewlsburg^ PA 17837 

Laura J. RelUy 

1872 Cindy Lane 

Hatfield. PA 19440 

Roberi E. Retnhari Jr. 

1660 Narclssa Road 

Blue Bell. PA 19422 

Renee R. Relsser 

207 Columbia Avenue 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Kevin Reynolds 

1815 Homestead Avenue 

Bethlehem. PA 18018 

Diane J. Rhine 

418 Wllshire Drive 

Cleona. PA 17042 

Alicia K. Rice 

603 Hlllcrest Drive 

Media. PA 19063 

Russell G. Rice III 

2012 Yardley Road 

Yardlev. PA 19067 

Ronda F. Rlchart 

RD6B0X 53 Williams 

Muncy. PA 17756 

George M. Richer 

RD 1 Box 313 

Benton. PA 17814 

Clint M. Rider 

122 Noll Street 

Pleasant Gap. PA 16823 

Deborah S. Riley 

545 Drive 

Landing. NJ 07850 

Marilou Riley 

413 Eldon Drive 

Broomall. PA 19008 

Michael S. RIssinger 

358 West Penn Avenue 

Robesonla. PA 19551 

Cindy L. Roberts 

125 South Garfield Ave 

Moorestown. NJ 08057 

John R. Roberts 

1 135 Third Street 

Catasauqua. PA 18032 

Steven W. Roberts 

RD 2 Rox 78B 

Orangevllle, PA 17859 

Thomas H. Rogers 

RD 3 Box 3920 

E. Stroudsburg. PA 18301 

Mark A. Roland 

RD 1 Box 355 

Landlsburg. PA 17040 

Rosemary T. Roos 

83 Silver Crown Drive 

Mechanlcsburg. PA 17055 

Brian J. Rose 

1 19 Sunsel Ave Bx 255 

Pleasant Gap. PA 16823 

Diana M. Rose 

404 West Main SI 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Deborah M. Rosenella 

196 East Pine Street 

Dunmore. PA 18512 

Michelle M. Rossi 

35 Winona Trail 

Lake Hopatcong. NJ 07849 

Roberi J. Ross! 

RD 2 Box 70Aa 

Tamaqua. PA 18252 

Ryan C. Roush 

31 Woodslde Drive 

2 1 4 Senior Directory 

Milton. PA 17847 

707 Linden Street 

Susan L. Sundermler 

Nicole M. Rovlto 

ClarksSummll. PA 1841 1 

7 Greenvlew Place 

16th Street 

Stamatls B. Smeltx 

Ramsey. NJ 07446 

Riverside, PA 17868 

KD 1 Box 775 

Karen A. Sura 

Sandra G. Rubin 

Herndon. PA 17830 

55 Moyallen Street 

66 Dawn Drive 

R. Christopher Smiley 

Wilkes Barre. PA 18702 

Churthvlllc. PA 18966 

271 East First Street 

Mark P. Swartwood 

Katbleen H. RupertiM 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Abbey E. Smith 

907 Layton Road 

91 Wllllts Wdv 

ClarksSummll. PA 18411 

Glen Mills, PA 19342 

1412 Sprtnedale Avenue 
York. PA 1 7403 

Teresa Sweeney 

Scott P. RutkoaU 

204 Seventh Street 

RD 4 Box 627B 

Katherine D. Smith 

Weatherly PA 18255 

Mountalntop, PA 18707 

1326 South 13th Street 

Stanley A. Szpindor 

Sean R. Ryan 

Harrlsburg. PA 17104 

2807 Village Green Ln 

1017 Bon Air Road 

Klmberly A. Smith 

Norrtstown. PA 19403 

Havertown, PA 19083 

428 Weaver Road 

Alise C. Szymczak 

Strasburg. PA 17579 
Russell J. Smith 

249 West Anthony Ave. 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

A Mm. 

201 West First St A4 

Mm M 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Sonya F. Smith 


^ m 


RD8BOX 108 



Danville. PA 17821 


Tina M. Smith 



RD 2 Box 297 F 



Mertztown. PA 19539 


Wendy Lee Smith 


1277 Connolly Avenue 


Bethlehem. PA 18015 

Yolanda Denise Smith 


5724 Bromall Street 


Nanette T. Sacco 

Philadelphia. PA 19143 

120 North Union Street 

SUcy L. Smyser 

Shenandoah, PA 17976 

3380 Stone Ridge Road 

Diane L. Tafel 

Jane L. Salak 

York PA 17402 

56 Etoxwood Road 

RD 1 Box 191 

Laura B. Snelbecker 

Churchvllle. PA 18966 

Waymart, PA 18472 

8905 Patton Road 

Jennifer J. Tanner 

Marc F. Sanchez 

Wyndmoor. PA 19118 

1622 Christine Lane 

4 Union Mill Court 

Roni A. Snow 

Westchester. PA 19380 

Mt Laurel, NJ 08054 

1613 Dauphin Avenue 

Anne Marie Teliup 

Patricia L. Sanderson 

Wyomlsslng. PA 19610 
Abigail A. Snyder 
RD5 Box 2233 

60 Walnut Street 

RD 1 

Cressona. PA 17929 

Sugar Run. PA 18846 
KlmlMrly A. Santor 

Laura A. Teweil 

Nescopeck. PA 18635 

511 Kane Street 

1710 Lincoln Drive 

Denise Socko 

S Wllllamsport. PA 17701 

Camp Hill, PA 1701 1 

RD3BOX 133 

Julie L. Tewksbory 

Almee J. Sapp 

Catawlssa. PA 17820 

RD2 Box 180 

P,0 Box 45 

Barry N. Spanlal 

Meshoppen. PA 18630 
Richard M. Theodore 

Refton, PA 17568 

216 Wilson Drive 

Naomi Sato 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

Box 571 Upper Tlnlcumch 

RDBBox 179 

Karen A. Spcakman 

Upper BIk Eddy. PA 18972 

Danville. PA 17821 

418 Washington Cr Rd 
Newtown. PA 18940 

Mark A. Thomas 

Thomas S. SaWlIe 

P O Box 540 

408 Park Drive 

Michael J. SpiUer 

Lake Harmony. PA 18624 

Phoenlxvllle. PA 19460 

843 Washington Avenue 

Pamela S. Thomas 

Ellzal>eth Mary SavlnsU 

Northampton. PA 18067 

301 Green Street 

37 Barber Street 

ftUchelle R. Stabler 

Tremont. PA 17981 

Swoversvllle. PA 18704 

1408 Walnut Street 

Louise F. Tomtlshen 

Dswn H. Sazton 

Camp Hill. PA 1701 1 

RD 1 Box 17 

6328 Sterling Avenue 
Bensalem. PA 19020 

Courtney Ann Stackhouse 

Rlngtown. PA 17967 

601 Apple Street 

Stan P. Traczuk 

James A. Scbappert 

Hellertown. PA 18055 

3001 Shllllngton Road 

59 Williams Street 

Delbert Stafford 

Sinking Spring. PA 19608 

Edwardsvllle. PA 18704 

409 Denford Way 

Evelyn Trimmer 

Ann M. Scbermick 

Downlngtown. PA 19335 

RD 2 llox H4 

RD 1 Box 2 1 3 

Krlsten T. Stagilano 

Ha/hlon, PA 18201 

Wernersvllle. PA 19565 

667 Pennfleld Drtve 

Wendy S. Tripoli 

Amy L. Schott 

Hatfield. PA 19440 

302 Maple Street 

RD 1 Box 242 

Beth A. Stahl 

Danville. PA 17821 

Wavmart. PA 18472 

P.O. Box 107 

Mlcheie M. Troup 

Lalena M. Scbram 

Riverside. PA 17868 

RD 2 Box 329 D 

RD28 Box 175N 

Brian A. Stancavage 

Sunbury. PA 17801 

York, PA 17404 

308 East Tenth Street 

Damon J. Troy 

Jerry E. Schucker 

Berwick. PA 18603 

563 Van Kirk Street 

426 Fourth Street 

Darrin R. Stanford 

Philadelphia. PA 19125 

New Cumberland. PA 17070 

305 Myrtle 

Ronald J. Tnmolo Jr. 

Gall A. Sees 

Susquehanna. PA 18847 

267 Llntln Street 

38 West Fourth Street 

Sharon J. Sunko 

Philadelphia. PA 19120 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

RD 7 Box 60 

Nancy L. Turley 

Jacqueline L. Selp 

Danville. PA 17821 

202 East Union Street 

71 FllcksvlUe Road 

Kelly L. Stanton 

Nantlcoke. PA 18634 

Bangor. PA 18013 

RD2 Box 156 

Thomas C. Selple 

Wyaluslng. PA 18853 
Allsa L. Starke 

RD 2 Crestwood 

« JF. 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

140 West Newlln Road 


Heather A. Shearer 

Easlon. PA 18042 


718 Ridge Street 
Freeland, PA 18224 

Kim Stauffer 


P.O. Box 26 

Karen J. Sbeehan 

Stillwater, PA 17878 


7 South Gifford Street 

Anne L. Stelnbacher 

1 l\/ 

Butler, NJ 07405 

RD 2 Box 98 

U V 

Mlchele M. Shelby 

Muncy, PA 17756 

%r w 

900 Liberty Court 

Sandra L. Stempel 

Hazleton, PA 18201 

2247 E Orvllla Road 

Uri L. Shelly 

Hatfield, PA 19440 

25 North Laurel Street 

Brenda J. Stepanski 

Manhelm. PA 17545 

RD3 Box 162 

Melissa M. Uimer 

Michael R. Sbtves 

Shlckshlnny. PA 18655 

RD 1 Box 238 

601 Mulberry Street 

Ann M. Stepto 

Montoursvllle. PA 17754 

Berwick. PA18603 

RD 3 Box 533 

John B. Updegraff TV 

Wayne E. Short n 

Honesdale, PA 18431 

321 W Swedesford Road 

142 Eleventh Street 

Michael T. Stevens 

Exton. PA 19341 

Renovo. PA 17764 

3212 West Scenic Drtve 

Theresa E. Updyke 

Wendy S. Shoup 

Danlelsvllle. PA 18038 

2804 Fanshawe Street 

RD 1 Box 23 

Brian J. Stone 

Philadelphia. PA 19149 
Richard P. Uth 

ZIon Grove. PA 17985 

RD 3 Box 232 

Tara C. Showers 

Saylorsburg. PA 18353 

141 Nahma Trail 

S28 N 13th Street 

Dale L. Strange 

Medford Lakes. NJ 08055 

Reading. PA 19604 

P.O. Box 13 

Peter J. Valli 

Cheryl A. Shymansky 

Forksvllle. PA 18616 

63 North Cottage Place 
Westfleld. NJ 07090 

157 Railroad Street 

Beth A. Strebln 

Bloomsburg^ PA 17815 
Sharon K. Siesrlst 

2516 Slegrtst Road 

1341 Walnut Lane 

Lora M. Van Siyke 

Macungle. PA 18062 

6 Mollne Road 

Larissa L. Strike 

East Brunswick. NJ 08816 

Ronks. PA 17572 

321 Webster Street 

Lori A. Vanoostendorp 

Jane A. SlemlnskI 

Ranshaw PA 17866 

16 Brentwood Drive 

3 Edward Street 

Tifflany D. Suggs 

200 4 Harrts HnTRoad 

Verona. NJ 07044 

Mountalntop. PA 18707 

Brenda L. Varano 

JIU E. SlemlnskI 

Shavertown. PA 18708 

1034 Scott Street 

3 Edward Street 

Amy Catbryn Sullivan 

Kulpmont. PA 17834 
Kelly A. Veronick 

Mountalntop. PA 18707 
JUI A. SUvf 

161 Confalr Parkway 

Montoursvllle. PA 17754 

237 West Green Street 

6U Milton Terrace 

Shawn M. Sullivan 

Nantlcoke. PA 18634 

Forty Fort. PA 18704 

14 Park Lane North 

Michael A. Vlseill 

Ulchael T. Sinclair 

Mountalntop. PA 18707 

142 BenslevSt 61 A 

320 Woodland Avenue 

Anthony R. Summa Jr. 

Sayre. PA 18840 

WiMlamsport. PA 17701 
Tina A. Singer 

RD 4 Box 85 

Theresa R. Vosefskl 

Lake Artel. PA 18436 

513 Donna Drive 


<,inr- r>J..«»/^f ,->.^, O 

Balh. PA 18014 
Alicia Vottero 

Shady Acres 
Kulpmont. PA 17834 
Karen J. VoTchantky 

9 Meadow Pond Rd 
Hamburg. NJ 07419 


Mark C. Wadas 

RD 6 Marcy Station 
Tunkhannock. PA 18657 
James L. Wagner 
203 Lincoln Street 
Folsom. PA 19033 
Mary Amanda Walbom 
620 Georgian Place 
Harrlsburg. PA 17111 
Cbarlea Eric Walker 
23 Rldgc Road 
Malvern. PA 19355 
Ronald C. Walker 
710 Church Street 
Athens. PA 18810 
Daniel J. Walter 
501 North Fourth St. 
Sunbury. PA 17801 
Deborah K. Wanda 
PO Box 62 
Riverside. PA 17868 
Robert W. Waring 
10218 Rubin Lane 
Philadelphia. PA 19116 
Joleen E. Warner 
26 Smith Drtve 
Drifton. PA 18221 
Alan D. Wamick 
368 Byron Road 
Warminster. PA 18974 
Krishna Wasson 
44 Trexler Road 
Schnecksvllle. PA 18078 
Brenda Ann Watcbllla 
401 East Crestwood Dr 
Camp HIM. PA 17011 
Jennifer Watto 
235 Yorkshire Road 
Falrless Hills. PA 19030 
MIcbele L. Webster 
509 Spencer Lane 
Warminster. PA 18974 
Patricia A. Welgle 
RD 2 Box 393 
Wllllamsport. PA 17701 
Camellia K. Wells 
4703 Woodland Avenue 
Drexel Hill. PA 19026 
Denlse Marie Wentx 
515 East Fifth Street 
Northampton. PA 18067 
Heidi L. Werner 
2641 Tower Road 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Corey A. Wert 
613 South Turbot Ave. 
Milton. PA 17847 
Amy J. Wester 
260 Sprtnger Road 
Fairfield. CT 06430 
Kerrl L. Westover 
Mountain View Drive 
Chester. NJ 07930 
Andrea A. Wetzel 
8 South Jerome Street 
Allentown. PA 18103 
Geanlne T. Wbelan 
32 Edith Avenue 
Saugertles. NY 12477 
Keith D. Whitehead 
730 Centre Street 
Freeland. PA 18224 
Norman A. Wbltmore Jr. 
RD 2 Box 2054 
Slroudsburg. PA 18360 
Karl D. Wlaneckl 
16Crestmont Drive 
Dover. NJ 07801 
Cynthia M. WIdltz 
124 Second Street 
Oneida. PA 18242 
Klmberly A. Wlghard 
644 Parkview Avenue 
N. Plalnfleld. NJ 07063 
Christopher Wiley 
18 East Main Apt. B 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Keith W. Wilier 
79 Bluebird Road 
Holland. PA 17966 
Susan M. Wlllner 
1956 Springfield Drive 
Bethlehem. PA 18018 
Linda L. Wills 
409 South Hickory St 
Mount Carmel. PA 17851 
David J. WItcbey 
1640 Orange Street 
Berwick. PA 18603 
Amy L. WItmer 
RD2 Box 416 
Liverpool. PA 17045 
Carolynn M. WItU 
9024 Ashton Road 
Philadelphia. PA 19136 
Kathl M. Wodebouse 
RD 1 Box 55A 
Orangevllle. PA 17859 
Richard P. Wojclecbowsky 
528 East Arch Street 
Pottsvllle. PA 17901 

Diane E. Wojnar 

295 S Mountain Blvd. 
Mountalntop. PA 18707 
Elaine M. Wolf 
1 12 Forest Drive 
New Oxford. PA 17350 
Jnlle G. Wolfe 
2536 West Front Street 
Berwick. PA 18603 
Julie L. Wolfe 
21 1 Sherwood Lane 
Stirling. NJ 07980 
Cynthia Lee Wolff 
1 lOSunnyslde Avenue 
Bloomsburg^PA 17815 
Sandra M. Woolslayer 
65 Walnut Drive 
Rlchboro. PA 18954 
Diane M. Wynn 
1 030 Reagan Street 
Sunbury. PA 17801 


Lisa L. YakbboskI 

226 Boland Avenue 
Wilkes Barre. PA 18702 
Kevin A. Yakubowskl 

227 Rear Ridge Street 
Freeland. PA 18224 
Dina A. Yale 

1 Circle Drive 
Hazleton. PA 18201 
Lynn M. Yankowski 
1 1 Parkview Drive 
Plains. PA 18705 
Rebecca A. Yamell 
RD 1 

Stillwater. PA 17878 
Samuel H. Yeager 
15 North 13th Street 
Ashland. PA 17921 
Camela L. Yost 
HC 1 Box 1416 
BrodheadsvUle. PA 18322 
Jack F. Young HI 
304 West Fourth Street 
Towanda. PA 18848 
Patricia S. Young 
516 Columbia Avenue 
Milton. PA 17847 
Rebecca Ann Young 
RD 3 Box 403 
Dalton. PA 18414 
Peter D. Zacbarias 
1444 St Charles Place 
Ablngton, PA 19001 
Diane M. Zadlo 
107 Old Oak Tree Road 
Lansdale. PA 19446 
Lisa A. Zamlt 
217 West Fifth Street 
Bloomsbut;2. PA 17815 
Brace W. Zboray 
14 West Fifth Street 
Hazleton. PA 18201 
Stacey S. Zdanavage 
RD 4 Box 283 
Mountalntop. PA 18707 
Thomas M. Zlegler 
1 125 Washington Avenue 
Lewlsburg. PA 17837 
Andrea L. Zimmerman 
Box 241 110 E. Hunter 
Lyons Station. PA 19536 
Karen M. Zimmerman 
1019 Spruce Street 
Kulpmont. PA 17834 
Rachel H. Zimmerman 
2343 Harrlsburg Pike 
Lancaster. PA 17601 
Scott S. Zimmerman 
234 Walnut 
Milton. PA 17847 
Diane E. ZyskoskI 
613 Scott Street 
Kulpmont. PA 17834 



I>omlnlck C. Angeluccl 

3258 Haves Road 
Norristown. PA 19403 
Christine P. Arthur 
RD2 Box 298S 
Susquehanna. PA 18847 
Btlchael E. Balberchak 
23 Hemlock Street 
Dallas. PA 18612 
Jennifer Baram 
22 Thistle RiMd 
Levlttown. PA 19056 
Barbara A. Barnes 
RD 2 Box 145 
MlUvllle. PA 17846 
Bruce Beaver Jr. 
RR 2 Box 2495 
Nescopeck. PA 18635 
Deborah Beck 
19 West 8th Street 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Lawrence Bellls 
4 Tobyhanna Trail 
Hopatcong. NJ 07843 
Elizabeth M. Blllhlme 
415 Broadway 
Muncv. PA 17756 
Kathfene J. Black 
PO Box 59 
Liberty. PA 16930 
Rebecca E. Bonafair 
181 1 Willow Road 
Camp Hill. PA 1701 1 
Tammy L. Bonawltz 
249 Berkstone Drtve 
Harrisburg. PA 17112 
Jeffrey R. Bowman 
RD 1 Box 71 
Tower City. PA 17980 
Amy Bracken 
1 Castle Rock Drive 
Havertown. PA 19083 
James V. Bronico 
871 Ridge Road 
Phllhpsburg. NJ 08865 
Bonnie L. Browne 
755 Scotch Way 
West Chester. PA 19380 
Jennifer E. Brans 
HC62 Box 1210 
Honesdale. PA 18431 
Patti M. Camper 
3112 Bruno Drtve 
Chesapeake. VA 23323 
Andra Lea Card 
14 Manning Road 
Windsor Locks. CT 06096 
Andrew A. Carr 
1 095 Edgewood Drive 
Stowe. PA 19464 
Tina M. Carson 
RD 1 Box 276A 
Jersey Shore. PA 17740 
Stephanie C. Cerny 
922 Hamilton Drtve 

ey. PA 
elle M. 

RR 3 Box 2 ISA 
Catawlssa. PA 17820 
Jere G. Cocker Jr. 
436 Carriage Drtve 
Coopersburg. PA 18036 
Donald L. Coleman Jr. 
235 Crabapple Lane 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Tara J. Connolly 
20 Slocum Street 
Forty Fort. PA 18704 
Daun L. Corse 
1920 Mahantongo Street 
Pottsvllle. PA 17901 
Donna L. Counterman 
1413 Third Avenue 
Berwick. PA 18603 
Brian M. Cnsatis 
599 Hayes Street 
Hazleton. PA 18201 
John A. Cnsatis 
RD 1 Box 124 A 
Barnesvllle. PA 18214 
David E. Custer 
35 Burnslde Avenue 
Norrtstown. PA 19403 


Dorlnda A. Danz 

547 Hansen Road 
Wynnewood. PA 19096 
Susan R. Dashlell 
247 Jefferson Street 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Jean A. Deltterlck 
RD2BOX 174 
Orangevllle. PA 17859 
Kelly S. Dick 
RD I Box 99 
Klngsley. PA 18826 
Deborah A. DIz 
4014 Meadow Drive 
Orefleld. PA 18069 
Brendan M. Donegan 
13 0gden Way 
Ogdensburg. NJ 07439 
John P. Dunn 
1640 Mohawk Street 

Senior Directory 


ihamokln. PA 17872 

400 W. Main St, Apt, 2 

Kevin R. McKay 

llcUe A. Edwards 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

1 2362 Wyndom Road 

801 Buttonwood St 319 

Philadelphia. PA 19154 

'hlladelphla, PA 19140 


Colleen A. McKeever 

laxanne H. Edwards 

'025 Scenic Dr Rte 6 

1 1 Marabee Street 
Dallas. PA 18612 

Uoomsbure. PA 17815 
^thlecn U. Elchman 

David McKeman 

523 Lowell Road 

Virginia Terrace 
■ortv Fort, PA 18704 


Warminster. PA 18974 
Lisa M. McNeils 

(eliy Ann Erb 

144 East Market Street 


1912 Belvedere Avenue 


Havertown. PA 19083 

Janvllle, PA 17820 

Ronna R. MIchuck 

.UU Factor 

■ ^ f ■- 

RD 1 Box 958 

,09 East Fifth Street 

Brockway. PA 15824 

lloomsburg, PA 17815 
lobert S. Pertacb 

Todd A. Miller 

PO Box 152 

i23 Leon Circle 

Susan M. Jeremenko 

Sellnsgrove. PA 17870 

anghorne, PA 19047 
:ollecn M. Fink 

1615 Pine Street 

Barbara A. Mitten 

Hatfield. PA 19440 

1 ii2s Hrni k street 

26 Leon Drive 

Linda M. John 

Ashland PA 17921 

Jew Castle, PA 16101 

127 Bates Drive 

Omld N. Moadell 

>anlel J. F'lood 

Chalfont, PA 18914 

6 Cotswold Avenue 

594 Sierra Lane 

Suzanne M. Johns 

Danville. PA 17821 

'en Arg\l, PA 18072 
landraL. Foley 

148 Norman Street 

334 South Coal Street 

Marlene M. Monichelll 

Shamokln. PA 17872 

40 Tedrick Street 

Richard M. Kelly 

PIttston Twp . PA 18640 

Veatherly, PA 18255 

592 Greenfield Road 

Korena Monoskl 

lullanne Folmar 

Lancaster, PA 17601 

RD3 Box 121 

Jox 4052 Lakeview Dr, 

Robert Kerns Jr. 

Catawlssa. PA 17820 

Iweet Valley, PA 18656 

1203 Almshouse Road 

Colleen A. Montgomery 

Ihanda M. Folmar 

Jamison, PA 18929 

5 BIrchwood Drive 

iD2 Bo\ 89 

Bradley W. Kingston 

Mountalntop, PA 18707 

/lontOLirsvllle, PA 17754 


R. Blark Moore 

fennlfer M. Fonst 

Bloomsburg^ PA 17815 
Shawn A. Knotts 

140 N Rockburn Street 

7 East 3rd Street 

York. PA 17402 

Vatsontown. PA 17777 

RD6 Box 195 

Janet M. Moyer 

«arie A. Fritz 

Danville, PA 17821 

28 Pine Avenue 

!ID3 Box 167 

Robert C. Kolmansberger 

Elvsburg. PA 1 7824 

lemon. PA 17814 

103 Maple Lane 

Matthew L. Moyer 

PIttston, PA 18640 

1 06 Rosewood Drive 

RnthC. Kranig 

434 Catherine Street 

Lansdale. PA 19446 

^ M m. 

Kathleen A. Mulligan 

M M M 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Susan T. Kristoff 

25 Farrand Drive 


Parslppany. NJ 07054 

mmmm ^ 

P O Box 28 

Kevin J. Moiroony 

Tuscarora. PA 17982 

474 Vail Road 

^1 I 

Monica Lee Landis 

Parslppany. NJ 07054 


2208 Salem Road 

WiUiam R. Naah 


Coopersburg. PA 18036 
JntUth M. Lee 

1 134'/2 Reynolds Ave. 


Scranton. PA 18504 

908 Walnut Street 

Judith Nelmond 

Clarks Summit, PA 1841 1 

RD 1 Box 354 

Kathleen M. Leffler 

McAllstervllle. PA 17049 

309 Leila Street 

Theresa M. Nicholson 

toaa M. Gallaa 

Johnstown. PA 15905 

1999 W High Gate Ct 

12 Pumpkin Hill Road 
.evittown, PA 19056 

Debbie A. Leinhauser 

Hudson. OH 44236 

629 Maple Avenue 

Thomas E. Nlkoden 

inthony L. Giordano 

038 Memor\' Lane 

Aldan. PA 19018 

158 Nicholson 

MIchele L. Leonettl 

Wilkes Barre. PA 18702 

Icchanlcsbiirg, PA 17055 
lean M. Gleana 

1 13 Chestnut Street 

Kimbcrly A. Oesch 

Elmer. NJ 08318 

32 Tamenend Avenue 

9 Prince William Road 

Karen M. Leonovich 

New Britain. PA 18901 

"organvllle, NJ 07751 
)aniel J. Goetz 

RD 1 Box 143 

Elvsburg. PA 17824 


53 Broad Street 

Lee J. Lesisko 


lalnt Clair, PA 17970 

656 Arlington 

lary E. Golden 

Tamaqua. PA 18252 

440 West Arch Street 

Brenda Lewis 

^ Pf 

Ihamokm, PA 17872 

303 West Main Street 


indrea L. Goldhahn 

Dalton. PA 18414 


30 Prim .■ Frt-derlck 

Gregory S. Lewis 

1 W 


;ing Prussl.i PA 19406 

46 Maple Lane 

landra C, Goucher 

Newtown. PA 18940 

300 Forest Avenue 

Barry Todd Lindemoth 

534 South Main Street 

feptune Bearh, FL 32266 

leather Lynn Graham 

Taylor. PA 18517 

03 Seven Stars Road 

Bruce A. Linton 

iprlngCltv, PA 19475 

345 Faln.lew Street 

Randy D. Parry 

>onDa L. Grleabach 

Catasauqua. PA 18032 

Third Avenue 

•02 Taylor Avenue 

Michael Jerome Locust 

Dickson City. PA 18508 

lewtown. PA 18940 

359 Glenn Avenue 

Sanorra L. Payne 

Umberly A. Groff 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

5347 Upland Street 

HOE Susquehanna Sl- 

Kelly M. Lucas 

Philadelphia, PA 19143 

vUentown, PA 18103 

RD 1 BOX372A 

Ann Marie Phillips 

'Incent P. Groaa 

Mlllvllle. PA 17846 

721 Race Street 

■SFrolhlngham Street 
'Ittston, PA 18640 

Kris A. Lynch 

Catasauqua. PA 18032 

788 School House Lane 

Bret A. Piano 

<ara J. Halenda 

Warminster. PA 18974 

1 16 Falrvlew Avenue 

'-0 Box 1 13 

Hatboro. PA 19040 

:heyney, PA 19319 

Michelle J. Pintande 

YlcU A. Hauinger 

708 Jackson Street 

101 Susquehanna Ave, 

Easton. PA 18042 

lunbun,. PA 17801 

Peggy Rathe 

309Wall Street 

(haron E. Hazcnakl 

73 Wright Street 
Jurvea, PA 18642 


Danville. PA 17821 


Laura A. Reynolds 

:hrl>tlne D. Heller 

. IVII^X^ 

1759 Papermlll Road 
Meadowbrook. PA 19046 

116 South Poplar St 


<ounl Carmcl, PA 17851 

Patricia A. Rhodes 

Itnlelle C. Hesa 

1024 Longrldge Road 
Chesapeake. VA 23322 

75 Copeechan Road 
thnecksvllle, PA 18078 

^^^f ^ 

Klmberly A. RIss 

Uchael L. Hieber 

3571 Stafore Drive 

•00 \allamont Drive 

Tracy R. Mace 

Bethlehem. PA 18017 

Vllllamsport, PA 17701 

1 105 Marsh Thorndale R 

David M. Robinson 

rriatle M. Hock 

West Chester. PA 19380 

109 Woodland Avenue 

05 Dutch Hill Road 

Sean P. Madden 

Schwenksvllle, PA 19473 

lloomsburg, PA 17815 
lara A. Holewlnakl 

243 S Chestnut Street 

David W. Robson 

Mount Carmel. PA 17851 

3532 Castle Way 

13 North Tamenend Ave, 

Jennifer A. Makuch 

Silver Spring. MD 20904 
Julie M. Robus 

ew Britain. PA 18901 

P O Box 307 

«e E. HoUenbach 

Freeburg. PA 17827 

1424 Southwind Way 

!D 1 Box 1 36 

Tleman S. Mallon 

Dresher. PA 19025 

leavertown, PA 17813 

208 North Market St 

Thomas A. Rocder 

'oMph Hopklna 

07 MlllvUle Rd, Apt. 5 
lloomsburg, PA 17815 

Muncv. PA 17756 

RD3BOX 194 

Frederick D. Mansfield m 

Quakertown. PA 18951 

1512 Wandering Way 

Ul A. Howard 

Harrlsburg. PA 17110 
Lubow J. Marshalick 

^ A 

1 ^ 

35 West Oak Street 


^ M 

•henandoah. PA 17976 

511 North Sixth Street 



lancy W. Hrlnda 

Shamokln. PA 17872 



37 W Anthony Avenue 

Jason Masakowaki 



lloomsburg, PA 17815 

339 West Newport St 



Uchelle L. Huff 

Glen Lyon. PA 18617 

w 1 


ID 3 Box 148 

Kelly A. McCormick 

lloomsburg. PA 17815 

3213 North Second St 

tuanne E. Hutnlck 

Whitehall. PA 18052 


Senior Directory 

Blkash Saha 

44 Nabndra Basak Ln 
Dhaka Bangdesh 98 1 100 
Catherine G. Samples 
1502 N. Bailey Road 
Downlngtown, PA 19335 
Brian Sawka 
333 Goff Avenue 
Oaklvn. NJ 08107 
Lynda J. Schlegel 
1280 Market Street 
Sunbur>'. PA 17801 
John E. Schwelzer Jr. 
68 Kentucky Lane 
Levlttown. PA 19055 
Premal D. Shah 
1526 Barnswallow Drive 
Bensalem. PA 19020 
Detdre M. Sherwood 
270 Church Road 
Mountalnlop. PA 18707 
Lisa A. Shiner 
133 Corcoran Street 
Old Forge. PA 18518 
Brian F. Shopf 

23 Runway Avenue 
New Holland. PA 17557 
Andrew M. Siegfried 
RD 3 Box 606 
Drums. PA 18222 
Maria Ann Sllvestri 
Hllltown Pike Lxgtn Fm Line 
Lexington. PA 18932 
Hellen K. SIma 

239 East Street 
BloomsburiJ. PA 17815 
Karen A. Skrincoaky 
212 Broad Street 
Saint Clair. PA 17970 
Barbara E. Smith 
1 1 5 Eagle Nest Court 
Lancaster. PA 17601 
Brett R. Smith 
778 Keith Lane 
Lansdale. PA 19446 
Rusaell P. Snyder 
1 McKlnstry Street 
Newburah.NY 12550 
Lori A. SUnlalaw 

24 Devonshire Drive 
Wyomlssing His. PA 19610 
Kathleen E. SUnk 

318 Main Street 
Ranshaw. PA 17866 
Dawn M. Stelngall 
93 Tomahawk Trail 
Sparta. NJ 07871 
Emily K. Stookey 
2808 Bloom Roacf 
Danville. PA 17821 
Mellsaa J. Straub 
501 Laura Drive Apt, 2 
Danville. PA 17821 
Scott D. Strockoz 
34 Arch Street 
Pen Arg.vl. PA 18072 
Charlea E. Stryker 
RD 1 Box 120 
Montgomery. PA 17752 
Michelle M. Tanaey 
17 Manker Drive 
Florham Park. NJ 07932 
Richard A. Taylor 
8633 Forrest Avenue 
Philadelphia. PA 19150 
Cory J. Terwllllger 
227 East Third Street 
Miminvllle. PA 18631 
Robert L. TItman 
106 Carpenter St A 8C 
Muncy. PA 17756 
John L. Toland 
639 Old Gulph Road 
Bryn Mawr. PA 19010 
Cynthia A. Tracy 
7753 West Skyline Drive 
Harrlsburg. PA 17112 
Frank R. Varano 
808 Old Berwick Road 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Stephen L. Venuto 
RDSSummerhlll Est 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Irene J. Walsh 

424 Callowhill Road 
Chalfont. PA 18914 
Lisa Jo Wasson 
PC, Box 358 
Avis. PA 17721 
Margaret A. Welk 
2705 Avon Avenue 
Reading. PA 19608 
Alice L. Wesner 
Box 573 

Sugarloaf. PA 18249 
Lea Ann White 
1629 Maple Road 
KlntnersvlUe. PA 18930 
Pamela J. Whitney 
23 Crowell Road 
Sandwich. MA 02563 
Adrienne N. Williams 
579 West Center Street 

Wind Gap. PA 18091 
Mark W. Wolfe 
143 Ridge Street 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Katharine M. Woollum 
22 Meadow Run Drive 
WInfleld. PA 17889 
Gloria D. Young 
260 Buckhorn Road 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
William J. Zelgler 
212 North Fourth St 
Sunbury. PA 17801 
David J. Zimmerman 
1711 Hatboro Avenue 
Hatboro. PA 19040 



Kenny Abboud 

1220 Brentwood Avenue 
Bethlehem. PA 18017 
Susan G. Adams 
1824 EasthUl Drive 
Bethlehem. PA 18017 
Donna M. Adgle 
6104 Pleasure Avenue 
Sea Isle CItv. NJ 08243 
Eric M. Alezy 
Pine Drive 

Phoenlxvllle. PA 19460 
Mark L. Amarose 
347 East Saylor Street 
Atlas. PA 17851 
John A. Amlcl Jr. 
1993 Baker Drive 
Allentown. PA 18103 
John L. Andronls 
2674 East Texas Blvd 
Allentown. PA 18103 
Theresa H. Armbrister 
Box219A HC3 
Wllllamsport. PA 17701 
Sharon C. Aucker 
210 Wild Cherry Lane 
Northumberland. PA 17857 
Trishia R. Auker 
RD 1 Box 304 
Watsontown. PA 17777 
Clifton M. Aullalo 
Star Route Box 76 
Gouldsboro. PA 18424 
Christine A. Babiarz 
RD 1 Box 1506A 
Freeland. PA 18224 
Marc A. Baker 
1964 Lycoming Creek Rd. 
Wllllamsport. PA 17701 
Bryan J. Balavage III 
941 Market Street 
Trevorton. PA 17881 
Maryann J. Balutis 
608 Maple Street 
Ranshaw. PA 17866 
Kristine A. Barkofsky 
1224 Gross Drive 
Mechanlcsburg. PA 17055 
Charles M. Bartholomew 
372 Fourth Street 
Northumberland. PA 17857 
David E. Bast 
1746 Hampton Road 
Bethlehem. PA 18017 
Carla M. Baumunk 
RD 1 Bo,v 32 
Fnrksvillc. PA 18616 
Matthew R. Bean 
142 Cedar Drive 
New Britain. PA 18901 
Franclne E. Bebenek 
RD2 Box 234 
Shamokln. PA 17872 
Mary B. Belerschmitt 
365 RIvervlew Avenue 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Christine M. Belskie 
3090 Trolley Bridge Cr. 
Quakertown. PA 18951 
Tina J. Bennett 
25 Valmeere Avenue 
Falconer. NY 14733 
Carol A. Bentlage 
RD3BOX 1448 
Milton. PA 17847 
Steven W. Betsker 
31 8 Spruce Street 
Sunbury. PA 17801 
Patricia L. Betz 
1829 Fry Avenue 
Wllllamsport. PA 17701 
Catherine B. Bill 
158 Mudjekecwis 

Medlord Lakes. NJ 08055 

David Blngman 

340 Trinity Avenue 

Ambler. PA I 9002 

Stephanie A. BIrster 

P O Box 78 

Locust Dale. PA 17945 

Elaine Blauer 

1946 Wyoming Avenue 

Exeler, PA 18643 

Brian W. BUckensderfer 

Archbald. PA 18403 
Leslie A. Bolden 
RD 1 Box 295 
Stillwater. PA 17878 
Danielle Borrelll 
3 Pheasant Run 
Hacketlstown. NJ 07840 
Paul D. Bottiglleri 
15131 Ina Drive 
Philadelphia. PA 191 16 
Rebecca J. Bower 
341 Lincoln Avenue 
Wllllamsport. PA 17701 
Elizabeth A. Bowers 
1 228 Gordon Road 
Jenklntown. PA 19046 
Valerie L. Boweraoz 
RD 2 Box 634 
Montoursvllle. PA 17754 
Heidi E. Boyer 
4807 Orchard Street 
Harrlsburg. PA 17109 
RIcki M. Boyle 
537 Catawlssa Avenue 
Sunbury. PA 17801 
Edward C. Brandt 
809 Merrill Road 
Ambler. PA 19002 
Margaret L. Brass 
205 North Walnut St, 
Mount Carmel. PA 17851 
Corinne A. Brett 
436 Pierce Street 
Bethlehem. PA 18015 
Ileen Brooks 
64 Upland Drive 
Churchvllle. PA 18966 
Edwin C. Brouse 
P O Box 181 
Montandon. PA 17850 
Jeffrey S. Brownell 
Box 294 Red Mill Road 
Glen Gardner. NJ 08826 
Ivonne C. Bucher 
RD 1 Box 432B 
Liverpool. PA 17045 
Melanle L. Buck 
P O Box 42 
Starrucca. PA 18462 
Sandra M. Bushnell 
6 Victoria Lane 
Levlttown. PA 19054 
Megan S. Butler 
33 Main St Chester Brk, 
Wayne. PA 19087 


Scott F. Caldwell 

300 Main Street Apt 3 
Catawlssa. PA 17820 
Joy R. Camella 
136 Clinton Street 
S- Bound Brook. NJ 08880 
Lisa A. Capoblanco 
ISDarlen Place 
East Northport. NY 1 1731 
Carole M. Cardone 
930 Grove Strecl 
Wllll.irns[).,rl. PA 17701 
Jennifer B. Carey 
1310 Timber Lane 
Chalfont. PA 18914 
Timothy E. Casey 
225 McLean Street 
Wilkes Barre. PA 18702 
Cynthia J. Cassano 
818 West 17th Street 
Hazlelon. PA 1 1820 
Jacqueline C. Champouz 
RD3 Box 215A 
Catawlssa. PA 1782fi 
Michael S. Chlarkas 
RD 2 Box 223 
MIddleburg. PA 17842 
Sharon L. Christman 
140 Arch Street 
Sunbury, PA 17801 
Mary P. Chuchman 
104 Claremont Drive 
Lansdale. PA 19446 
David W. CiabattonI 
817 Lorane Road 
Reading. PA 1 9606 
Robert S. ClenkI 
341 West Elm Street 
Hazleton. PA 18201 
Keith Clncotta 
20 Woodslde Lane 
CInnamlnson NJ 08077 
David J. CIpar 

Senior Directory 

1402 Whitfield Blvd 

Gary T. Groenhelm 

Wcsl Laiin, PA 19609 

526 Saint Francis Road 

Joseph C. Cipriani 

Towson. MD 21204 

RP 1 Itox 467 

Bob W. Groshek 

MonlRomco'. PA 17752 

V ■■ ^^^ 

RI)2 Box 2463 

Jaolne M. Clauu 

mm ^m W^^mm 

Berivkk. PA 18603 

313 S St Cloud Street 

L_l \^W 

Nancy A. Gugger 

RD5 Box 157C 

AlleilCown. PA 18104 

^ J^^^S^^^^ 

Ann M. Clementa 


Sellnsgrove. PA 17870 

RI) 2 Box 337 

^^^r ^r ^^ 

Donna S. Gutknecht 

Jer-..! Shore, PA 17740 


1 2 Millwood Drive 

Elaine M. Cloae 

Alan A. Eck 

Danville. PA 17821 

37 Mi.irpe Street 

1510 Harding Avenue 

Jeffrey T. Gynrina 

KlMKslon, PA 18707 

Wllllamsport. PA 17701 

1116 Monroe Road 

Brian J. Clouser 

Carl A. Edwards 

MonloursvlUc. PA 17754 

HCK 63 Box 1 7 

1 52 Page Avenue 


Mlinintown. PA 17059 

Kingston. PA 18704 

M M a 

MIcbelle M. Cocca 

Amy Linn P. Ellaworth 


154 North Timber Road 

148 Andover Street 

Holland. PA 18966 

Wilkes Barre. PA 18702 

Stephen J. Comlnakjr 

Clark E. Entfelman 

RD 2 Box 269A 

■ ■ ■ 

106 East Main St Apt H 

U 1 

Bloonisburg. PA 17815 

Mlllvllle. PA 17846 


Haijorie A. Comrey 

Meryl L. Esandrio 


RD 6 Box 5 

21 Brown Court 


Danville. PA 17821 

RIverdale. NJ 07457 


Stephen J. Cook 

Grant S. Evangellatl 

2 19 Aspen Wav 

P.O Box 66 

Dovlestown. PA 18901 

Mildred. PA 18632 

Tracy Habib 

Donna M. Cooper 

Patricia A. Eyerly 

442 East Third Street 

2414 North Fourth St. 

202 Columbia Avenue 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Jeff H. Haflett 

Harrlsburg. PA 17110 

Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
Rachel A. Faust 

Robert M. Coppolino 

1 7 Woodland Drive 

1334 McKlnlev Street 

HC31 Box 176 

Troy. PA 16947 

Philadelphia. PA 19111 
Leonard C. Cory 

Wllllamsport. PA 17701 

Gary L. Haley 

Sharon Fegan 

800 West Main Street 

Box 186 Main Street 


Mlllvllle. PA 17846 

Col Cross Road. PA 16914 

Watsontown. PA 17777 

Beth S. Hall 

tiaryann E. Cremard 

Antfela D. Felfer 

23 Blrchwyn Drive 

431 Lowe Street 

173 MrAlplne Street 

S Wllllamsport. PA 17701 
Jon P. Hall 

Dur\ea, PA 18642 
Karin S. Creaaman 

Elysburg. PA 17824 

Victoria L. Felter 

RD 6 Box 385 

233 Main Street 

P.O. Box 10 

Muncy. PA 17756 

Red Hill. PA 18076 

Sparrowbush. NY 12780 

Charles L. Harman 

Hare C. Criaaman 

Johanna Fltfueroa 

West Fifth Street 

RD 4 Bo.v 208 

122 North Bradford St. 

Mlininvllle. PA 18631 

Sunburv. PA 17801 

Allentown. PA 18103 

Nancy M. Hamer 

Brian b. Crouthamel 

Susan A. Finch 

RR 4 Box 4454 2 

1526 l.leb Road 

RR 2 Box 230 

Berwick. PA 18603 

Easlon. PA 18042 

Paxinos. PA 17860 

Dallaa R. Harris 

Nannette L. Curclo 

MIchele I. Fisher 

RD 5 Box 165 

534 South Sixth Street 

1001 Susquehanna St 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Bangor. PA 18013 

Trevorton, PA 17881 

Jacqueline A. Heckman 

Liaa CuTo 

Sheila K. Fisher 

2103 Heights Road 
Berwick. PA 18603 

3661 Southwood Drive 


Easton. PA 18042 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Matthew L. Helney 

Eve Marie S. Czeponia 

Edward D. Forman 


107 N Locust Street 

268 Gordon Street 

Hughesvllle. PA 17737 

Mounl Carmel. PA 17851 

Staten Island. NY 10304 

MIchele Lee Heintzelman 

Sandra Ann Dando 

Refllna M. Fomara 

1500 Bonnie Brae Drive 

140 North Sixth Street 

523 Wesl Mahanov Ave. 

Sunburv. PA 17801 

ClrardvlUe. PA 17535 

Huntingdon Val . PA 19006 

David A. Hendricks 

William E. Dantona 

Vallerie A. Fowler 

RD2 Box 201 

335 North Main Street 

1615 Steel Street 

Catawlssa. PA 17820 

Plains. PA 18705 

Berwick. PA 18603 

Katlileen S. Henry 

Denlae M. Daucheaa 

Deborah A. Fox 

Bl 12 Dougherty Blvd. 

Lake Hauto RD 1 

341 LIghtstreet Road 

Glen Mills. PA 19342 

Nesquehonlng. PA 18240 
Chrlatopher M. Dautrich 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Joseph p. Franceschino 

Kenneth W. Hensel 

412 West Main Street 

919 East Seventh St 

15 Linden Drive 

Weatherlv. PA 18255 

Berwick. PA 18603 

Broomall. PA 19008 

Joann M. Hess 

KImberly J. David 

Scott L. Frederick 

847 Maple Avenue 

28 Namkee Road 

1 14 South West Street 

Ardsley. PA 19038 

Bluepolnt, NY 11715 

Wllllamstown. PA 17098 

Anita H. Higgins 

Chriatlne A. Davia 

Robin L. FriU 

RD 2 Box 47 

RD 1 Box 1 683 

RD3 Box 131 C 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

Nescopeck. PA 18635 

Benton, PA 17814 

Christina M. Higgins 

Karyn A. Davia 

John D. Frizzell 

1975 Bustard Road 

207 Crestwood Avenue 

RRl Box 372 B 

Harleysvllle. PA 19438 

Clarks Summit. PA 18411 

Mlllvllle. PA 17846 

Darin L. Hock 

Suzanne Davla 

Mellnda D. Fnlmer 


RR 4 Bo.x 1 99 

237 Whittler Lane 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Kathy L. Hoffman 

Blo<imsburg. PA 17815 
Jamie A. Dawaon 

Lancaster. PA 17602 

James A. Furffele 

Box 228 Star Route 

RD 4 Box 204 I 

6290 4th St Apt 4 

Sunbury. PA 17801 

Bloonisburg. PA 17815 

Lakevllle. PA 18438 

Llaamarie Holinka 

Paala J. Dave 

88 North Filth Street 

Darell W. Gamer 

138 Oakdale Village 

N Brunswick, NJ 08902 

101 Hlllcrest 

Hughesvllle. PA 17737 

Chalfont. PA 18914 

Kenneth L. Hollenbaogb 

Laora B. Dean 

Joseph H. Geles 

16 Creamery Road 

14 Fox Hollow Drive 

564 Lewis Street 

Boiling Spring. PA 17007 
Theresa M. Hollenbaugh 

Dallas, PA 18612 

MInersvllle. PA 17954 

Ronald G. Deeter 

Karen L. Genslejewski 

1 6 Creamery Road 

RD 3 Box 1 90 

312 Carnation Drive 

Boiling Spring. PA 1 7007 
Scott L. Hona 

Catawlssa. PA 17820 

Clarks Summit. PA 18411 

Bret A. Demyan 

Kara T. Glanoni 

RD 8 Box 502 

1625 Eleventh Street 

RD 5 Box 5027 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Bethlehem. PA 18017 

Moscow. PA 18444 

Terry L. Hoover 

Amy Jo Dentlth 

Christiane Gibson 

590 15th Street 

110 Arch Street 

RD 2 Box 2639 

Northumberland. PA 17857 

Pen Argyl. PA 18072 

Factoryvllle. PA 18419 

Kimberly A. Hostetter 

Lauren M. Dewey 

Randy R. GUgannon 

552 Norlam Drive 

P.O Box G 

514 West Eighth Street 

Lancaster. PA 17601 

Tunkhannock. PA 18657 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

Amy J. Hower 

KImberly A. Dietrich 

Gary S. Glllick 

RD2 Box HOB 

RD2 Box 479 

331 Quay Avenue 

Watsontown. PA 17777 

Miminburg. PA 17844 
Jennifer L. Dlncher 

Scranton. PA 18504 

Laura L. Hudson 

Mary A. Classic 

1042 West Fern Street 

642 Cedarbrook Road 

RD 3 Box 164 

Southampton. PA 18966 

Wllllamsporl. PA 17701 

Shamokln. PA 17872 

Sara D. Hughes 

Yvonne M. Dockey 

Geoffrey A. Goehler 

2404 Old Berwick Road 

231 1 Falr%lew Terrace 

23 Winter Road 

Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
Catherine M. Hunter 

Wllllamsport. PA 17701 
Dana S. DomkoaU 

Holland. PA 18966 

Barry J. Goerllch 

720 Harper Avenue 

110 22nd Avenue 

3251 Clifton Avenue 

Drexel HIM, PA 19026 

Altoona. PA 16601 

Bethlehem. PA 18017 

Gregory W. Inna 


Stephen T. Donald 

Donna Grajewskt 

5 Leonard Place 

Star Route 

Elysburg, PA 17824 

a mm 

Dover, NJ 07801 

Shickshlnny. PA 18655 

Adam A. Donkua 

Susan S. Grant 

1 Wagner Avenue 

PC, Box 187 

Hummelstown. PA 17036 

Heglns. PA 17921 
Mellaaa A. Greene 

David J. Donovan 

740 Davis Street 

RD 3 Box 399 

1 IX 1 

Scranton. PA 18505 

Palmyra. PA 17078 
Monica R. Gresh 

IK 1 

Pamela J. Doty 


RD 5 Box 528A 

RD 2 Box 821 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Boyertown. PA 19512 

m -*■ 

Senior Directory 


S«th S. Jackson 

Strasburg. PA 17579 

681 Stahl Avenue 

129 Wooristock Drive 

Michael R. Lynch 

Wllllamsport. PA 17701 
Patrice J. Nevis 

Newtown. PA 18940 

2219 S Bonnaffon St 

Pamela A. Jacob* 

Philadelphia. PA 19142 

333 West Avenue 

369 W Sprlngrield Road 

Mount Carmel. PA 17851 

Springfield. FA 19064 

Shannon E. Newman 

Samuel C. Jerome 

2 1*1 .!ctt' rsMii Avenue 

1 10 Center Street 

N.i/.ir.lli. y,\ 18064 

Savre. PA 18840 

Michael A. Norbe 

Heidi M. Johnson 

IK H Box B2,)K 

6 Hillside Avenue 

E Jkl 

AlbrlghtsvlUe. PA 18210 
Noei^ Novak 

Ludlow. PA 16333 


B. Hollls Jones 


52 Skyline Drive 

1004 East Dewarl St 

Chalfont. PA 18914 

Shamokln. PA 17872 


Ralph C. Jones 


2729 Rlvervlew Avenue 

^^m ^ 



Espv. PA 17815 

» A 

] m 

Marsha L. JopskI 



226 Wedgewood Drive 

Susan M. MacKenzle 



Turnersvllle. NJ 08012 

1430 Osbourne Avenue 



Denlse C. Kahnell 

Roslyn. PA 19001 
Janice T. Maertz 

1602 E Glenmonl Lane 



West Chester, PA 19380 

1312 Treellne Drive 



Stephen E. Kasarda 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 



RD2 Box 184 

Catherine A. Mahon 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

733 Penn Avenue 

Michael L. Kauffman 

Sinking Spring. PA 19608 
Gerald F. Marley 

106 Tenth Ave Box 121 

Shamokln Dain. PA 17876 

RD 2 Box 752 

Ann M. Olenlck 

Kelly B. Keenan 

Drums. PA 18222 

RR 2 Box 748 

836 Norlh Pardee St 

Virginia E. Mascaro 

RD 5 Box 374 

Sugarloaf. PA 18249 

Easton. PA 18042 

Dawn M. Ollvera 

Jennifer L. Kelner 

Bloomsburg. PA 1 7K 1 5 

311 Northumberland St. 

715 South Walnut .St. 

Stephanie A. Matyas 

White Haven. PA 18661 

Nantlcoke. PA 18634 

RD 1 Box 1250 

Cristina L. Oliveros 

Lynn C. Kelchner 

Bangor. PA 18013 
David M. McCann 

10022 Nw20th Street 

715 East Fourth Street 

Coral Springs. FL 33071 

Berwick. PA 18603 

RD 1 Box 59 

Jennifer R. Ott 

Todd K. Kennedy 

Kemplon. PA 19529 

53 Jennifer Lane RD 2 

RD 1 Box 120 

Laura A. McCawley 

Effort. PA 18330 

Athens. PA 18810 

402 Jackson Avenue 

Christine M. Padtto 

Jean Lorraine Kester 

Susquehanna. PA 18847 

615 Drlnnon Way 

8375 Bull Road 

Kathleen M. McGonigle 

Lansdale. PA 19446 

Lewlsberrv. PA 17339 

135 Garden Road 

Thomas A. Pajlc 

George G. Kinney 

344 Price Street 

Oreland. PA 19075 

510 Brian Drive 

Molly K. McGulness 

Cherry Hill. NJ 08003 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

370 Wedgewood Drive 

Pamela June Palermo 

KrlsUne L. KIpphut 

11112 GlenflefdStreet 

Easton. PA 18042 

206 South Pine Street 

James P. McGurrin 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

Philadelphia. PA 19154 

28 Teaberry Lane 

Lynn A. Paris 

Yolanda Kobrynowicz 

Levlltown. PA 19054 

28 Glen Road 

9 Denny Road 

Kelly J. McKee 

Lansdale. PA 19446 

DenvlUe. NJ 07834 

RD 1 Box 1247 

Christopher G. Peechatka 

Sasan E. Koehler 

New Columbia. PA 17856 

RD 3 Box 3077 

1807 East Hills Drive 

Harry B. McKeown 

Stroudsburg. PA 18360 

Bethlehem. PA 18017 

6815 KeefersLane 

Toby W. Pepper 

Karen M. KoHanovlch 

Bloom>.hMrg PA 17815 
Molly K. Megenlty 

RD 2 Box 438 

RD 4 Box 242 

Muncy. PA 17756 

Lake Ariel. PA 18436 

391111, r.-i III, n.H Fi-rr 

Lisa M. Peterlln 

Michael J. Koat 

Hdrrlstiiiin l',\ 1 7H)9 

2 Pettebone Street 

1216 Fifth Avenue 

Donna M. Mckenney 

Swoversvllle. PA 18704 

Berwick. PA 18603 

127 Bartholomew Road 

Robert J. Petit Clair 

Diane Marie Kovacs 

Berwyn. PA 19312 
Lorl Mekulski 

1028 Ensign Avenue 
Beachwood. NJ 08722 

2320 Madison Avenue 

Bethlehem. PA 18017 

707 Apple Drive 

Sean J. Petrasek 

Sandra L. Krasniuky 

Mechanlcsburg. PA 17055 

34 Walnut Street 

RD2 Box 2514 

Vincent S. Mennella 

Forty Fort. PA 18704 
Marie T. Petrovich 

PottsvUle. PA 1790 1 

21 Robert Street 

Donna M. Kroll 

Parslppany. NJ 07054 

1059 Walnut Street 

240 West First Street 

Luis S. Mercado 

Kulpmont. PA 17834 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

16 East Third Street 

Eric Pflzenmayer 

Deborah K. Kmm 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Noelle F. Meske 

1 Carol Lane 

19 East Sixth Street 

Malvern. PA 19355 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

RD 2 Box 335D 

Richard M. Pinterich 

Katliryn A. Kuchwara 

1416 Bloom Road 

Mlllvllle. PA 17846 

II, U Shi-l sireet 

Jennifer E. Meyer 

11. rwk k. I'A 18603 

Danville. PA 17821 

125 Peggy Lane 

Kristl E. Plotts 

Vincent P. Kulbluky 

Chalfont. PA 18914 

72 D Iron Sireet 

44 Main Street 

Debra L. Mllgrim 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Anlssa P. Podlaskl 

Mt Carbon. PA 17901 

235 North 17 Street 

KImberly A. Kulick 

Camp Hill. PA 1701 1 

213 Crystal Street 

840 Jessup Avenue 

Jacqueline A. Miller 

N Arlington. NJ 07032 
Hlchaef S. Pompel 

Dunmore. PA 18512 

1319 Meade Street 

Tereu L. Kulp 

Wllllamsport. PA 17701 

2333 Kensington Street 

RD 5 Box 399 

Marc D. Miller 

Harrtsburg. PA 17104 

Boyertown. PA 19512 

3004 Belmont Avenue 

Everett D. Powell 

Karen A. Knrilla 

West Lawn. PA 19609 

RD 1 Whil.-haven 

130 West Luzerne Ave 

Tracy L. Miller 

While Haven. PA 18661 

Larksvllle. PA 18704 

52 Woodrow Avenue 

Lynn E. Price 

William P. Laman 

Sinking Spring. PA 19608 

P Box 833 

205 Copperbeech Drive 
Blue Bell. PA 19422 

Melissa N. MInakowski 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Cresswell Gardens 

Kerry R. Puhl 

Alan R. Landon 

Ashland. PA 17921 

609 Country Club Drive 

161 North Second St 

Pamela S. Mitchell 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Hughesvllle. PA 17737 

RD 1 Box 306 Mast Road 

Kerri Lynn Rapp 

Donna L. Laubach 

Oley. PA 19547 

15 Jeanette Street 

RD2 Box 1572 

Ellen S. Moharsky 

Easton. PA 18042 

Mimintown. PA 17059 

234 Church Street 

Craig D. Rebuck 

Nicole Lee 

Edwardsvllle. PA 18704 

RD 1 Box KH 

226 Bullens Lane 

Kristin Lynn Mollnro 

Kllngerstown. PA 17941 
Linda A. Regan 

1 ThrtimontRoad 

Woodlyn. PA 19094 

8 Todmorden Lane 

Karen B. Lewis 

Walllngford. PA 19086 

RD2 Box 234G1 

Kathleen J. Moore 

West Caldwell. NJ 07006 

Shickshlnny. PA 18655 

305 Webster Street 

Keith Relmert 

Jennifer M. Lindberger 

Ranshaw. PA 17866 

1 1 South Broad Street 

1 19 Cedar Street 

Kelly J. Moulthrop 

Adamstown. PA 19501 

Jenklntown. PA 19046 

3135 Fairyland Road 

Denlse Reinbold 

NaUlle Llott 

Lehlghton. PA 18235 
Cynthia K. Moyer 

RD 2 Box 2700 

877 North Church St 

New Tripoli. PA 18066 

Hazleton. PA 18201 

RD2 Box 187 

Noreen M. Relsaer 

Beverly A. Longenberger 

Wapwallopen. PA 18660 

207 Columbia Avenue 

RD 1 

Michael Muldoon 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Kristen Reltmeyer 

Nescopeck. PA 18635 

P.O Box 293 

Jennifer A. Loughlln 

Goshen. NY 10924 

93 Huron Circle 

99 Grandvlew Avenue 

Mary M. Muller 

Nuremberg. PA 18241 
Vickl A. Remener 

Nanuet. NY 10954 

450 Spruce St 2nd H 

Richard C. Lowe 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Angela K. Myers 

975 Falrvlew Drive 

P O Box 123 

360 East Water Street 

Mlllvllle. PA 17846 

Hughesvllle. PA 17737 

Theresa A. Reustle 

Jamea P. Lucas 

Hanover. PA 17331 

RD 3 Box 553 

RD 2 Box I 1 1 

MIchele L. Mangle 

Boyertown. PA 19512 

Ashland. PA 17921 

417 Meadowhurst Lane 

KImberly M. Reuter 

William M. Lucaa 

Media. PA 19063 

15 Drake Lane 

71 Far Horizon Drive 

Jeffrey A. Naugle 

Ledgewood. NJ 07852 

Monroe. CT 06468 

RD 1 Box 274 

Frank J. Rlccette 

9uen Cam Ly 

Sellnsgrove. PA 17870 
SberrfL. Netterblade 

25 East Gartbaldl Ave. 

317 MIndy Avenue 

Nesquehonlng, PA 18240 

Senior Directory 

Linda P. Rlcco 

Hellerlown, PA 18055 

1827 Market Street 

RD 3 Kellv CI Apl Bl 

Gretchen A. Snyder 

Ashland. PA 17921 

Lewlsburg PA 17837 
WUllam E. Rl^> Jr. 

1055 Waterloo Road 

Joseph White 

Berwvn. PA 19312 

1609 Howe Lane 

RD 1 U<.\ ^h3 

Dlone M. Soboleski 

Maple Glen. PA 19002 

UrmvUllf PA 17774 

2000 North Vine Street 

Michael T. WUey 

Ethan J. Rljbtinyer 

Berwick, PA 18603 

522 Polk Valley Road 

Slump Rodd Box 107 

Scott R. Spald 

Hellertown. PA 18055 

Fountalnvllle. PA 18923 

Market Street 

Chloe R. WUllams 

DenlK Rene Rllbel 

Miminvllle, PA 18631 

203 West High Street 

352 B West Fifth St 

Donna M. Splndler 

Mllford. PA 18337 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

818 Meadow Avenue 

John M. WiUiams Jr. 

Linda L. Robinette 

Scranton, PA 18505 

PO Box 237 

2400 Spring Road 

Nancy E. Springman 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Carlisle, PA 17013 

RD 3 Box 280 

Patrick W. WUson 

Brent C. Roblnaon 

Muncv, PA 17756 

622 Campbell Street 

2502 Bldefore Court 

Wendy L. SUcbel 

Wllllamsport. PA 17701 

West Chester. PA 19382 

801 Moltke Avenue 

James P. Winz 

Colleen Marie Rodgera 

Scranton, PA 18505 

106 Harrtson Road 

15 East Madison Avenue 

Sandra L. Startzel 

Parslppany. NJ 07054 

West Hazleton, PA 18201 

1 1 1 North Eighth St 

James J. Wolk 

Edward U. Roger* 

Shamokin, PA 17872 


1116 Locust Street 

Carolyn Staalonas 

Sugarloaf, PA 18249 

Montoursvllle, PA 17754 

689 Normandy Court 

Gwen M. Wollman 

John A. Rolfe 

Westchester, PA 19380 

PO Box 231 

Dr>'den Road 

Loii A. Stempln 

Little York, NJ 08834 

Pottersvllle, NJ 07979 

107 Flortda Avenue 

Timothy D. Woodiing 

Chrlatopber P. Roth 

West Wyoming, PA 18644 

239 East 14th Street 

437 Washington Street 
Allenlown. PA 18102 

Shannon Strasbaogh 

Berwick, PA 18603 

5'/2 West Hanover St 

Craig A. Woznlak 

Joann L. Roaao 

Gettysburg, PA 17325 

19 Sldehlll Trail 

680 Metz Street 

Alexandra P. Suter 

Conyngham. PA 18219 

Phllllpsburg. NJ 08865 

715 Nm Axwell Street 

Anne M. Ryan 

Allentown, PA 18103 

210 Johns Drive 

Mark W. Swlneford 



Clearfield, PA 16830 

332 South Market St 
Sellnsgrove, PA 17870 
Kirk E. Taylor 






125 Lower Market St 



/Ml ^M ^ 

Milton. PA 17847 


^m sB ^K ^ 

Frank Andrew Telemko 


^^ MBjJtiJm 

9 Fern Avenue 

I tL 


Carbondale. PA 18407 

Anne M. Thomas 

^1^ \ ^^M 

RD2 Box 54 

Wapwallopen. PA 18660 

James P. Thomas 


324 East Fourth Street 

Jeanie S. Tap 


Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
Randy S. Thomaa 

282 Quarry Drtve 

Bloomsburg^PA 17815 
Lanii Ann T aroma 

RD3 Box 121 

Kelly L. Saeger 

Lehlghlon, PA 18235 

1421 Laurelwood Road 

1035 North 18th Street 

James Joel Tolbert 

Pottstown, PA 19464 

Allenlown, PA 18104 

703 Sampson Avenue 

Melissa E. Teager 

Robert L. Samtmann Jr. 

Willow Grove, PA 19090 

628 Whitney Avenue 

104 Rosewood Drive 

Robin Traenkle 

Reading. PA 19605 
Keith A. Tonng 

Lansdale, PA 19446 

3605 Colverdale Road 

Michael A. Sancber 

Bensalem, PA 19020 

260 Buckhorn Road 

1429 Pearl Street 

Donna Joan Trontman 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Allcntown, PA 18103 

202 Catawlssa Avenue 

Mark D. Zavacky 

Brian R. Sanera 

Sunbury, PA 17801 

449 Broad Street 

RD 2 Bo,x 305 

Rachael L. UscUowicz 

Pen Argyl. PA 18072 

Lewlsbura, PA 17837 
Gary G. Saiton 

207 South Center St, 

Annemarie Zeozel 

Frackvllle. PA 17931 

RD2 Box 137 

632K Sterling Avenue 
Bensalem, PA 19020 

MlUvllle. PA 17846 

Cathy A. Zikor 

Lynn M. Scala 

■ -^f^ 

161 Spring Garden 

, 530 Brian Manor 

Trucksvllle. PA 18708 

Berwick, PA 18603 

Chrlsta M. Zose 

Kathleen M. Scalea 


54 Idaho Avenue 

215Croftrldge Road 

Bay Shore. NY 11706 

Broomall, PA 19008 

Carolyn L. Zulick 

LUa R. Scott 


207 Greenwood Avenue 

45 South Third Street 

Madison. NJ 07940 

Lewlsburg, PA 17837 

Lori E. Sebastianelll 

815 Martin Drive 

Jessup, PA 18434 

Michael J. Selbert 

1222 Oik Street 

Michael D. Valdez 

BloomsDurg. PA 17815 
Jeffrey J. Seldel 

341 LIghtstreet Road 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

1014 Woodland Way 

BUlie J. Vargo 

Clarks Summit, PA '1841 1 

758 Navlor Ave 

Trieste Sbafer 

Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

1 Kit Dr Hazle Vlg 
Hazlcton. PA 18201 

Todd Vasvari 

2513 Hermitage Avenue 

Paula F. Shlelda 

Easton, PA 18042 

1644 Jill Road 

Susan E. Versailles 

Willow Grove, PA 19090 

2 1 5 West Grove Street 

James Greene C. Sblvely 

Clarks Summit, PA 1841 1 

P-0 Box 46 

Steven J. Vigorlto 

Mlllmont. PA 171-45 

54 Garden Avenue 

Denlse M. Shope 

Wharton, NJ 07885 

13Cotswald Street 

Lisa M. Vims 

Danville, PA 17821 

RD 1 Box 747 

Thomas C. Sbuffelbottom 

Barto, PA 19504 

2990 Ship Rock Road 

Susan W. Vougbt 

Willow Street, PA 17584 

1213 Summit Road 

Kami J. Silk 

Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
Dawn M. Wagner 

140 Heartwood Road 

Uvlttown, PA 19056 

413 East Center Street 

Christine E. Sims 

Mount Carmel, PA 17851 

718Elkwood Drive 

LlesI R. Wagner 

6 Cemetery Street 

New Cumberland, PA 17070 

Kathleen M. SInnott 

Woolrlch, PA 17779 

1940 South Broad St 

Lisa J. Walter 

Lansdale, PA 19446 

150 Weiss Avenue 

Krancls P. Slsko 

Easton, PA 18042 

1 South 25th Street 

Scott Walton 

Pottsvllle, PA 17901 

3013 Dickinson Avenue 

Penny L. Slasser 

Camp Hill, PA 1701 1 


Lisa Warrington 

Berwick, PA 18603 

925 Helllngs Avenue 

Carl E. Smith 

Langhorne, PA 19047 
Cra^ L. Welskerger 

RD 1 Box 222 

New Albany, PA 18833 

RD 1 Box 221 

Christian N. Smith 

Falls. PA 18615 

' RD2 

Klrsten R. Weller 

1 Berwick, PA 18603 

P O Box 420. 609 E 3rd 

' Krtsten L. Smith 

Nescopeck. PA 18635 

'< i68 Vine Street 

Ernest J. Weston 

■'■lllton, PA 17847 

71 1 Erie Street 

Michael A. Smith 

Peckvllle. PA 18452 

RD 1 Box 1 20 

John E. Wetzel 

Mt, Pleasant Ml . PA 17853 

714 South Railroad 

Rhonda L. Smith 

Mverstown, PA 17067 

2359 Leithsvllle Road 

Susan B. Wetzel 

Senior Directory 2 

The staff of the 1991 Obiter decided 
to continue the tradition started in 
the 1990 Obiter giving parents a 
spot to say their congratulations. In 
April, eight hundred letters were 
mailed to the parents of graduating 
seniors. All we asked for was a $5 
minimum donation. The response 
was overwhelming. We would like to 
thank the parents who responded 
with such enthusiasm. The patrons 
are listed as they came in, not In any 
particular order. 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Amerlne 
38 Highland Dr. 
Yardley, PA 19067 
Congratulations Bill! We're proud of 
your accomplishments! Love, Mom, 
Dad, Pam & David 

Mr. & Mrs. C. LeRoy DePrefontalne, 


lOOBrlarwood Dr. 

Douglassville. PA 19518 

Todd- Congratulations- May all your 

endeavors be successful. Love, 

Mother & Dad 

George & Virginia Klmmey 

5 Crawford Rd. 

Morris Plains, N.J. 

Dear Karen, Congratulations with 

much pride and love. Mom and Dad 

Pat Grove 

115 Wood Lane 

Reading, PA 19606 

Daph, Being one of two, my daughter 

from birth and into eternity. My 

pride and love has never changed. 

May life touch you with kindness 

and peace. Love, Mom 

Bob & Pat Markel 
521 Ninth St. 

New Cumberland, PA 17070 
Congratulations Lisa on four Excel- 
lent years at "Bloom." We are very 
proud of you! We wish for you the 
best of everything at UVA. 

Charles & Tina Berger 
232 Cardiff Rd. 
Falrless Hills, PA 19030 
Congratulations Kelli Berger, all our 
love. Mom and Dad 

Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Snelbecker 
8905 Patton Rd. 
Wyndmoor, PA 19118 
Laura, your aspirations and accom- 
plishments have made us proud. 
Congratulations and best wishes for 
a brought future. Love, Mom, Dad, 
David & Karen 

Joe & Fran Barnes 
Congratulations, Mary! You have 
done a great Job. We are so very 
proud of you. Love, Dad & Mom 

Mr. & Mrs. James Conway 
10 Cook St. 
Plains, PA 18705 

Dear Kelly, With all our love and 
pride. We wish you a happy and suc- 
cessful future. You've made us so 
proud. Love, Mom & Dad 

Anne M. & Robert W. Lange 

433 Madison St. 

Wllkes-Barre, PA 18705 

To our beloved son- Robert P. T. 

Lange Again, you have made us so 

proud and happy that God gave us 

you as a son. Love Forever, Mom & 


Dalla & Chuck Georgedes 
4 Union Mill Court 
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 
Dear Marc, Congratulations- Wel- 
come to the Real World! We love you 
and are very proud of you. Love, 
Mom & Dad 

Mr. & Mrs. Dean N. Paul 
RD "2, Box 5 
Ashland, PA 17921 
Congratulations, Angela. We're very 
proud of you. "Mom & Dad" 

Camellia Wells 

4703 Woodland Ave. 

DrexelHlll, PA 19026 

You have given us many proud mo 

ments. Thanks for being a wonder 

ful daughter. Love, Mom & Dad 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Bates 
281 W. Elm St. 
Palmyra, PA 17078 
Dear Cindy, We are very proud o 
your achievements while at Bloom 
sburg. We love you very much an( 
wish you the best In all that you do ii 
the future. Mom & Dad 

Robert & Rita Novak 
8 Cedar St. 
McAdoo, Penna. 
Congratulations, Karen. We an 
proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad 
Suzette, Dan, Annette, Dave, am 

Brian Carling 

1036 Long Rd. 

Easton, PA 18042 

Having a son like you has made life 

real Joy. We are so proud to be you 

parents. Best of luck in North Car 

olina. Mom & Dad 

Jim & Elaine Honse 
RD*5 Box 461 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
To Our Daughter: You have provei 
that you can accomplish your goal li 
life, even during stressful times. W 
are so proud and pleased. We kne\ 
you would do it. We love you. Cor 
gratulations! Mom & Dad 

Barbara Gebhardt 
Hemlock Farms, Box 2128 
Hawley, PA 18428 
To Darlene Johnson: Congratuls 
tions on your graduation. We are s 
proud of all the honors you'v 
achieved. Good luck in your futur 
endeavors. You'll be an outstandin 
teacher. Love, Mommy, Joe, Tim, 

222 Patrons 

Vayne Short II 

J!42 11th St. 

kenovo, PA 17764 

J Vayne II, Congratulations! We are so 
f )roud of you and hope you will find 

;njoyment and contentment In your 

leld. God bless you. Mom, Dad, and 


'atrlck & Evelyn Bryan 
516 Koscluszko St. 
'^anticoke. PA 18634 
vlay you be blessed with good luck, 
lappiness, good health, and success 
ti the future. You have filled our life 
vlth pride and joy. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Fostock 
223 Inman Ave. 
Wilkes-Barre, PA 

Tamra Fostock, Congratulations! 
You'll be the best elementary teach- 
er ever. We are very proud of you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, & Denise 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Behm, Sr. 
124 S. Chestnut St. 
Fleetwood, PA 19522 
Congratulations, Phil, we are proud 
and honored by your acheivements. 
Your determination will carry you 
far. Best wishes, love. Mom & Dad. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Farrell 

4646 Willow Lane 

Nazareth, PA 18064-8556 

Reflections of a Journey 

Each treasured memory 

New threshold to the future 

Excellence Recognition 

Exciting expectation 

FARRELL pride in our daughter 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Pat and Bob Tanner 
Congratulations Jenn on your grad- 
uation. We're very proud of all your 
accomplishments. Here's to an ex- 
citing, happy, and rewarding future. 
Love, Mom & Dad 

l^r. & Mrs. Ivan Schucker 

e(t26 4th St. 

1 Jew Cumberland, PA 17070 

10 ferry Schucker, We are proud of 

our accomplishments. Best of luck 

n your future endeavors. Love, Mom 


I 'lary & Roy Cutler 

J, 4 Old Mill Dr. 

J. 'oughkeepsle, NY 12603 
Congratulations Matthew on receiv- 
ng your very own B.S. Good luck 
.nd God bless you in your future en- 
leavors. We wish you lots of hap- 
liness. Love, Mom, Dad, Lauren, & 
irad . . . "Tabbey", too! 

'oann & Jack Sundermier 

' Greenview Place 

tamsey, NJ 

Ve are very proud of you. Sue! Love 

ou. Mom & Dad 

Ir. & Mrs. Franklin E. Smith. Sr. 
i toute 2, Box 297F 
> -lertztown, PA 19539 
> ina, congratulations and best wish- 
'''s for continuing success with your 
f'-ccounting career. We are very 
''roud of your accomplishments. 

Marilyn & Franklin W. Queen 

2329 Weinmann Way 

Yardley, PA 19067 

To Bronwyn Jill Queen, For all 

you've been, for all you are, and for 

all you're yet to be . . . We love you. 

Mom & Dad, Megan & David 

Mr. & Mrs. John Boehmer 

Market St. 

Weston, PA 18256 

Lisa Boehmer, We are so proud of 

you! Love, Mom & Dad 

Louis & Dorthy Jamillo 

4612 Mayapan Dr. 

LaMesa, CA 91941 

Hugh- Congratulations, your dreams 

have all come true- But keep on 

dreaming for there's much more to 


Mr. & Mrs. A. R. Wetzel 
8 So. Jerome St. 
Allentown, PA 18103 
Congratulations, Andrea. You did it!! 

Kathleen Kelly 
310 N. Apple St. 
Dunmore, PA 18512 

Kenneth McAdams 
3 Illinois Way 
Hopatcong, NJ 07843 
Congratulations Ken and Good Luck 
In the future. Love, Mom & Dad 

Richard and Susan LaFave 
RRl Box88A4 
Newfoundland, PA 18445 
Congratulations, Angle! Your 
dreams have come true because you 
worked so hard. We are very proud of 
you and know you will be the best 
teacher ever. All our love. Dad & 

Dad & Ma Hess 
31 Harvard Rd. 
Norristown, PA 19401 
Dear Josle, You have made us so 
proud. We know that your hard work 
will be rewarded. We love you so 
much, please continue to keep us 
smiling with your songs. Love, Dad & 
Ma Hess 

Llbby Jeramaz 
P.O. Box 223 
Hopatcong, NJ 07843 
Tom Jeramaz, Congratulations! I 
wish you success and much happi- 
ness. May all your dreams come 
true. -Your proud Mom 

Patrons 223 

Thomas S. SavlUe 

408 Park Dr. 

Phoenlxvllle. PA 19460 

You did It, we're very of you. 1 don't 

know who's happier- you or us. 

Couldn't ask for a better son or 

brother. Good Luck- Go Get Them. 

Mom & Dad, Becky & Vic, and 


Ernie & Maggie Miller 
756 Goodale Dr. 
Aston, PA 19014 

Krlsten (Cricket) Miller, We just 
want you to know how proud we 
both are of you. You will definitely be 
an asset to the teaching field. We 
love you. Dad & Mom 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Najda 
313 Indiana Ave. 
Shenandoah, PA 17976 
Congratulations, Susan! We're very 
proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Pattl, 
and Joe 

Bonnie & Lee Wolfe 
211 Sherwood Lane 
Stirling, NJ 07980 
Julie- With much love &. pride, we 
congratulate you on your gradua- 
tion! We wish you continued success 
& happiness! Love, Mom, Dad, & Meg 

Jack & Janet Campbell 

462 Churchill Dr. 

Berwyn, PA 19312-1104 

For our daughter and sister, Wendy 

Lyn Campbell, The future is bright 

and exciting. Reach for the stars! 

With love. Mom, Dad, and Cindy 

Harold & Maryann Fulmer 
237 Whlttier Lane 
Lancaster, PA 17602 
Congratulations. Greg! You finally 
made it. 

Wally & Ginger Bullwinkle 
19Colton Dr. 
Norrlstown, PA 19401 
Chris. We are not only proud of your 
accomplishments, but of you as a 
person- intelligent, warm, and car- 
ing. Love. Mom & Dad 

Irene & Allen Grow. Jr. 
423 W. Spruce St. 
Shamokln. PA 17872 
We are so proud of you Lisa, and we 
wish you the very best that life has 
to offer success, health and happi- 
ness. You will be a great teacher. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Kelly. Jr. 
328 Hutchinson Terr. 
Holmes. PA 19043 
To: Our most precious daughter, We 
are so very proud of you. Wishing 
you love, happiness and success In 
all you do. With all our love. Mom & 

Karen Pellicclotti 
1151 Robeson St. 
Reading, PA 19604 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Braucher, Jr. 

5607 Devon Dr. 

Harrisburg. PA 1 7 1 1 2 

Michelle Braucher: Congratulations 

& Good Luck . . . We're proud of you! 

Love, Dad, Elaine. Dave 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Schermlck 
R.D. *1 Box 213 
Wernersville, PA 19565 
Ann Marie. We love you and are very 
proud of you. We know your future 
holds lots of love, happiness & suc- 
cess for you. Love. Mom & Dad 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Dilts 
5 1 Second Street 
Athens. PA 18810 
Congratulations Susan on your grad- 
uation. We knew you could do It. You 
worked hard and deserve the best. 
Keep up the good work in grad 
school. We are proud of you! Mom & 

Don & Cheryl Miller 
P.O. Box 303 
Muncy. PA 17756 

Congratulations to Marc C. Miller 
and all his classmates for a Job well 
done! We are proud of you. 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Plenskl 

512 Parkway Dr. 

Fairless Hills. PA 19030 

Dear Kris. Congratulations! W 

knew you could do It. We're vei 

proud of you. Best of Luck. Lov 

Mom & Dad 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Plvovarnlk, S 

317Simrell Rd. 

Clarks Summit. PA 1841 1 

Kim. Congratulations on a job we 

done. Love, Mom & Dad 

Fred & Verena Crane 

280 Miller Terrace 

Troy. PA 16947 

Tammle, Wishing you happlnes 

and success in everything you d 

Love, Mum & Dad 

Dad & Mother Flrmstone 

P.O. Box 285 

Hawley, PA 18428 

Jill: Congratulations- Best wish 

for the future. Love, Mom & Dad 

Ronald & Brenda Wlghard 

644 Parkview Ave. 

N. Plainfleld. NJ 07063-1837 

Kim: We are very proud of you. Mi 

all your hopes and dreams con 

true! Love & Joy. Mom. Dad. Sue 


Mom, Dad, & Lori 
9 Meadow Pond Rd. 
Hamburg, N J 07419 
To Karen Vovchansky- Congratul 
tions! We wish you well as you begi 
your career. We are so very proud f 
your accomplishments and we knc/ 
you will succeed in all you do. V; 
love you. 

Mom & Frank 

We are proud of you, always be ha - 

py. We love you. 

224 Patrons 

Richard & Barbara Price 
520 Jefferson St. 
Northumberland, PA 17857 
Jody: Congratulations. We are very 
proud of you. Remember, you're nev- 
er too old to have someone say, "1 
love you. " and we do! 

Bob & Sue Moyer 
540 E. Greenleaf St. 
Emmaus, PA 18049 
Congratulations and best wishes 
with your future plans. We are proud 
of you for a job well done. Love, Mom, 
Dad, Tala, and Rob 

Deborah K. Wands 

306 Gearhart St. P.O. Box 62 

Riverside, PA 17868 

1 can do all things in Christ which 

strengthens Me. -Phillipians 4:13 

Sigma Theta Tau- Nursing Honorary 

Society, PSAC Track All-Conference, 

Women's Varsity Track & Field, 

SNA, Dean's List. Scholar Athlete 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman T. Ranch 

RD *2 Box 448 

Northumberland, PA 17857 

We wish you the best times in the 

future because you deserve much for 

your great efforts. We are very proud 

of you and we love you so much. 


Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

Linnea, College hasn't been easy. 

Welcome to the real world where 

school will seem like playtime. 

Mom & Pop Llnsey 
321 Mud Lane 
Northampton, PA 18067 
Sher. We are very happy. You have a 
long road ahead- and you will suc- 
cessfully travel it- as you have all 
your previous endeavors. Love Ya 

[Ed, Bonnie, Jason, & Brian Yost 
HCl Box 1416 
BrodheadsvlUe, PA 18322 
Best Wishes and Good Luck, Cam- 
my. We love you. 

Dick & Kathy Hersh 
1095 Debbie Lane 
Allentown, PA 18103 
To our son, John, We wish you a 
successful future as you step Into a 
new era of your life. Your enthusi- 
asm and willingness to help people 
*has been shown in your work as a 
''volunteer fireman. Love, Mom & Dad 

Mrs. Emily Massoth 
61 Forest Rd. 
Allendale, N J 07401 
Amy, You did a fine job! Good Health, 
Happiness, Love and Success. May 
your life be sharp and clear and Im- 
prove with every passing year. Love, 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Taylor. Sr. 
8633 Forrest Ave. 
Philadelphia. PA 19150 
Congratulations! We are very proud 
of you. Wishing you happiness and 
success. God bless you! Love. Mom, 
Dad. Rod. & Family 

Beth Ann Strebin 
1341 Walnut Lane 
Macungle. PA 18062 

Linda, Duane. & Jason Card & The 


14 Manning Road 

Windsor Locks, CT 06096 

"Iowa Girl" 


Mom, Dad, Jason, and The Boys 

Stan Szpindor 

2807 Village Green Lane 

Norrlstown, PA 19403 

Party time Is over. Welcome to the 
il2Real World. We're real proud of you. 
§iiLove, Mom& Dad 



I Catherine E. DIreso 
548 Spencer La. 
Warminster, PA 18974 
Cathy, We are so proud of you. 
,a| Thanks for making our job. as par- 
ents, easy. You will make a won- 
derful teacher. Love You, Mom & 

James & Joan Erb 

580 FruitvUle Pike 

Manhelm. PA 17545 

RIchelle- Congratulations! You made 

It. We knew you could. We're proud 

of your accomplishments! Mom. 

Dad. Stacey. Stephanie 

Sherry Mlllen 
12 Overlook Dr. 
Sloatsburg, NY 10974 
Dear Amy. May you continue to In- 
spire others with your compassion & 
knowledge as you have Inspired us. 
We're proud of you! 

Patrons 225 

The nem 


-Snack Shop -IB Lanes 
-Pro Shop -Video Room 

-flulomalic Scorer 

2701 P-nulLane (Routell) 


DC A I Tr\D C ^*^ I Kl C I ID C D C ^-* 



128 VV. Main St \\\ 

Bloomsburg, PA 


1520 Bloom Rd. 
Danville, PA 





PHONE 1717)784-4323 




^0 7-r 

We specialize in gourmet 

pizzas and Italian dinners. 


134 East Mam Street 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815 

Ptione(717) 784-3336 


117 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

(717) 387-1332 

226 Closing 

Activated in 1985, the Bloomsburg University 
Foundation, Inc. has the responsibility of securing 
private funds to maintain and enhance quality and 
excellence in all areas of the University. The BU Foun- 
dation conducts an active program of information, 
cultivation, and solicitation among individuals, cor- 
porations, and foundations. The Bloomsburg Univer- 
sity Foundation membership includes outstanding 
business, professional, and civic leaders from 
throughout the Commonwealth. 




More than Just a great Steak house. 
Fish, Seafood, and Chicken. 

At Western Sizzlin, we care about your health. 
All our fried foods are cooked in cholesterol-free 
oil which contains 507o less the amount of saturated 
fat than otljer oils, for your good health. 

1-80 and Rte. 42, exit 34 


Closing 227 







to the 

MILLER'S ^|at£Mui/vL SHOP 


6 West Main Street 

Bloomsburg, PA 784-4473 





campus beer 

3 North Iron Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
(717) 784-3285 




22ti Closing 


MAIN STKC[ FINN ^rnmvi ^ 


Thank you and best wishes to the 
Class of 1991... 
W9 siyr^ are g fad to have met you / 

20 IVestMa/n Street, B Zooms burg 784 - 3200 

Closing 229 


Bloomsburg University • Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
(717)389-4058 • 800-526-0254 • FAX: (717)389-4060 

Dear Graduate: 

WELCOME to the Bloomsburg University Alumni Association! 

With Commencement, you have moved from one important part of the 
Bloomsburg University family — the student body — to another: the Alumni 
Association. You have joined over 32,000 other alumni who are making significant 
contributions to society in every state and more than two dozen foreign countries. 

Wherever you go, please remember this: The staff of the Alumni Office stands 
ready to serve you, whether it is next month or in 20 years. That's why we are 
here, to serve as your liaison with the University. If ever you encounter a problem 
or need information, please contact us first. We will do everything we can to expedite 
a solution or a response. 

In the meantime, we would like you to know what else you can expect from 
your Alumni Office. In a word, it is SERVICE. Here are some examples: 

* Publishing BLOOMSBURG. the publication for alumni and friends of the 
University. Please feel free to send news about significant events in your life for the 
"Class Notes" section — the most popular part of the publication. 

* Planning class reunions at five-year intervals on either Alumni Weekend in 
the spring or on Homecoming in the fall. If you would like to help plan your reunions, 
please contact the Alumni Office. 

* Arranging regional alumni meetings throughout Pennsylvania and other parts 
of the United States. Be sure to tell us when you move, so we can let you know when 
a meeting is planned in your area. 

* Providing opportunities for alumni to return to campus to share their 
experiences with current students. These opportunities include the Alumni Fellow-in- 
Residence program each semester. 

* Informing you of ways in which you can serve your Alma Mater, either 
through financial contributions to the University's Alumni Annual Fund or by 
contributions of your time and talent. 

Above all, please remember that your Alumni Association will be 
better if you take an active role in its projects and programs! 

DougcMippenstiel '68 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

230 Closing 

Senior Candids 231 

always remember. . . 

Graduation is over and the time has come to page through 
the past four years. . . five years. . . six years. . . oh well! The 
time has come to page through the years we have all spent 
together at Bloomsburg University. It seems as if just yes- 
terday we were innocent high school graduates saying good- 
bye to the past and looking ahead to the future. Did we realize 
what we were getting into? Most likely we did not. 

Here we are, the class of 1991. Once again we must say 
farewell and say hello to the world. But there are some things 
we will not say good-bye to — Memories. . . 


232 Closing 

Closing 233 

234 Closing 

. . .remember 

. . freshman year«(aka) first year* "under 32 semester hours 
of credit "• a year between 1985 and 1987. but no later than 
1 987 • freshman orientation • OWLS • experiencing the Com- 
mons food for the first (and last) time • learning the tricks to 
scheduling • an occasional party • meeting your roommate • 
making new friends • calling home every other day when you 
swore to never talk to your parents again, until you need 
money • MAC attacks (MAC machine, that is!) • another party • 
liking your roommate • forming a group of friends to "hang 
with " • eight o'clock classes • hitting the 8 minute snooze 
button. . . for an entire hour. . . 

Closing 235 

. . .remember 

. . . meeting the girl or guy of your dreams • Sal's Place • 
studying In the library (not!) • socializing in the library (that's 
more like it!) • walking to the fieldhouse for a gym class or 
team practice in sub-zero weather • party • watching your 
favorite soap in the television lounge • hating your roommate • 
R.A.'s • hall meetings • the mythical "freshman fifteen " • 
hanging out with your friends • another party • to your sur- 
prise. . . finals week snuck up on you, huh? • STRESS • that's 
it, you have to kill your roommate (4.0) • snack night at the 
commons • you can always count on your friends • your first 
year went by so fast -isn't partying at BU a 'RIOT" ?«phew! • 
three more years to go, or is that four. . . 

236 Closing 

Closing 237 

238 Closing 

. . .remember 

. . . sophomore year • (aka) second year • over 3 1 credit hours • 
etc • it's time to get involved. . . CGA • clubs • fraternities • 
sororities • off campus housing • so that is how a stove works • 
a schedule that fulfills requirements in your major • the 
Bloomsburg Fair • "townies " • the perfect opportunity to 
make fun of the incoming freshmen • town police crackdown 
on the party scene • your second year is a good time to start 
studying • friends • Homecoming • support gay rights — blue 
jeans day • sporting events • maybe you'll go to a party 
tonight, maybe not • oh no! you have just started a rela- 
tionship with the girl or guy of your dreams — what will your 
friends say? • late night runs to the Uni-Mart • date parties • 
Cheers • friends • and so on. . . 

239 Closlm 

About this time in our college career we settled into our own 
system of living at Bloomsburg. We all know that the list of 
things to remember from our first two years at BU Is much too 
long to record, but easy to recall at any time. Now, it is time to 
turn to our final years at Bloomsburg and remember. . . 
. . .junior year • end of summer break • Harry's Bar and Grille • 
Russell's • Lemons' Tavern • Good Old Days • Hess's Tavern • 
quick! what should I major in? • procrastination • friends • one 
too many extra curricular activities, but they sure look good 
on your resume • senioritis set in already • new Kehr Union 
proposal • internships • friends • campus parking • what 
parking? • campus security, oops! university police • road trips 
• beer goggling • upper campus apartments • sunbathing at the 
basketballs courts • friends • greek week • etc, etc . . . 

240 Closing 


!| ^-i' 

~^ v/. 


Closing 241 

. . .remember 

. . . senior years • so soon? • senior 
Obiter portraits • the great Bloom- 
sburg mud slide • flex freedom • 
friends • mixers • Pete's Arena • 
hayrldes • the Gulf War • recom- 
mendations • GRE's • NTEs • 
nursing finals • CPA exam • 
friends • LSAT • graduate school 
applications • deadlines • friends • 
"all 1 want is out" 'the job search* 
party • the final finals week • bac- 
calaureate • friends • nurses' pin- 
ning 'graduation (at last!) 'family* 
PARTY • Hello World . . . 

242 Closings 

Closing 243 

244 Closing 

. . . remember 

. . . No matter who we were or 
what we did at Bloomsburg Uni- 
versity, we all had one thing In 
common . . . memories. Wheth- 
er good, bad, happy, sad, the 
friends we made and the mem- 
ories we made with them will 
always be with us forever. The 
time has come to say good-bye 
and move on, but when we need 
a shoulder to cry on or someone 
to laugh with we will remember 
the people who went through 
these past few years with us. 
Keep in touch, drop a line now 
and then. As the theme of the 
1991 Obiter quotes, "This is 
the Time to Remember . . . 
these are the days to hold onto 
. . . the time is gonna change" 
. . . but the memories stay the 



Closing 245 

The Few, The Proud, The Stressed, The Totally Insane. 

Obiter Staff 

The 1991 

Susan M. Dilts 
Assistant Editor 

Andra Lea Card 
Layout Editor 

Nellie A. 
Staff Writer 

Christopher B. Lower, Editor-in-Chief 

246 Obiter Staff 

The Dynamic Duo Speak 

Chris's Comer 

Well here it is the last 
page to go in and the 
book is finally done (key 
word is Finally!). There 
are so many people I owe 
so much to that I know I 
will forget some so please 
accept my apology for 

Susan My Asst. Editor. 
Thanks for coming all 
those times I called you at 
7:30 in the morning. You 
did a great Job on every- 
thing you did for this book 
and I wish you all the luck 
in the future. 

Nellie You and Susan 
really helped me keep my 
head above water in doing 
so much at a moments no- 
tice. Just remember, I 
hope you don't lose Susan 

Jennifer The ads never 
looked so good! Thanks for 
all your help with the ads 
and especially taking a big 
load off my shoulders by 
running the business part 
of the book without me 
having to be constantly 
there. I look forward to 
working with you in about 
one month. 

Ed Patrick Jr. Ok, I 
know I am late with my 
deadlines but all I can say 
is that you should get a pay 
raise after dealing with 
this university and espe- 
cially me. Taylor Publish- 
ing is very lucky to have a 
person like you working 
for them. Just think, we 
begin the whole process 
over again in about one 
month! Scary Isn't?? 

Melody I was always 
constantly amazed at the 
organization you posessed 
and was wondering how 
you pull the whole deal off. 
Without your help I would 
not be able to publish this 
book. Thank you a million 
for putting up with the ad- 
dress problems and all the 
phone calls trying to find 
out what pages I had down 
in Dallas. You along with 
Ed deserve a pay raise. 

And! Or shall I say An- 
drea? I will not be able to 
do anj^hing to repay you 

Andl and Chris — The Dynamic Duo 


for all the dedication you 
showed throughout the 
making of this book. I will 
be losing a great friend, 
and one valuable yearbook 
person that I know knew 
more of what was going on 
than I did. Maybe I should 
have resigned and made 
you Editor? Good luck with 
your career and Please 
keep in touch. 

There are many other 
people that have played a 
pivotal role in helping me 
with this book. University 
Relations, Jim Hollister, 
you saved my butt many 
times and I thank you for 
putting up with all the 
calls concerning sports 
pictures and the time you 
took to help me. Joan 
Heifer, thanks for giving 
me the pictures I needed 
when I needed them. I look 
forward to seeing on the 
football field this fall. Dr. 
Hill, all those times we sat 
down and went over spell- 
ing mistakes I made while 
typing this book. Thank 

God we are getting that 
new computer. Thank you 
for all your help and advice 
throughout the year. And 
last but certainly not 
least.. Evelyn. Thanks for 
giving me the kick in the 
butt when I needed it and 
all the pep talks about this 
book. You always knew 
what to say and do to help. 
Just think one more book 
to go! 

I know this book that 
sits in front of you may not 
live up to your expecta- 
tions and I welcome con- 
structive criticism and I 
take sole responsiblity for 
the content of what is in 
this book. This book 
marks the 75th year of the 
Obiter and as you can see 
we changed the whole 
book. I hope this change 
will continue after 1 am 
gone. Thanks Bloomsburg 
for giving me this oppour- 
nity to grow, and mature. 
Andi's Corner 

The original purpose of 
my column was to make a 

formal apology to Mike 
Jemo and CGA for in- 
advertantly leaving them 
out of the Organization 
section. So, Mike, here is 
your apology. . . I honestly 
didn't see that picture un- 
til you stopped into our of- 
fice - Sorry. The rest of this 
column came as a gift from 
the boss, Chris. Thanks! I 
finally get to say the good- 
byes and thank you's that 
are so hard to say in per- 
son. Here goes.... 

Chris, Thanks for be- 
lieving in me. This was a 
great opportunity for me. 
The late night runs to Mr. 
Donut, Perkins, and Little 
Caesars, early mornings in 
the office, that all-nighter 
that only lasted a few 
hours into the morning — 
you've become a great 
friend. Good luck next year 
with the 1992 book. It will 
never compare, though, to 
this one! 

June & Marge, my 
Bloomsburg Moms, I loved 
working for you two. The 
concern you always 
showed for me is not for- 
gotten and will always be 
appreciated. By the way, 
when I own the Reds, you 
both get season tickets! 

To all my A^Q brothers. 
Thanks for the service and 
most of all, the friendship. 

Mom, This was all for 
you. I kept you from getting 
your degree many years 
ago, (even though it was 
all Dad's fault) therefore 
my degree is dedicated to 
you. I hope I can be as 
sucessful as you are. I love 
you! At least you got your 
"husbandry" degree. I'm 
still working on that one! 

Daddy, thanks for the 
credit cards!! Congratula- 
tions to the Class of 1 99 1 ! - 

P.S. Chris, that outfit 
looks fine and you still owe 
me a Democratic newspa- 
per! -ALC 


Closing 247